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This is the main hub for Endwalker's Patch 6.4, The Dark Throne. Here, we will present information on the patch, as well as links to our guides and overviews of new features and changes. Note that this page contains spoilers for the story of Endwalker.


Patch 6.4 Release Date

Endwalker's fourth major patch, Patch 6.4 The Dark Throne, is set to release on May 17, 2023. All the information about the latest patch can be found on this hub, as well as all Endwalker-related pages and guides Icy Veins has to offer.


Patch 6.4 Trailer


Changes to FFXIV in Patch 6.4

Patch 6.4 introduces a great deal of content, including new main scenario quests, raids, dungeons, and trials. The patch also has substantial improvements to current content, such as Island Sanctuary, a new season of Crystalline Conflict, and the Manderville weapon quests. Further updates to the patch will include a new Variant and Criterion Dungeon.


Ocean Fishing

Ocean Fishing will receive updates. Noted in the 6.4 Live Letter was a new fishing route towards Kugane, which will contain new fish, routes, and achievements.


Island Sanctuary

The Island Sanctuary will receive updates. The maximum sanctuary rank will be raise, and new gathering points, materials, animals, landmarks, and rewards will be added. In addition, the latest update will allow players to place furnishings on their island as glamours, allowing them to customize their sanctuary as they see fit.


Allagan Tomestones

With a new raid tier, Allagan Tomestones are receiving their scheduled updates. Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy will be removed and Allagan Tomestones of Causality will become uncapped. A new weekly capped tomestone, Comedy, will be introduced.


Patch 6.4 Job Changes

Patch 6.4 will bring a balance update to various jobs in FFXIV. No specific details were given, but an overview of sweeping systems changes was discussed. Many offensive and defensive party buffs had their range extended to 30 yalms, and improvements were made to the usability of certain actions, such as Paladin's Atonement and Dragoon's Jumps.


Blue Mage Updates in Patch 6.4

Patch 6.45 will feature the expansion's Blue Mage update, which will raise the level cap from 70 to 80. This means new spells, new gear, new Masked Carnivale challenges, and new duties for Blue Mages to tackle!


Patch 6.4 Combat Content

Several new duties will be released in Endwalker with Patch 6.4. One dungeon, one raid, and two trials will be immediately available on release, and the Savage difficulty of the raid will be released one week later in Patch 6.41.


New Main Scenario Quests in Patch 6.4

Patch 6.4 will start the final arc of the post-Endwalker story, where Warriors of Light will finally confront Golbez.


New Sidequests in Patch 6.4

There are a multitude of new sidequests that will be released in the 6.4 patch cycle. Included are new quests in the Tataru's Grand Endeavor questline, which require the completion of previous quests as well as the Sorrow of Werlyt trial questline from Shadowbringers. Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures will be returning, albeit in Patch 6.45.


Weapon Enhancement Quests - Manderville Weapons and Splendorous Tools

In Patch 6.45, Manderville weapons introduced in Patch 6.25 will have new quests, allowing you to upgrade these weapons even further! Additionally, new quests to upgrade Splendorous Tools will also be added.


New Dungeons in Patch 6.4

One new endgame dungeon will be released in Patch 6.4, The Aetherfont. The details of the dungeon are still unknown. In addition, a new Variant and Criterion Dungeon, Mount Rokkon, will be released in patch 6.45. To learn more about Endwalker dungeons as well as the newest dungeon after the patch releases, visit our Endwalker dungeon hub.


New Trials in Patch 6.4

One new Trial with a Normal and Extreme difficulty, the Voidcast Dais, will be released in Patch 6.4, where Warriors of Light will fight Golbez. In addition, one new Unreal Trial will be introduced: Containment Bay Z1T9 (Unreal), where players do battle against Zurvan of the Warring Triad. Written tips and guides on the trials will be released on our Trials hub after the patch is live, so take a look if you are interested in defeating these duties!


New Raids in Patch 6.4

The final tier of the Pandaemonium, Anabaseios, will be released in Patch 6.4. The normal difficulty will be released with the patch and the Savage difficulty will be released one week later in Patch 6.41, which seems to be the schedule going forwards. Adjustments to gearing from Savage tiers are being made in this patch as well.


Gearing in Patch 6.4

As FFXIV is a vertical progression MMO, new and improved gear can be acquired in the patch. Patch 6.4 will feature an increased item level, with a new base item level of 640 from raiding and crafted gear. Patch 6.4 also contains changes to the Savage loot system, which is intended to help players gear up more consistently at a quicker pace. Learn more about how to gear up from our Endwalker gearing guide! You can also find best-in-slot gear lists on each of our job guides!


PvP Updates in Patch 6.4

In Patch 6.4, both Crystalline Conflict and Frontlines will receive updates. Adjustments to PvP actions will be made, and season seven will begin with new and updated rewards. Series 3 will end and Series 4 of the reward track will begin.


Frontlines Changes in Patch 6.4

Frontlines will be receiving major updates in the newest patch. There will be a new UI displaying match time and score between the three teams. In addition, the Borderland Ruins (Secure) map will be temporarily removed. The Fields of Glory (Shatter) map has been adjusted to be made symmetrical, and the daily Frontlines roulette will now reward Series EXP.



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