Reaper DPS Frequently Asked Questions — Endwalker 6.55

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On this page, we go over some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Reaper and playing it in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (Patch 6.55). As more questions are discovered, we will add answers to them on this page.


Why Do My Reavers Keep Dropping?

Whenever you obtain a Reaver, your next weaponskill must be one that spends a Reaver (Gibbet Icon Gibbet, Gallows Icon Gallows, and Guillotine Icon Guillotine). Using any other weaponskill will immediately cancel the Reaver buff.


Why Does Gluttony Keep Drifting?

Reaper has an odd-timed rotation so Gluttony Icon Gluttony will not always neatly fit into the same off-GCD slot. It drifts a little bit every minute.


How Many Targets Do I AoE on?

3+ Targets is when you want to start doing AoE weaponskills and abilities.


Do You Do Anything Special on Two Targets?

If you are about to enter a burst window then you will want to Whorl of Death Icon Whorl of Death to apply Death's Design to both targets as the bonus from your cleave abilities will make it worth it.


When Do I Use a Strength Potion?

The answer is fight-dependent, but ideally you use it on your first two-minute burst. If you think you will lose a usage by delaying it that long then you should use it in the opener.


When Do I Use Harvest Moon?

You will want to use Harvest Moon Icon Harvest Moon when you have to disconnect from the boss for a GCD or more. You can also use it in a raid fight to hit 2 or more targets. Lastly, if you never have to disconnect from a boss you will want to try and use it in raid buffs.


Why Does the Opener Start With Harpe?

Because Harpe Icon Harpe has a cast time and it takes some time to run to the boss, you can precast Harpe at 2 seconds and it will essentially be free damage.


How Do I Get Immortal Sacrifices?

When you use Arcane Circle Icon Arcane Circle you and your party will receive one stack of a buff called “Ceremony Circle” and you will receive a buff called “Bloodsown Circle”. Whenever someone uses a damaging spell or weaponskill while under the effects of Ceremony Circle the stack will be consumed and it will give the Reaper one stack of Immortal Sacrifices. You cannot use Plentiful Harvest Icon Plentiful Harvest until Bloodsown Circle has worn off, which means you only use it once for every cast of Arcane Circle.



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