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New dungeons will be introduced in the Dawntrail expansion. This page serves as a hub to all the leveling and endgame dungeons coming in Dawntrail. This page may contain heavy spoilers for the main scenario, so be wary.


Dawntrail Dungeons Hub

The Dawntrail expansion introduces five new leveling dungeons and three new endgame dungeons located in the New World, Tural. In addition, new Variant and Criterion dungeons will be released. To learn more about the Dawntrail expansion, visit our Dawntrail Home Page.


Dawntrail Dungeon Crawl Teaser

The latest keynote from the Japan FFXIV Fanfest revealed the environments for several new dungeons with the Warrior of Light walking through them in his newest garb. The lush lands of the New World are home to a wide variety of dungeons, with some surprises along the way.


Leveling Dungeons

There are five new leveling dungeons in Endwalker. Each is tied to one of the new zones players will travel through in the Patch 7.0 main scenario. You can get a glimpse of everything we know about the new zones on their page.

Though we don't know the names of any of the new dungeons yet, many pieces of promotional media have been released showing off the new environments in Tural as well as the new dungeons. We've assembled all the media here for players to peruse and speculate about the new dungeons! All four of these dungeons described below are shown in the dungeon crawl teaser above.


Dungeon 1

In the first dungeon shown, players will first cruise along a river, navigating the land on a raft. They'll likely fight enemies on their path to the end. They'll arrive on land, where lush greenery awaits them.

Dungeon Concept Artwork FFXIV
Dungeon Screenshot FFXIV
Dungeon Screenshot FFXIV

Dungeon 2

In the second dungeon shown, players are seen to be scaling a cliff face. Many questions were given, such as whether or not the structure is man-made, and the origin of the purple crystals and energy that surrounds the rocks.

Dungeon Concept Artwork FFXIV
Dungeon Screenshot FFXIV

Dungeon 3

This dungeon gives off a vibe of ancient ruins, similar to the Drowned City of Skalla. The level design of the dungeon is already complete, and the concept art is below is to help the modeling team create the rich environment of the underground ruins.

Dungeon Concept Artwork FFXIV

Dungeon 4

A far cry from the summer vacation that was promised in Dawntrail, the final concept art shown during the European Fanfest revealed a mechanical labyrinth not unlike Garlean technology. This dungeon could possibly be related to the newly discovered ceruleum deposits in Shaaloani, or the secret area redacted in the concept art.

Dungeon Concept Artwork FFXIV

Variant and Criterion Dungeons

New Variant and Criterion Dungeons will be released in Dawntrail. These dungeons feature branching paths and hidden exploration opportunities, and Criterion dungeons offer a 4-player challenge that tests players in their mechanical abilities.



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