Keybindings and Hotbar Setup for Reaper — Endwalker 6.58

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Welcome to our keybinding and controller setup guide for Reaper. Here you'll find example setups to play FFXIV for mouse and keyboard configurations, as well as controller users.


Keybindings and UI Introduction

Keybinds are a pretty important thing to consider when playing your job. Having important buttons in optimal positions will making executing your rotation easier. Ultimately the way you place your buttons is entirely personal based on your preferences and your setup. Below are at least two examples that the community uses.


Reaper Hotbar Setup

Controller Keyboard and Mouse

Reaper has few enough buttons to where we can condense all button presses for single-target encounters down to one static hotbar and another half of one, utilizing the double trigger pull setting. The actions are doubled up on hotbar 3 in order to make the actions that come up consistent regardless of which trigger was pulled first. If you find yourself wanting to expand this and open up another 8 actions from pulling both triggers, feel free to change this.

Hotbar 2 is focused on AoE/Cleave, primarily used in dungeons. There's a few keybinds that are not used on this hotbar, so feel free to use them for anything else you may need, including food or macros.

The above layout uses WASD for movement and utilizes the ALT and CTRL modifiers, as well as two mouse buttons. Frequently pressed buttons are kept the keybinds 1-6 or on the mouse modules (0, -, and M3). AoE abilities are mostly put on the CTRL modifier while ALT and no modifier are used for single target.


General Keybind Advice

  1. While most jobs use their 1-2-3 combo frequently, the most used skills for Reaper are actually Gibbet Icon Gibbet and Gallows Icon Gallows due to their transformation during enshroud. These buttons are also pressed rapidly between each other. Putting both of these abilities in easy, stress free spots will help your ergonimics significantly.
  2. Your 1-2-3 combo and Shadow of Death Icon Shadow of Death should also be placed in easy to access keybinds, as they will also see frequent use.
  3. If you play multiple melees, we recommend keeping same and similiar abilities on the same keybinds. These skills include: Feint, Arm's Length, True North, Second Wind, Bloodbath, and Leg Sweep.
  4. Hell's Egress and Ingress are two sides of the same coin, we recommend keeping them within close proximity of each other as you must click the opposite to return to your location.
  5. Don't forget to plan out where you will put your potions, as they are an important part of combat and optimization.