Splendorous Tools Guide for FFXIV

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Splendorous Tools are the new DoH and DoL Relics for Endwalker. These have a cool aesthetic and their own unique traits that alter gameplay. This guide will explain how to easily obtain and upgrade these tools through multiple stages.


Splendorous Relic Tools For Crafting (DoH) and Gathering (DoL) in FFXIV Endwalker

Splendorous Tools are relics for Crafting and Gathering classes in FFXIV with several purposes. They mainly function as endgame main-hand tools for crafting and gathering but these tools have helpful unique effects. This is a first for FFXIV and really paves the way for new and interesting gear in the future.

This page serves as a guide on how to unlock your Splendorous Tools as well as a hub page for each stage which you can refer to as you unlock each new stage.


What Bonuses do Splendorous Tools Provide?

The effects are:

  • Crafting Relics increase the 'Good' condition from 1.5x to 1.75x. This is amazing for expert crafting.
  • Mining and Botany Relics increase your chance to trigger Collector's Intuition by 20%. This allows you more items while farming collectables.
  • The Fishing Relic reduces your GP cost of Powerful Hookset and Precision Hookset by 50%. This has approximately a 20% chance of occurring.

The effects of these tools do not change when upgraded and will always remain at these chances.


How Useful Are These Tools to Melded Indagators?

These tools in their final Lodestar upgrades are an overall stat increase compared to indagators therefore making them BiS for Crafting and Gathering.

That being said, this does not necessarily mean that they hit new breakpoints, provide faster crafting rotations or increased yield while gathering. This can ultimately depend on your rotations or the items you gather. Regardless, their unique looks and potential gameplay benefits make them desirable tools.


Unlocking your Splendorous Tool Relics in FFXIV

The requirements to unlock this quest-chain are very simple. Finish the MSQ up to Endwalker, unlock Crystarium Deliveries and access the Botique of Splendors by speaking to Mowen in Eulmore (X: 11.4, Y: 10.7).

From there, your first quest becomes available. Speak to Chora-Zoi in the Crystarium (X: 7.8, Y: 11.4) to accept the quest An Original Improvement. This will then begin the quest chain for your tool, your first one will even be given for free in the form of a Splendorous Coffer Icon Splendorous Coffer. When used, it will provide you the relevant Splendorous Tool for your class.

Additional tools for other classes can be then purchased for 1500 White Scrips each when you speak to Quinnana in The Crystarium(X: 10.4, Y: 7.8). She will also be the vendor for crafting materials and where you exchange collectables for upgrade materials.


Below you will find examples of each tool in their upgraded forms and glow to help you make a decision on what tools you want to aim for.

Crystalline Weapons Brilliant Weapons Lodestar Weapons
Carpenter Blacksmith Armorer Goldsmith Leatherworker Weaver Alchemist Culinarian Miner Botanist Fisher
Carpenter Blacksmith Armorer Goldsmith Leatherworker Weaver Alchemist Culinarian Miner Botanist Fisher
Carpenter Blacksmith Armorer Goldsmith Leatherworker Weaver Alchemist Culinarian Miner Botanist Fisher

Crystalline Saw

Crystalline Tool For Carpenter

Crystalline CrossPein Hammer

Crystalline Tool For Blacksmith

Crystalline Raising Hammer

Crystalline Tool For Armorer

Crystalline Mallet

Crystalline Tool For Goldsmith

Crystalline Round Knife

Crystalline Tool For Leatherworker

Crystalline Needle

Crystalline Tool For Weaver

Crystalline Alembic

Crystalline Tool For Alchemist

Crystalline Frypan

Crystalline Tool For Culinarian

Crystalline Pickaxe

Crystalline Tool For Miner

Crystalline Hatchet

Crystalline Tool For Botany

Crystalline Fishing Rod

Crystalline Tool For Fisher

Brilliant Saw

Brilliant Tool For Carpenter

Brilliant CrossPein Hammer

Brilliant Tool For Blacksmith

Brilliant Raising Hammer

Brilliant Tool For Armorer

Brilliant Mallet

Brilliant Tool For Goldsmith

Brilliant Round Knife

Brilliant Tool For Leatherworker

Brilliant Needle

Brilliant Tool For Weaver

Brilliant Alembic

Brilliant Tool For Alchemist

Brilliant Frypan

Brilliant Tool For Culinarian

Brilliant Pickaxe

Brilliant Tool For Miner

Brilliant Hatchet

Brilliant Tool For Botany

Brilliant Fishing Rod

Brilliant Tool For Fisher

Lodestar Saw

Lodestar Tool For Carpenter

Lodestar CrossPein Hammer

Lodestar Tool For Blacksmith

Lodestar Raising Hammer

Lodestar Tool For Armorer

Lodestar Mallet

Lodestar Tool For Goldsmith

Lodestar Round Knife

Lodestar Tool For Leatherworker

Lodestar Needle

Lodestar Tool For Weaver

Lodestar Alembic

Lodestar Tool For Alchemist

Lodestar Frypan

Lodestar Tool For Culinarian

Lodestar Pickaxe

Lodestar Tool For Miner

Lodestar Hatchet

Lodestar Tool For Botany

Lodestar Fishing Rod

Lodestar Tool For Fisher

Augmenting Your Splendorous Tool in FFXIV

For your first upgrade to your equipment, you will be tasked with crafting and gathering a range of collectables. Each collectable you exchange will give you components towards augmenting your tool.


Upgrading Augmented Splendorous Tools to Crystalline Tools

In the second upgrade for your Splendorous Relic you will be upgrading to a Crystalline Tool. Similarly to the previous stage you will be tasked with crafting and gathering collectables and obtaining more components. The Crystalline Tool however provides a unique glow and glamour as well as new unique bonuses specifically while using those main-hands.


Upgrading Crystalline Tools to Chora-Zoi Tool

In the third stage of upgrading your equipment, you will advance your Crystalline Tool to a Chora-Zoi Tool. Once again, you will need to craft and gather collectables to progress. In this stage, gathering classes gain the ability to perform aetherial reduction, opening up new possibilities for resource acquisition and utilization.


Upgrading Chora-Zoi Tools to Brilliant Tools

The fourth stage of enhancement involves upgrading your Chora-Zoi Tool to Brilliant Tools. This transformation grants your tools a stunning new look and a radiant glow. Through this upgrade, you will continue to obtain collectables and aetherial reduce gatherable materials/fish.


Upgrading Brilliant Tools to Vrandtic Tools

The penultimate stage in your crafting relic journey involves upgrading the Brilliant Tools to Vrandtic Visionary tools. These offer a brand new model and design while further increasing your stats. In this stage you will begin Expert Crafting collectables to exchange for more components.


The Final Upgrade to Lodestar Tools

The final stage of your splendorous tools will end with a Lodestar tool. Through further Expert Crafting you will obtain the materials to upgrade your Vrandtic tool to an i640 crafting tool with better stats and a new glow!



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