Dragonsong's Reprise Ultimate (DSR) Guide for The Vault Phase

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This page contains detailed information and strategy about the high-end Duty "Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate)", commonly abbreviated as DSR, specifically for the portion of the fight dealing with The Vault.


Phase 1: Ser Grinnaux and Ser Adelphel

Pre-fight preparation:

  1. Assign a tank to each of the bosses.
  2. Try to keep Adelphel and Grinnaux stacked together as much as possible. This allows your group to cleave them more easily and makes the DPS check non existent.
  3. Assign an interrupt order. Three silences are required, so coordinate properly.

Recurring abilities:

  1. Holiest of Holy
    • This is a raidwide damage ability cast by Ser Adelphel.
  2. Faith Unmoving
    • This is a knockback cast and originating from Ser Grinnaux.
  3. Holiest Hallowing
    • This ability, cast by Ser Adelphel, heals both knights for 50% of their HP and should always be interrupted.

The Vault Toolbox Resource

For the entirety of the phase, please reference this Toolbox for a detailed view of how each mechanic is handled.


Ser Adelphel and Ser Grinnaux Strategy

  1. Start off by having tanks pull both Grinnaux and Adelphel on top of each other in the center of the arena.
  2. Have your party do their opening burst on Adelphel.
  3. Adelphel will start off the fight by casting Holiest of Holy. This is a moderately hard-hitting raidwide which will be cast throughout the fight. Plan out your mitigation accordingly.
  4. Quickly afterwards Grinnaux will cast Empty Dimension, this is a donut AoE around him. Adelphel will cast Holy Shield Bash at the same time, a tether-based tank buster.
    • Have the party stack south of Grinnaux within the donut.
    • Have one of your tanks take the tether to the north side of the donut. Use heavy mitigation on this buster.
  5. Adelphel will now leave the arena, leaving Grinnaux behind. Prepare for the next mechanic by prepositioning in a "conga line."

Hyperdimensional Slash

During the next mechanic, Hyperdimensional Slash, four random players will get markers above their head and be targeted with line attacks from Grinnaux. Aim your lasers at the inner edge of these diamond-shaped ground patterns. If you want, you can use your waymarks to make these places easier to spot.

Hyperdimensional Slash
  1. The four random players will now get a red marker above their head, indicating they will get shot by the lasers first. Use the conga line to understand which spot is yours. The leftmost marked player gains the leftmost spot, the rightmost marked player gains the right most spot, and ditto for the inner two marked people. Do this whilst the four unmarked people line up south of the boss.
  2. The lasers and cleave soak go off. The previously unmarked players will now gain marks, indicating they will be shot by a laser next, while the previously marked players will have to share another cleave AoE. Use the conga line to indicate where you go again.
  3. The mechanic is now resolved, stack up in the middle and prepare for Faith Unmoving and dashes.

Brightwinged Flight

During this mechanic, Adelphel will dash through the arena, dropping instant killing AoEs behind him. Dodging these AoEs is relatively easy and done like so:

  1. Adelphel will appear on any cardinal of the arena and cast Holiest of Holy whilst Grinnaux casts Faith Unmoving, a knockback from Grinnaux. Position yourself in the middle of the arena with Grinnaux, opposite of Adelphel. Use your knockback immunity and some light mitigation.
  2. Adelphel will now dash to a cardinal to your right or left. Dodge towards him and stand on the second tip of the ground decal arrow. The tank that had aggro last on Adelphel will have to dodge opposite to the party and prepare for a tank buster. Make sure you are not too close to the wall, else the laser puddles might kill you. If the boss heals during this mechanic, then you have not aimed the lasers correctly.
  3. Brightwinged Flight Safe Spot
  4. Adelphel will now dash through the arena, leaving orbs along his path which will explode in a small AoE after a short amount of time. Getting hit by one of these will one shot you. Therefore, ensure that you are in the safe spot.
  5. After the dashes are resolved, the tank which had threat from Adelphel before he jumped away will be hit by the AoE tank buster. This tank buster called "Execution" does a moderate amount of damage.
  6. Adelphel will combo this up by casting Holiest Hallowing. The first interrupter should interrupt this. It is recommended this interrupt to be done by the same tank who took the Execution tank buster in step 4.

Faith Unmoving and Burning Chains

Otherwise known as "Playstion Markers," the party will get given overhead markers in the form of either a circle, a cross, a square or a triangle. Two of each are given out and indicate that you will be chained to the person with the same marker. Breaking these chains can be done by utilizing the knockback Grinnaux casts shortly after. The mechanic can easily resolved like so:

  1. Stack up in the middle of the arena and prepare for Playstation markers.
  2. Place Adelphel and Grinnaux dead center of the arena and loosely spread around them.
  3. Everyone will now get a marker above their head chaining them to the correlating marker.
    • Two DPS will get a Circle.
    • One healer and one DPS will get a Triangle.
    • One tank and one DPS will get a Square.
    • One tank and one healer will get a Cross.
  4. Resolve the mechanic by spreading around the boss in this formation, having both tanks go north and both healers go south whilst DPS fill in the rest.
  5. Playstation Spread
  6. Players will get knocked now away from Grinnaux, ensure you are positioned in his hotbox prior to this knockback.
  7. Stay spread out after the knockback and wait for Heavens Flame AoEs to detonate on all players before moving in.
  8. Adelphel will now cast his second Holiest Hallowing, interrupt this spell. Since neither tanks are in melee range at this time, we recommend this interrupt to be done by the physical ranged.
  9. Stack Grinnaux and Adelphel up again in the middle of the arena. Prioritize targeting the boss with the highest HP percentage as they will have to die at the same time.
  10. Adelphel will cast another Holiest of Holy.
  11. Grinnaux will then cast either Empty Dimension or Full Dimension, if it is "Empty," have your party be underneath Grinnaux. If it is "Full," have your party be away from Grinnaux.
  12. Another Holiest of holy will be cast by Adelphel.
  13. Lastly, they will cast The Bull's of Steel and Brightblade's Steel. Kill them both before these casts. It is worth noting that if you kill one, the other will start casting these spells. Therefore, you want to kill them both at roughly the same time.

Ser Charibert Strategy

Charibert will appear and drag you into a smaller arena. He will then begin casting Pure of Heart. During this phase you need to burn down Charibert to below 30% health whilst baiting conal AoEs. Assign a bait order. We recommend Healer, Melee, Ranged and then Tanks. This allows the healers to focus completely on healing after they've resolved their portion of the mechanic, and is also the order we'll use later in the fight when this mechanic repeats.

  1. Have the first baiters stand behind the target, aiming the shakers away from the party.
  2. As soon as the cones go off, move to your designated spot eithger to the left or the right of the party. Rejoin the party when your "Skyblind" debuff expires. This will leave behind an invisible circular AoE on the ground where the debuff expired that explodes after a short period of time.
  3. When the first baiters move out, have the second baiters move in. Repeat this process until all baits are done. Make sure to dodge the explosions left behind by the Skyblind debuff from the previous baiter.
  4. A heavy raidwide will go out once Pure of Heart will be finished casting. This raidwide does damage relative to the threshold of Charibert's health bar. If Charibert has 30% or more of his health left, Pure of Heart will instantly kill the entire party. If Charibert is at 29.9% or lower, the group will take a moderate amount of raid damage.

Regardless of his health, use all left over mitigation to survive the damage at any cost, as entering the next phase will give you a checkpoint. King Thordan will appear. Hit him before wiping to ensure you get access to the checkpoint.



  • 03 Jun. 2022: Guide added.
  • 25 May 2024: Guide updated with current community strategies.
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