Materia Melding Priority for Endgame Gathering

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This guide will cover the various endgame best in slot gathering meld sets you can consider for endgame DoL classes, depending on your goals, as well as advice on how to meld your gathering classes for specific purposes. There are also a number of relevant breakpoints that are listed and discussed.


Gathering Melding

Once you hit level 90, you will need to start looking into gearing your classes so you can gather from endgame nodes.

Gathering works on fairly strict breakpoints, meaning you hit X stat and then get Y bonus with no benefit for any number in-between. That means you have to plan your melds carefully to get the benefits you want, but you can also save money and time by not having wasted melds that grant no benefit.

You want to meld for your goals and purposes, and there is little need to go for super expensive melds if you are not going to benefit from it or take advantage of the bonuses very often.

If you do not gather very often, this can simply mean you need scrip gear or cheap melds. However, if you want better yields, you will want to aim for better melds. Crafted gear is almost always better than scrip gear, even with cheap melds, but especially with heavy overmelding.

If you are not ready for endgame melds and are currently working on gearing up your gatherers while leveling, please take a look at our guide linked below.


How to Farm Gathering Materia

The best way to farm grade IX and X DoL materia is from spiritbonding. For lower grades, you will need to scrip farm, purchase from the market, or simply replace lower grades with the materia you have farmed from spiritbonding.

Below, you can find the step-by-step process of spiritbonding:

  • 1. Start by having a full set of HQ i560/i590 gear. HQ increases spiritbond rate.
  • 2. From there, meld five materia into each piece. Grade and type of materia do not matter, so use whatever is cheap and easy. Each meld increases your spiritbond rate drastically. I would ensure you meld to around 880GP for an additional attempt on notes for more spiritbond.
  • 3. Use an HQ Potent Spiritbond Potion Icon Potent Spiritbond Potion or any Superior Spiritbond Potion Icon Superior Spiritbond Potion. Spiritbond gain caps at +5 for gathering.
  • 4. From there, make an alarm list using all Folklore items. If you use i590 gear note you will gain less spiritbond on older items so plan your nodes accordingly.
  • 5. You gain spiritbond per hit, not per item, so make sure to use skills such as Solid Reason Icon Solid Reason and Ageless Words Icon Ageless Words, which can then proc into Wise to the World Icon Wise to the World for additional attempts.
  • 6. After several nodes, you will hit 100% spiritbond giving you 12 materia every three nodes.

Gathering Breakpoints for 6.2

Below, we have listed the different breakpoints on the current endgame items that you can gather.

To know the breakpoints for a specific item not at endgame, check out my gathering calculator.

Breakpoints for 2 star legendary nodes are:

  • 100% Gathering Chance - 3108 Gathering
  • BY2/BH2 Skill +2 - 3496 Gathering
  • BY2/BH2 Skill +3 - 4273 Gathering (Unobtainable until 6.3)
  • Minimum Perception - 3600 Perception
  • +30% Boon Node Bonus - 3800 Perception
  • Node bonus +1 Yield - 3590 Gathering
  • Node bonus +2 Yield - 3790 Gathering (Hidden)
  • Node bonus +3 Yield - 3990 Gathering (Hidden and Unreachable)
  • Node bonus +1 Integrity - 850GP
  • Node bonus +2 Integrity - 900GP (Hidden)

Collectable Breakpoints for max level and Sublime collectables:

  • Collectable Skill Caps - 3349 Gathering
  • Meticulous Proc Cap - 3525 Gathering
  • Intuition Proc Cap - 3525 Perception
  • Scrutiny Cap - 3349 Gathering and Perception
  • Sublime Minimum Perception - 3700 Perception

What is 6.2 Gathering BiS (Best In Slot)?

While gathering works on hard breakpoints it does not necessarily mean that there is always going to be an objective best meld set. For example with 6.2 you can not hit all 3 node bonuses meaning you have to make decisions.

Additionally what is best for a player who rarely gathers is not necessarily best compared to someone who frequently gathers. A gathering classes stats are dependent on the goals, a player who focuses on fishing may want to focus on increased GP as they care less about a node bonus on a legendary node.


Gathering Meld Sets for Patch 6.2

These are our recommended meld sets heading towards the next upgrade set in 6.3. Depending on your goals and objectives in the game, different sets will be more preferable.

With the release of patch 6.2 there was significant changes to what was expected and therefore remelds may be required if you want to fully take advantage of your sets.


Budget Gathering Gear Set for 6.2

For players who simply want a basic set of gear at level 90 so that they have some gear, I would recommend just using the purple scrip gear. The newest perfectionist set even has some meld slots at the cost of being the same item level as pactmakers(normally scrip gear would be 10ilv higher).

This means you can have a reasonably viable budget set for gathering now and actually hit a few breakpoints. You will need Sideritis Cookie Icon Sideritis Cookie to hit 3600 Perception and 900GP at the same time.

If you wanted to gather sublime collectables you can meld additional perception but with such low gathering you are going to have a very difficult time. I would not recommend it.


This is our recommended set, which provides a balance between stats and cost, making it affordable to many players. The main focus of is providing as many necessary breakpoints as possible whilst ensuring the set is inexpensive. It has the benefits of:

  • Reaches 3600 Perception without food for legendary and 3700 perception with kalamarakia to hit the minimum requirements for subline nodes.
  • Easily able to handle collectables.
  • Has 900GP for the +2 integrity node bonus.
  • Hits the breakpoint for BY2/BH2 +2

Remelds are an additional meld to the tools and rings as well as one change to gloves.


High-Tier Gathering Melds for 6.2

This meld set reaches as many breakpoints as possible. This set can also reach the necessary 40% Intuition proc rate for the Level 90 collectables. It has the benefits of:

  • Reaches 3600 Perception without food for legendary and 3700 perception with kalamarakia to hit the minimum requirements for subline nodes.
  • Has 3800 Perception for the boon node bonus which is consistently on the current endgame nodes.
  • Has 900GP for the +2 integrity node bonus.
  • Hits the breakpoint for BY2/BH2 +2
  • Has an easier time compared to other sets on sublime nodes and other collectables.

There are significant changes compared to the old iteration of the set however. Check your tools, body and head for meld adjustments.



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