Dragonsong's Reprise Ultimate (DSR) Guide for Nidhogg and Hraesvelgr

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This page contains detailed information and strategy about the high-end Duty "Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate)", commonly abbreviated as DSR, specifically for the portion of the fight dealing with Nidhogg and Hraesvelgr.


Phase 6: Nidhogg and Hraesvelgr

Pre-fight preparation:

  • Assign 1 healer to go North for a Wyrmsbreath 2.
  • Assign a debuff passing order between tanks and DPS for the Mortal Vow debuff. Mortal Vow needs to be passed a total of four times during this fight. We did M1, M2, R1, R2, T1, T2 (looping around back to M1).
  • Assign a tank to take aggro of each dragon

Recurring mechanics:

  • Mortal Vow
    • A debuff that Nidhogg puts on a random player reducing their healing done (not taken). This debuff explodes in a AoE around the player once expired. If another player is in this AoE, they get the debuff instead. If it is not passed to another player, Nidhogg enrages. If more than one person is hit by the pass, that person will have their hp cut in half and receive a damage down debuff, all but ensuring their death the next time they take damage. The player afflicted by Mortal Vow also takes a small amount of chip damage in the form of a DoT. It is a small damage tick, but it may be enough to strip shields, so ensure the player suffering from the debuff is topped off prior to receiving damage.
  • Wyrmsbreath
    • A tether cone of fire or ice that gives a debuff to a player. Taking the other temperature cancels out the debuff. This cone does proximity based damage.
  • Solemn Vow
    • If Hraesvelgr kills any player with one of their mechanics they instantly enrage.
  • Akh Afah
    • A light party stack on each of the healers. During this mechanic, both dragons need to be within 3% HP of each other, or else this stack instantly kills everyone in it.
  • Cauterize
    • Cauterize can be cast by either dragon. Upon doing so, they will dive through the arena, dealing massive damage and putting a debuff on any player hit that deals damage over time. Nidhogg applies Burn, and Hraesvelgr applies Frostbite. These debuffs can be cancelled out if the player was already carrying a debuff the Wyrmsbreath mechanic.

Nidhogg and Hraesvelgr Toolbox Resource

For the entirety of the phase, please reference this Toolbox for a detailed view of how each mechanic is handled.


Nidhogg and Hraesvelgr Strategy

This phase is a group killer. Consistency on previous phases will ensure smooth progress to a clear. Due to how Akh Afah works during this phase, attempt to split damage appropriately between both bosses. The cast bar for Akh Morn is fairly long, so you have time to correct mistakes, but it is best to try and avoid this as much as possible. On a similar note, take advantage of the cleave ability your job has.

Tip: If you are having issues finding the safe spots mentioned in this guide or the supporting Toolbox, you can enter Nidhogg Extreme to find these exact locations prior to seeing the mechanic.


Wyrmsbreath 1

  1. Two dragons appear on either side of the arena. Have each tank grab aggro of one of them.
  2. Have the two tanks run to the North side of the arena and prepare for a tank buster. If both Dragons' mouths are glowing, the tanks should stack. If only one of their mouths are glowing, the tanks should spread to North East and North West. If only one of their mouths is glowing, then only the tank with aggro of the dragon who's mouth isn't glowing will take a buster. The other dragon will shoot a cone through the middle of the arena. As long as everyone is in their assigned spots, this cone can be completely ignored.
  3. The other six players form a triangle pattern in the South area of the arena, with one player planting in each group. Three players will get marked with an Ice tether, while the three other players will get marked with a Fire tether.
    • The goal here is to match opposing tethers between two players per stack. This negates the elemental debuff the dragons would otherwise be placing on you. Fire cancels out ice and vice versa.
  4. After the mechanic resolves, spread out lightly to see who gets the Mortal Vow debuff and ensure it hits only one DPS.
  5. Both dragons will cast Akh Afah. Stack up into two light parties on each of the healer. Ensure both dragons are within 3% HP of each other by the time the cast ends.
    • Tip: Once both dragons are within the 3% threshold, stop damaging both dragons. The DPS check for this phase is very lenient.

Mortal Vow

Upon Wyrmsbreath resolving, everyone should ensure they're spread out as to not overlap the Mortal Vow application. This is something to be wary of every time the debuff is passed. Pick a spot on the arena to perform the pass to ensure no one is ever in danger of accidentally getting cleaved.

The pass order should be as follows:

  1. Starting DPS
  2. Group 1 Tank
  3. Group 2 Tank
  4. Group 1 Melee (Unless they were the initial target, if so then Group 2 Melee)
  5. Caster

This is just a standardized order and is not mandatory. If your group has reasons for changing it, feel free to.


Hallowed Wings 1

  1. Nidhogg jumps towards the edge of the arena, casting Cauterize. Notice which edge of the arena he moves to, as Nidhogg will dive through the arena, cleaving his entire side.
  2. At the same time Hraesvelgr will have one of their wings glow. They will cleave that side of the arena.
  3. Figure out which square of the arena is still safe and move there.
  4. Take notice of Hraesvelgr's head now. If it is looking down, then the tanks will need to be standing closer to Hraesvelgr, and if the head looking upwards, then the tanks will be standing far away from Hraesvelgr. Tanks also need to be spread apart from each other and prepare for a tank buster.
  5. After this mechanic resolves, have the Mortal Vow player and the player next in line stand in the middle of the arena to pass the debuff.

Wroth of Flames

  1. During this mechanic, three sets of orbs will explode in a cross shaped pattern, similar to the videogame Bomberman. The first will always spawn in the middle. Debuffs will apply to players like so:
    • Four people will be given a Red debuff.
    • Two people will be given a White debuff. Each call Middle or Edge, or use a marker system for priority.
    • Two people will be given no debuff. Each call Middle or Edge, or use a marker system for priority.
  2. Hraesvelgr will appear on the side of the arena, casting Cauterize and indicating that they will dive through that side of the arena.
  3. Move towards the square where the orbs spawned last that is not covered by Hraesvelgr's dive.
  4. Stack up by the edge of the arena and move together. Move towards the middle as soon as you get hit by Akh Morn. Hold before the middle orb explosion and get hit by the second Akh Morn. Use Sprint and walk together through the middle towards the center of the arena.
  5. Stay in the middle if Nidhogg casts Hot Wing, and go to the sides if Nidhogg casts Hot Tail.
  6. Now spread out like so:
    • Have the four Red debuffs go towards Nidhogg and spread, avoiding overlapped AoEs.
    • Have the two White debuffed players stay in the middle or the edge towards Hraesvelgr.
    • Have the two players without a debuff stack on the white debuffed players in the middle or on the edge.
  7. Once the mechanic is resolved, pass Mortal Vow again at the center of the arena to the next person in line.
  8. Spread out into two light parties and prepare for another Akh Afah. Ensure both bosses are within 3% HP of each other.

Hallowed Wings 2

The two dragons will now cast Hallowed Wings and Hot Wing or Hot Tail together.

  1. Notice which of Hraesvelgr's wings is glowing. Stand on the non glowing side.
  2. Notice whether Hraesvelgr's head is up or down. If it is up, the party stands close. If it is down, the tanks stand close.
  3. Notice Nidhogg's Cast. If it is Hot Wing, stand in the center. If it is Hot Tail, stand on the sides.
  4. Once the mechanic is resolved, pass Mortal Vow to the next person in line at the center of the arena.

Wyrmsbreath 2

Wyrmsbreath will be cast again, tethering six non tank players with random tethers, however, this time the debuff needs to remain for the next mechanic.

  1. Have your assigned healer go South and center. Have the tanks spread out to the sides of this healer or stack on the side they are not tethered from, depending on the glow of the dragons mouths. Remember to be out of the way of the cone coming from the dragon whose mouth is glowing, if only one of their mouths is glowing.
  2. Have the other five players stand North in a line from East to West. Have the tether color that gets three tethers take the middle safe spot, while the other only takes the safe spots on their side of the arena.
  3. Both dragons will cast Cauterize and dive through the arena. Go to the dragon that is the opposite color to the tether you just got hit by and stand in a line stack with the tanks stand in front with a invulnerability or heavy mitigation.
  4. Be mindful of having Pyretic, a single tick is enough to lower your hp to a point where Cauterize will kill you. The DPS check is not difficult to meet so greed is no necessary here.
  5. Nidhogg will now dive onto the middle of the arena dealing raidwide damage, falling off based on proximity. Move towards the edge of the arena to minimize damage.
  6. Pass Mortal Vow one last time.
  7. Both Hraesvelgr and Nidhogg will now start casting Revenge of the Horde. Kill them both before the cast ends.

If you spared Thordan in Phase 5, you will now enter Phase 7: Dragon-King Thordan. If you killed him instead, you will wipe.



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