New Zones in Dawntrail for FFXIV

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Dawntrail adds vibrant new zones located in the New World, Tural. Learn about the new zones and everything they have to offer on this page.


New Zones in Dawntrail

In Dawntrail, players will visit new zones while progressing through the main scenario questline. Many of these new zones have been teased through the Fanfest Keynotes and other media. This page contains everything we know so far about the new zones to visit in Dawntrail!



Located in the northern reaches of Yok Tural, Tuliyollal is the major city introduced in Dawntrail where players will converge in. It is a pluralistic city with an established sea route to Old Sharlayan. Tuliyollal is currently ruled by Gulool Ja Ja, a two-headed Mamool Ja that is likely to be the enemy the Warrior of Light duels against in the Dawntrail trailer.

Tuliyollal City Concept Art FFXIV
Tuliyollal City FFXIV

Like Old Sharlayan and Kugane before it, Tuliyollal will be the major city hub of Dawntrail.



Once home to the giants over a thousand years ago, Urqopacha is filled with steep cliffs, rolling hills, and small settlements.

Urqopacha Concept Art FFXIV
Urqopacha FFXIV

Yak T'el

Yak T'el is another zone found in Yok Tural. It is the home of Tural's Hrothgar and Mamool Ja, and contains ceruleum ponds and springs.

Yak T'el Concept Art FFXIV
Yak T'el FFXIV


A tropical region located south of Tuliyollal. Myraid rivers and streams flow down from the crags to the west, creating breathtaking waterfalls. This area is home to several peoples, including the Moblins, who all maintain their own unique culture.

Kozama'uka Concept Art FFXIV
Yak T'el FFXIV


Shaaloani is an arid region located in Central Tural. Vegetation is sparse on the rain-starved plains, though there is a large lake with verdant greenery creating a striking contrast. The discovery of ceruleum deposits has brought sweeping developmental changes in the arena. In the shown concept art, there is a large area redacted with secrets that are yet to be revealed. Who knows what mysteries are lurking inside this zone?

Shaaloani Concept Art FFXIV
New Zone Shaaloani FFXIV
New Zone Shaaloani FFXIV

Heritage Found

Heritage Found Concept Art FFXIV
New Zone Heritage Found FFXIV
New Zone Heritage Found FFXIV

Heritage Found is one of the new regions introduced at the Japanese Fanfest. We only have the concept art from this area, but it seems to bridge the old and new civilizations in the New World. A train is prominently featured, with olden buildings in the foreground and an ominous structure in the background.


Solution Nine

Solution Nine Concept Art FFXIV
New Endgame Hub Solution Nine FFXIV

The futuristic high-tech city, Solution Nine, will be the main endgame player hub of Dawntrail. Not much was revealed about this area, but both development in-game renders and concept art was shown at the Japanese Fanfest.



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