Ninja DPS Guide — Endwalker 6.1

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Welcome to our Ninja DPS guide for Final Fantasy FFXIV: Endwalker (Patch 6.1). This guide will cover everything you need to know to play as a Ninja in PvE, from the absolute basics of the job, to high-end optimisation.


Ninja Overview

Ninja is a melee dps job that revolves around a huge burst every minute with Trick Attack Icon Trick Attack, and then once it ends, setting ourselves up for the next Trick Attack. In Trick Attack, we currently do a large portion of our damage, making us one of, if not the burstiest, job in the game. Outside of cooldowns we do very mediocre damage.

Because of the ranged nature of our Ninjutsus and them having charges, Ninja is the most flexible and most mobile of all the melee dps. This makes Ninja a very strong job in all forms of content, especially when progressing and not knowing the best strats.

Mug Icon Mug is a strong raid cooldown, allowing you and your team to increase your damage throughout an encounter by a lot when playing around it.


Strengths and Weaknesses


Ninja Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Very high burst damage in both single-target and multi-target situations.
  • +Very mobile with use of Shukuchi Icon Shukuchi, Fleeting Raiju Icon Fleeting Raiju, and Forked Raiju Icon Forked Raiju.
  • +Easily able to act as a pseudo-ranged job during burst since our Ninjutsus and Phantom Kamaitachi Icon Phantom Kamaitachi are ranged.
X Weaknesses
  • -Mediocre damage outside of Trick Attack Icon Trick Attack windows.
  • -Does not have good consistent multi-target damage.
  • -Very reliant on your party taking advantage of the damage buff from Mug Icon Mug in order to compete with other melee dps.


If you are looking to level Ninja, make sure to check out the leveling guide to make sure you do not get overwhelmed throughout the leveling process.

Ninja Leveling Guide COMING SOON!


Ninja is a job that revolves around doing as much damage as possible during our Trick Attack Icon Trick Attack windows and pooling our resources without overcapping outside of that. This one principle will give you the basic outline of our rotation, and keep you going in the right direction from the start.

Cast Trick Attack Icon Trick Attack, Dream Within a Dream Icon Dream Within a Dream, Kassatsu Icon Kassatsu, Ten Chi Jin Icon Ten Chi Jin, Bunshin Icon Bunshin, and Mug Icon Mug on cooldown.

On 1 target, use Raiton Icon Raiton and Suiton Icon Suiton for ninjutsus. On 2 targets, make sure to keep up Doton Icon Doton and still use Suiton and Raiton to set up Trick Attack Icon Trick Attack. On 3+ targets, disregard Suiton and Raitons for more Katon Icon Katon and Dotons.

Save Ninki for Trick Attack Icon Trick Attack windows without overcapping. Then use as much as you can inside Trick Attack. Use Bhavacakra Icon Bhavacakra when there is 1 or 2 targets, and use Hellfrog Medium Icon Hellfrog Medium for when there are 3+ targets.



Gearing for Ninja is relatively simple because of our lack of gain from Skill Speed, so we get to focus more on the other stats in the game. Even then, there is some nuance to it considering we have multiple options for the same gear slot.



Once you understand the job and you are comfortable with the basics, you are ready to head into Extreme Trials, Savage Raid fights, and Ultimate encounters. We have guides that will be able to help ease you into these encounters below.



If you feel like you are not performing up to par and are not sure why, check out these links below that might be able to help you out with that.



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