Fisher Skills Guide for FFXIV Patch 7.0

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This guide explains all of the skills for Fishing and Spearfishing while covering the uses and value of each skill, so you can learn which skills are best to use while fishing!

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Fishing Skills

Much like the other gathering classes in the game, Fisher uses a variety of skills to manipulate conditions and yield. Many of the skills pertain to normal fishing, but there are a bunch of skills exclusively related to underwater Spearfishing as well.

For convenience, the skills have been grouped by their purposes to make it easier to understand and have then been sorted in leveling order. You can always refer to your 'Actions & Traits' tab to see what skill is unlocked next.

If you are looking for general tips about gathering with Fisher, please be sure to check out our guide dedicated to the basics linked below.


Dawntrail Fishing Skills

Listed below are all the new Fishing related skills and adjustments with the release of Dawntrail.

Skill Name Type Lv. Changes
Rest Icon Rest Skill 1 Abandons fishing but keeps your equipment at the ready.
Spareful Hand Icon Spareful Hand Skill 91 Stores certain large-sized fish as swimbait for later use.
Swimbait may be selected for use as bait so long as you remain at your present fishing spot.
Swimbait may be used even after actions that cancel mooching opportunity.
Cannot be executed while under the effect of Surface Slap or Identical Cast.
Big-game Fishing Icon Big-game Fishing Skill 95 Increases the chance the next large-sized fish caught will be an especially large specimen.
Chance of landing an especially large specimen increases based on your perception rating.
Angler's Art Cost: 2

Cancels current mooching opportunity.
Ambitious Lure Icon Ambitious Lure Skill 100 Attracts large-sized fish and increases your chances of landing one. Occasionally guarantees you will land a large-sized fish.
Can be used up to 3 times while fishing, each use increasing the effectiveness and GP cost.
May also attract rare species of fish. Can also be used with fish caught using Powerful Hookset.
First Use: 10 GP
Second Use: 20 GP
Third Use: 30 GP
Modest Lure Icon Modest Lure Skill 100 Attracts small-sized fish and increases your chances of landing one. Occasionally guarantees you will land a small-sized fish.
Can be used up to 3 times while fishing, each use increasing the effectiveness and GP cost.
May also attract rare species of fish. Can also be used with fish caught using Precision Hookset.
First Use: 10 GP
Second Use: 20 GP
Third Use: 30 GP
Fisher's Instinct Trait 50 While under the effect of Fisher's Intuition or Spearfisher's Intuition, resets the effect duration when catching certain fish.
Chance to trigger this effect differs between fish.

Fishing Skills

These are the skills that work for regular fishing in whatever water you can find in the open world. These skills affect how you catch the fish and what fish you can catch.


General Skills

These skills are essentially the core kit for fishing.

  • Bait Icon Bait opens the bait window and allows you to change bait while fishing. This uses bait from your inventory and is useful because certain baits only work on certain fishing holes.
  • Cast Icon Cast is used to cast your fishing rod into the fishing hole once you have chosen your bait.
  • Hook Icon Hook is used to hook the fish once it has bitten. This is indicated by a tug on the rod, a special noise, exclamation marks on your character, and vibrations if using a controller.
  • Cast Light Icon Cast Light adds a little light to the end of your rod, making it easier to see when it has tugged in dark situations.
  • Quit Icon Quit ends your fishing. You can also stop fishing by moving your character with the keyboard or gamepad.
  • Sneak Icon Sneak allows you to remain unseen by enemies up to four levels above your own.
  • Thaliak's Favor Icon Thaliak's Favor restores 150GP at the cost of three Angler's Art. This is often a great use of Angler's Art stacks.
  • Rest Icon Rest makes it much easier to end a cast instead of having to wait for the animation on fish you do not want.

Hook-Based Skills

These skills all center around your ability to hook fish and manipulate the fish by increasing your chance to get large fish, increased yield, or collectables.

  • Patience Icon Patience grants a buff that increases the chance of catching large fish by 50%. However, this also has the downside of granting a debuff that lowers the effectiveness of Hook Icon Hook by 40%. This means that using Patience requires the use of two other skills to catch the fish: Powerful Hookset Icon Powerful Hookset and Precision Hookset Icon Precision Hookset.
  • Patience II Icon Patience II works just like the first version of the skill, but the chance to gain large fish is increased by 80%, and the debuff is -75%. The tooltip also says that this skill increases your chances to gain larger fish, which are fish that are larger for your Fishing Log (not rare, big fish).
  • Powerful Hookset Icon Powerful Hookset and Precision Hookset Icon Precision Hookset are the two skills used to hook when using Patience Icon Patience. Powerful Hookset is used to catch larger tugs that are indicated by !!, and Precision Hookset is used for smaller fish indicated by a single !. Most fish that have a !!! tug tend to use Powerful Hookset, but that is not always the case. It is best to check on a fishing site beforehand.
  • Release Icon Release will automatically release specific fish that you have caught, which is useful for long periods of fishing. It is slower than manually discarding them out of your inventory, so take that into consideration for fish with small time windows.
  • Collect Icon Collect turns certain fish into collectables. This simply turns the fish's size into a rating to exchange for scrips. Using Patience Icon Patience helps with fishing high rating collectables.
  • Double Hook Icon Double Hook increases your yield on fish that are not big or legendary. The amount of fish you can gain with double hook varies but generally will increase your yield to 2-4. This is based on your Gathering stat.
  • Triple Hook Icon Triple Hook works just like Double Hook Icon Double Hook but gives even more fish and can range from 3-7 fish based on your Gathering. Many fish have hard caps before 7.

Bite-Based Skills

These are skills that adjust what fish you can get when it bites on your fishing line. These skills can also remove fish from the pool, cast the same fish, or let you catch otherwise unobtainable fish.

  • Mooch Icon Mooch is a highly used bite-based skill. If the last fish you caught was large, you can use it as bait to catch another fish. It does not work on any fish - only specific fish can be mooched.
  • Snagging Icon Snagging is used to fish up maps and certain coral/mollusk types of fish. Like the other skills, it is recommended to check out a fishing site for specific details.
  • Makeshift Bait Icon Makeshift Bait allows you to mooch average-sized fish instead of just large fish. This costs five stacks of Angler's Art, which can be expensive but useful when needed.
  • Chum Icon Chum lowers the amount of time it takes for the next fish to bite.
  • Fish Eyes Icon Fish Eyes lets you catch fish outside of their time window. However, make sure any weather requirements are still correct. You can not use Fish Eyes on legendary fish, fish caught while Ocean Fishing, or fishing holes for the most recent expansion or the expansion prior to that.
  • Mooch II Icon Mooch II works in similarly to Mooch Icon Mooch but allows you to mooch an NQ fish at the cost of 100GP and the skill going on cooldown. You are also unable to hold the mooch and wait for GP to regenerate or a time/weather window to appear like you can with regular mooch.
  • Surface Slap Icon Surface Slap can be used after catching a fish. By using this skill, you can remove the caught fish from the available pool of fish. This lasts until the next fish is caught - not when it bites, meaning you can ignore fish that bite until the fish you want bites.
  • Identical Cast Icon Identical Cast lets you catch the fish you just caught unless that fish was mooched.
  • Prize Catch Icon Prize Catch guarantees the next fish to be large at the cost of 200GP. Just like Surface Slap Icon Surface Slap, this lasts until you actually catch a fish, meaning you can ignore fish until the one you need appears.

Spearfishing Skills

These skills can only be used while Spearfishing, a type of fishing unlocked at level 61 when you obtain a gig as your off-hand tool. You can then fish underwater at special nodes, somewhat like Mining and Botany. Instead of being able to select a specific fish, you have to time your catch with the bubbles that appear at the node.


General Skills

Like regular fishing, Spearfishing has a set of core skills required to fish.

  • Fathom Icon Fathom allows spearfishing nodes to appear in game and on your minimap. This is required to be able to spearfish. Like the Mining and Botany equivalent, the buff is automatically applied when you swap classes.
  • Shark Eye Icon Shark Eye allows you to easily locate the nearest spearfishing node on your minimap.
  • Gig Icon Gig is the action used at the spearfishing node when the fish lines up with the gig.
  • Shark Eye II Icon Shark Eye II helps you locate the highest level node in a zone.
  • Truth of Oceans Icon Truth of Oceans helps you locate Swimming Shadows, which are nodes that appear after catching a certain amount of fish. It is similar to Intuition for regular fishing, but you have to change locations.

Catch-Based Skills

These are the rest of the Spearfishing skills. Because the activity starts at level 61, there are fewer skills available to use.

  • Veteran Trade Icon Veteran Trade removes a fish from the available pool of fish. Unlike Surface Slap Icon Surface Slap, this lasts for the entire node.
  • Salvage Icon Salvage lets you fish maps while spearfishing.
  • Nature's Bounty Icon Nature's Bounty increases your chance of a large catch.
  • Vital Sight Icon Vital Sight makes fish easier to target at your current spearfishing node at the cost of two Angler's Art.
  • Baited Breath Icon Baited Breath reduces wariness of nearby fish for 300GP.
  • Electric Current Icon Electric Current lets you catch all fish on the screen when your catch count hits 10. This costs no GP to use.


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