Upcoming Changes to FFXIV in Dawntrail

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Dawntrail will introduce a few systemic changes. This page contains information about all the upcoming changes and links to pages that explain each change in more detail.


Changes Coming in Dawntrail

The Dawntrail expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is set to release in Summer 2024. Coming with the Dawntrail expansion is several changes to systems, jobs, content, and currencies. This page will list all the major changes to pre-existing systems so players will know what to expect in Dawntrail.


System Changes

As with all previous expansions, the level cap for all jobs except the limited job Blue Mage will be raised by ten levels, from level 90 to level 100. Minimum system requirements will increase, and new cosmetic options will be added thanks to the increased minimum processing power required.


Graphical Changes


Job Changes

With the level cap raise, all jobs (again, except for Blue Mage) are confirmed to receive powerful new actions and traits! In addition, certain jobs will receive major adjustments while others will receive touch-ups and quality-of-life changes. With the information gleaned from the Dawntrail Media Tour, we have a good idea of how the job changes will affect rotations and playstyle, though of course things are subject to change for the official release.


Currency Changes

As with every expansion and raid patch, Allagan Tomestones will be rearranged. The current tomestones of Causality and Comedy will be made obsolete, and items that were purchased with these tomestones will be made purchasable with Allagan Tomestones of Poetics. Two new tomestones will be added with the expansion. While we don't know the names of the two new tomestones, we do know that the system in place for all previous expansions is here to stay for Dawntrail.


Housing Changes

The housing furnishing limit will be increased, though this is slated to occur in a patch after 7.0.


Content Changes

Dawntrail will introduce updates to ongoing content such as Blue Mage, Hildibrand Adventures, the Gold Saucer, and Deep Dungeons. Learn more on our Dawntrail Content Changes overview page, coming with future updates from Square Enix.


PvP Changes

PvP Update

Crystalline Conflict, Rival Wings, and Frontlines all received major updates in Endwalker and will continue to receive support in the newest expansion, Dawntrail. Support for Viper and Pictomancer will be added in 7.0, and large-scale PvP updates will be added in 7.1, including job adjustments, map adjustments, and new actions. Crystalline Conflict will enter pre-season in 7.0 which will last until 7.1.



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