Scholar Melding, Stat Priority, and Consumables — Endwalker 6.55

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On this page, you will find the best melding choices and consumables, as well as the stat priority they are based on, for Scholar in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker (Patch 6.55).


Stat Priority and Materia Melding Information for Scholar

This page covers general stat priority and melding information for Scholar. Critical Hit scales quadratically and synergizes with certain actions in Scholar's healing kit, namely Recitation Icon Recitation and Adloquium Icon Adloquium. Determination and Direct Hit both provide linear damage gains, but Determination also provides an equal amount of healing gains. This healing gain is small enough to be ignorable in most cases, but the damage gain between the two is close enough that Determination can be preferable in progression raiding where the healing difference is most likely to matter. Spell Speed reduces cast and recast time for GCD spells, as well as linear scaling on DoTs and HoTs. In a vacuum, it provides a sizable amount of DPS, but alignment issues and increased mana expenditures make it a stat that can generally be avoided before max item level sets.

As with all healers, balancing mana economy around your ability and situation is vital to being able to perform your role properly. Because of this, Piety is the most important substat in the game if it prevents you from running out of mana, but there is wasted potential damage if you have too much. If you find yourself running out of mana, be sure that you are using your mana tools wisely. Aetherflow Icon Aetherflow and Lucid Dreaming Icon Lucid Dreaming should both be used on cooldown after the opener with rare exception. oGCD heals have no mana cost and should be used in place of GCD heals when possible. Recitation Icon Recitation can also be used on a GCD heal to remove its mana cost when it can't be replaced. Following this advice will help you reduce the amount of Piety you need to take to heal comfortably.

Scholar endgame sets are located on our Scholar Best-in-Slot page. Some of the decisions in these lists will differ from the generalized information on this page due to stat tier optimization and alignment decisions.


Scholar Stat and Melding Priority

The stat priority for Scholar is as follows:

  1. Weapon Damage;
  2. Mind;
  3. Critical Hit;
  4. Piety (to comfort);
  5. Spell Speed (to desired tier);
  6. Direct Hit;
  7. Determination.

Weapon Damage and Mind increase with item level and have a far larger impact than substats. They should be prioritized in most situations. Critical Hit is our most powerful damage substat and should be melded in pieces that can hold more. Piety, as discussed above, is a substat you don not want too much of, and generally, you will not meld it unless you are having MP issues. Spell Speed can easily be avoided in most sets, but you may want to meld to around 2.40 GCD (941 SpS) as you near max item level if you plan on running a 2.40 endgame set. Direct Hit and Determination provide similar amounts of DPS to us when melded with Direct Hit slightly ahead, as our gear can not have Direct Hit naturally. Determination can be preferred in progression due to the small healing gain.


Consumables for Scholar

Note: Ensure that all consumables you buy and use are High Quality. Normal Quality consumables provide significantly less stats, and Normal Quality potions also have a 30s longer cooldown.

Scholar's preferred potions for DPS are the highest tier Mind potion available. As of 6.2, this is the Grade 7 Tincture of Mind Icon Grade 7 Tincture of Mind. However, it is also recommended that any Healer doing endgame raiding also carries Super-Ethers. Super-Ethers provide an emergency mana infusion that can help recover from a death or casting multiple resurrections, in addition to allowing you to keep casting during an unoptimized healing check. These do share a cooldown with damage potions, so during progression you should avoid using damage potions until you are ready to push for a clear.

Scholar's preferred food typically gives Critical Hit and then either Direct Hit, Determination, or Spell Speed. In patch 6.05, two food options qualify, Pumpkin Potage and Thavnairian Chai. The max item level sets will always include what food they use in the gearset. While gearing up, either option is fine to use.



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