Gathering Melding and Best in Slot Meldsets For FFXIV Patch 6.5

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This guide will cover the various endgame best in slot gathering meld sets you can consider for endgame DoL classes, depending on your goals, as well as advice on how to meld your gathering classes for specific purposes. There are also a number of relevant breakpoints that are listed and discussed.


Gathering Melding and BIS (Best-in-Slot) Meldsets For Endwalker 6.5

Once you hit level 90, you will need to start looking into gearing your classes so you can gather from endgame legendary nodes.

Gathering works on fairly strict breakpoints, meaning you hit X stat and then get Y bonus with no benefit for any number in-between. That means you have to plan your melds carefully to get the benefits you want, but you can also save money and time by not having wasted melds that grant no benefit.

This means if you do not gather very often, you may simply only need scrip gear or cheap melds. However, if you want better yields, you will want to aim for better melds. Crafted gear is almost always better than scrip gear, even with cheap melds, but especially with heavy overmelding.

This also means that there is not necessarily a best in slot because what is best is entirely based on your goals.

If you do not have the new Indagators gear yet, start by checking out our guide to catch up on gearing:


How to Farm Gathering Materia

The best way to farm grade IX and X DoL materia is from spiritbonding. For lower grades, you will need to scrip farm, purchase from the market, or simply replace lower grades with the high-grade materia you have farmed from spiritbonding.

Below, you can find the step-by-step process of spiritbonding:

  1. Start by having a full set of HQ Crafted gear. HQ increases spiritbond rate.
  2. From there, meld five materia into each piece while ensuring that you reach the minimum perception required for your nodes. Grade and type of materia do not matter outside of minimum perception, so use whatever is cheap and easy. Each meld increases your spiritbond rate drastically. Ensure you meld to around 880GP for an additional attempt on notes for more spiritbond.
  3. Use an HQ Potent Spiritbond Potion Icon Potent Spiritbond Potion or any Superior Spiritbond Potion Icon Superior Spiritbond Potion. Spiritbond gain caps at +5 for gathering.
  4. From there, make an alarm list using all Folklore items. The nodes you hit need to be of a similar item level to the gear you have, i620 will only spiritbond with 3-Star nodes for example.
  5. You gain spiritbond per hit, not per item, so make sure to use skills such as Solid Reason Icon Solid Reason and Ageless Words Icon Ageless Words, which can then proc into Wise to the World Icon Wise to the World for additional attempts.
  6. After several nodes, you will hit 100% spiritbond giving you 12 materia every three nodes.

Gathering Meld Sets for Endwalker Patch 6.5

These are our recommended meld sets for the new Indagators Gear.

This set is also the final set of the expansion and therefore is recommended to go heavier on the melding due to it lasting you all the way to level 100 and the smoother your leveling process the better.


How do the Splendorous Tools(Relics) Change Things?

Now that the Splendorous Tools have had their final upgrades. There is only very minor differences stat-wise and not worth adjusting your melds for. These are perfectly viable tools to use and can be better when gathering collectables.

The main purpose of these tools is to be used to improve collectable yield while gathering and to save GP while fishing. Fishers tool is also now bis for ocean fishing as you gain a slight advantage and save CP while building up AA stacks using patience.


Patch 6.5 Gathering Meldsets

Below you will find our 3 meldsets:

  • High Tier for experienced players who gather regularly. Gives the most yield and hits as many breakpoints as possible.
  • Mid Tier for players who want to experience all gathering content such as sublimes and big fishing but do not necessarily care about he costs tied to a more expensive meld set.
  • Budget scrip gear for crafters who simply want an endgame set that can gather mats for the raid gear, food and pots. They may not have enough stats to partake in all sublime nodes and the final big fish of an expansion.
  • All meldsets will also be viable until level 100. All the differences are generally around what breakpoints can be hit.

High Tier Meld Set Mid Tier Meld Set Budget Meld Set

High-Tier Gathering Melds for 6.5

This is our main set we advise melding at the moment. It has many purposes and as many stats as possible while pushing gathering to the limit to gain additional yield on the current items.

The changes following from patch 6.3 are the final slot on your offhand tool, head, legs, earrings, necklace and bracelet. These are to accommodate for better breakpoints and more yield so can be optional. The tool meld can also be put on the chest instead if you do not care about 6.3's sublime items or plan to use food to gather them. This is because the chest caps at less perception meaning you only have 4004/4005 perception needed.

Recommended Foods:

Benefits Include:

  • Has the ability to hit all stat breakpoints relevant to endgame.
  • GP1 materia added to the legs to allow you to hit another bountiful on 8 integrity nodes.
  • Has 950 GP and 4100 gathering to reach the hidden node bonuses.
  • Will last you all the way to level 100 with ease and comfort.
  • Comfy foodless stats allowing you to hit most breakpoints if you don't want to use food.


  • More expensive than the mid tier set.
  • One tool meld you may need to change which applies for both classes.

Mid Tier Gathering Melds for 6.5

This is the mid tier gathering set for the indagators gear offering lower stats and therefore less yield but having much easier melding.

The only meld adjustments if you melded in 6.3 are that the main hand tool melds are optional(can use the relic instead) and a perception VII on the feet to reach the +30% boon node bonus.

Food is a lot more optional but here are the recommended Foods:

  • HQ Yakow Moussaka Icon Yakow Moussaka for normal nodes if you want the +1 attempts bonus that periodically appears for the relic steps.
  • HQ Jhinga Curry Icon Jhinga Curry for sublime nodes allowing you to cap your collectable skills.

Benefits Include:

  • Only a single X overmeld, and single cheap pentameld making it much cheaper.
  • Flexible tools so you can use either indagators or the relic. Relic is preferred due to its special bonus.
  • Still allows you to gather from sublime items and big fish even with a cheaper meldset.


  • Lower yield due to not hitting as many bonuses.
  • Lower sublime chance compared to the high tier set.

Scrip Gathering Gear Set for 6.5

If you are a player who rarely gathers this set is ideal for you allowing you to gather items but with much lower yield and allows you to do content such as the relic which you may also use on this set. This set does not allow you to gather sublime items or the hardest big fish released near the end of the expansion.

HQ Sideritis Cookie Icon Sideritis Cookie will allow you to reach the +30% node bonus on legendary nodes.


Endwalker Gathering Breakpoints

Breakpoints are the stat requirements to reach new benefits, this could be the ability to gather an item, specific node bonuses or even skill and collectable bonuses. They are vital to planning your melds out properly so that your stats are not wasted.

To know the breakpoints for a specific item not at endgame, Check out my gathering calculator.

Some bonuses are actually hidden, hidden bonuses refer to the fact that the game will not tell you the requirements to hit the bonus and even when you do it will still state the old value. For example it may state 850GP gives +2 integrity on the 2 star nodes when in reality you would have the hidden 900GP requirement making it say it is giving you +2. It would otherwise say +1.


Breakpoints new to patch 6.4 are:

  • BY2/BH2 Skill +2 - 3713 Gathering
  • BY2/BH2 Skill +3 - 4538 Gathering(Unobtainable)
  • Minimum Perception - 3850 Perception
  • +30% Boon Node Bonus - 4000 Perception
  • Node bonus +1 Yield - 3900 Gathering
  • Node bonus +2 Yield - 4000 Gathering (Hidden)
  • Node bonus +3 Yield - 4100 Gathering (Hidden)
  • Node bonus +1 Integrity - 900GP
  • Node bonus +2 Integrity - 950GP(Hidden)

Breakpoints for the new sublime collectables in 6.4 are:

  • Minimum Perception Sublime Nodes - 4000 Perception
  • Node bonus +2 Integrity Sublime Nodes - 4100 Gathering
  • Collectable Skills Sublime Nodes - 3919 Gathering and Perception
  • Collectable Procs Sublime Nodes - 4125 Gathering and Perception

Breakpoints new to patch 6.3 are:

  • BY2/BHY Skill - Same as 2 star
  • Required Perception - 3625 Perception
  • Most Node bonuses - Same as 2 star
  • Node bonus +2 Integrity - 3950 Gathering

Breakpoints for the new sublime collectables in 6.3 are:

  • Required Perception - 3850 Perception
  • Collectable Skill/Scrutiny Caps - 3805 Gathering
  • Meticulous Proc Cap - 4005 Gathering
  • Intuition Proc Cap - 4005 Perception

Breakpoints for 2 star legendary nodes are:

  • BY2/BH2 Skill +2 - 3496 Gathering
  • BY2/BH2 Skill +3 - 4273 Gathering
  • Minimum Perception - 3600 Perception
  • +30% Boon Node Bonus - 3800 Perception
  • Node bonus +1 Yield - 3590 Gathering
  • Node bonus +2 Yield - 3790 Gathering (Hidden)
  • Node bonus +3 Yield - 3990 Gathering (Hidden)
  • Node bonus +1 Integrity - 850GP
  • Node bonus +2 Integrity - 900GP(Hidden)

Collectable Breakpoints for max level and Sublime collectables:

  • Collectable Skill Caps - 3349 Gathering
  • Meticulous Proc Cap - 3525 Gathering
  • Intuition Proc Cap - 3525 Perception
  • Scrutiny Cap - 3349 Gathering and Perception
  • Sublime Minimum Perception - 3700 Perception


  • 18 Jun. 2023: Updated to 6.45's Splendorous tools.
  • 24 May 2023: Updated to 6.4.
  • 10 Mar. 2023: Added Splendorous Tools Advice.
  • 13 Jan. 2023: Updated for 6.3.
  • 09 Feb. 2022: Guide added.
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