The Aetherfont Full Dungeon Guide

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Welcome to our guide to The Aetherfont, a dungeon released in Patch 6.4. This guide aims to prepare players for the dungeon so they will know what to expect, with simple mechanic instructions and notes on what to watch out for.



The Aetherfont is a dungeon that was released in Patch 6.4: The Dark Throne.


Unlock Requirements

The Aetherfont can be unlocked at level 90 during the main scenario quest "Going Haam." It is the first dungeon players will encounter in the Patch 6.4 main scenario and is located in Sharlayan. Players above level 90 will be level synced to level 90 when entering, and there is a minimum item level restriction of 605 to enter while not in a premade party.


Full Dungeon Guide for The Aetherfont


First Boss Trash Mobs

None of the trash mobs are threatening or do any AoEs.



  • Upsweep deals light raidwide damage.
  • Tidal Breath makes the boss turn to a random player. It will do a frontal AoE in that direction, so move behind it.
  • Body Slam deals light raidwide damage and summons either small ice patches or big ice patches on the ground. Upsweep will cause these glaciers to explode in a small or large AoE depending on the size of the ice. The small ice will explode first.
  • Floodstide marks all players with targeted AoEs, and then marks the healer with a stack marker. Spread and then stack afterwards.

Second Boss Trash Mobs

The Haam Golems will cast Earthen Fury, a ground AoE, and the Haam Crystals will cast Hard Head, a conal AoE. Apart from these abilities, none of the mobs are threatening.



Certain boss abilities will cause paths of lightning to spawn on the arena. These will grow larger and explode after a few seconds, so avoid them.

  • Battle Cry deals light raidwide damage. Halfway through the fight, this will cause a lightning ring to spawn on the outside of the arena.
  • Lightning Leap will cause Arkas to jump to the marked AoE, creating lightning paths.
  • Ripper Claw is a tank buster.
  • Spinning Claw is a point-blank AoE that creates lightning paths.
  • Lightning Rampage will cause Arkas to cast Lightning Leap multiple times in quick succession.
  • Lightning Claw is a stack marker.

Final Boss Trash Mobs

The Haam Forlorn will cast Aetherial Spark, a line AoE. None of the other mobs have any casted abilities.



The arena is comprised of five circular platforms with a path between them.

  • Tidal Roar deals moderate raidwide damage.
  • Octostroke causes tentacles to spawn in front and behind of platforms. One platform will be safe with no tentacles spawning on either side. Tentacles will do a conal AoE, and then cast Wallop, a line AoE.
  • Vivid Eyes is a ring-shaped AoE in the middle of the platforms. Stand at the front or back of the platform to dodge. This is combined with a targeted AoE on all players the second time it is cast.
  • Saline Spit will mark platforms with an orb, which drops an AoE on the platform. Stand on the path in-between platforms to dodge.
  • Tidal Breath causes the Octomammoth to face a direction, doing a 180 degree frontal AoE in that direction.
  • Telekinesis creates tethers to pillars behind the platform, which shoots an AoE onto platforms. Stand on a platform away from the tethered pillars.
  • Breathstroke combines Octostroke and Tidal Breath. One platform that is behind the boss will only have one tentacle in front or behind, and that one has a tiny safe spot opposite of where the sole tentacle is.


The item level 625 Distance set is dropped from this dungeon. It has a level requirement of 90.



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