DoL Guides for Endgame Gathering and Gearing Patch 7.0

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This page features links to all of our endgame guides for the Disciples of Land (DoL) gathering classes, including Miner, Botanist, and Fisher. With guides such as melding, rotations, relics and more!


Disciples of Land Endgame Gathering Guides

Once you hit max level, you can begin to look into endgame gathering. There are many goals you can aim for such as making gil, stocking materials for your crafting, hunting for rare achievements, and getting special glowing tools.

There are two things you want to focus on first: Folklore Tomes and gear. You need to unlock Folklore Tomes to be able to find and gather from endgame nodes, making them very important.


Gearing Your Gathering Classes

Gathering is not an activity that requires expensive melds or a huge time investment. However, if you are a player who tends to gather often, then more expensive and grindy gear becomes worthwhile for the increased yield benefits. This gives you more items, meaning you can sell more and craft more with a lower time investment.

You can check out our gathering melding guide below for stat breakpoints to aim for, methods on how to farm materia, and meld sets we recommend that allow you to get the most out of your gear.


Botanical, Geological, and Ichthyological Gathering Folklore Books

Once you hit endgame, a huge priority is to obtain the relevant folklore books for this expansion. Each book has the name "Tome of Class Folklore - Zone" to represent what materials are unlocked for each zone and class when you use these books.

Each book costs differing amounts of white scrips, depending on what expansion it is from.

For information on the items each book contains and their costs, check out the guide linked below.


Gathering Collectables

Collectables are not just items you gather while leveling - they are also a huge focus at endgame, allowing you to buy some gear, materia, Folklore books, and even crafting materials.

Collectables are also the main way for you to obtain aethersands. Using the skill Aetherial Reduction Icon Aetherial Reduction breaks collectables down into crystals, clusters, and these sands, which you craft endgame gear and potions with.

For information on collectable rotations and ephemeral nodes, read our guide linked below.


Gathering Node Rotations

While collectables require their own rotations to be able to hit a high collectability rating, normal, legendary, and unspoiled nodes also have their own rotations, allowing for the highest possible yield.

Gatherer's Boon rotations have become far more situational when making choices on which ability to use and can vary wildly depending on which type of node you are currently farming, the integrity of the node, your Boon chances, and your current character stats.


Achievements and Grinds

Outside of gathering for money or crafting, there are also a large number of rare achievements which offer unique titles, minions, and mounts. Some examples of achievements and grinds worth aiming for are:

  • "Honest Gillionaire" title from earning 10,000,000 gil via levequests.
  • Seven Titles from delivering 150 collectables to each custom delivery client.
  • Glowing tools from finishing a Skybuilders' relic tool.
  • Malone (T-rex model) minion from earning 50,000 Skyward Score in the Ishgardian Restoration.
  • "Divine Provider" title from earning 500,000 Skyward Score from each of the three gathering classes.
  • Two Blessed tools, one Resplendent tool, and a unique ring for each class by clearing your gathering and Fisher logs.
  • Seven titles from earning specific difficult bonuses via ocean fishing.
  • Mora Minion for 1,000,000 ocean fishing score and the "World-class Troller" title for 3,000,000 points.
  • "Big Fish" title for catching the majority of big fish in the game.
  • Obtaining the splendorous tools


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