Weapon's Refrain Ultimate: Titan Guide

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This page contains detailed information and strategy about the high-end Duty "The Weapon's Refrain (Ultimate)", commonly abbreviated as UWU, specifically for the portion of the fight dealing with Titan.


Titan, Lord of Crags

Titan is the third, and final, Primal you will face in this encounter and the fight can be split into two phases. The first phase consists of mechanics involving Granite Gaols and will be used to give Titan Woken status. The second phase centers around Titan's main Woken gimmick, Landslides.


Titan's Abilities

  • Geocrush: Titan will rotate, facing a cardinal direction, and proceed to jump to the edge of the arena in that direction. This deals heavy magic damage based on proximity from his impact point.
  • Earthen Fury: Raidbuster dealing massive magical damage to all players.
  • Rock Buster: Tankbuster with no cast time dealing heavy physical damage to its target. Cleaves. This attack is always followed up by a Mountain Buster.
  • Mountain Buster: Tankbuster with no cast time dealing severe physical damage to its target. Cleaves.
  • Weight of the Land: Ground AoE appearing under random players twice in a row which then explode. When Woken, ground AoEs appear three times in a row.
  • Upheaval: Three second cast knocking back all players from Titan's position.
  • Rock Throw: Titan will throw rocks down on the arena. If a player is below where these rocks spawn, they will take lethal damage in the form of Bury. After landing, rocks will also begin casting Burst, exploding in a small AoE circles around them.
  • Granite Gaol: Titan marks three random (non-main tank) players with a small marker under their feet. Shortly afterwards, this player will be inflicted with Fetters, rooting and locking them inside of a Granite Gaol which will begin casting Granite Impact. Players must be broken out before Granite Impact finishes casting by either DPSing the Gaol down, via Burst from a Rock Throw rock, or via the explosion of another Granite Gaol. When destroyed via Burst or another Granite Gaol it leaves behind a large sludge puddle, dealing lethal damage to all players who step inside. When a puddle is under Titan, Titan will gain stacks of  Aetherically Charged.
  • Landslide: Five line AoEs will appear from titan. Being hit by these will result in heavy magical damage and a large knock back, likely pushing into the wall and instantly kill them. When Woken, Titan will follow up with a second set of Landslides, which will hit in between the first set of landslides.
  • This diagram is not to scale. Brown landslides are the first hit, while red ones are the second hit. Second Landslides hit roughly in-between the first, and as long as you walk into where the first landslide was, you will avoid the second.
  • Tumult: Raid-wide attack dealing moderate magic damage to all players. Happens multiple times in a row in quick succession.

Titan Toolbox Resource

For the entirety of the phase, please reference this Toolbox for a detailed view of how each mechanic is handled.


Geocrush, Upheaval and Handling Granite Gaols

Very shortly after Ifrit is defeated, Titan will land on the ground with a Geocrush in the middle of the arena. Make sure players are right at the wall to avoid lethal damage (and I mean right at the wall, even a step closer to the middle of the arena will result in lethal damage.) Make sure to pick up the light puddle after Geocrush resolves. Titan will then follow up with an Earthen Fury, so make sure all players are topped and shielded. Titan does not share an enmity table with Ifrit, so tanks need to grab enmity as soon as possible. Titan will follow up with a Rock Buster into Mountain Buster combo, dealing heavy damage to his target, and follow up with a Weight of the Land. As soon as the second Weight of the Land is resolved, Titan will rotate to face a random cardinal direction, and jump toward it, dealing proximity damage in the form of Geocrush. This also makes the arena smaller by extending the death wall, so be wary. Have your party run opposite the direction Titan was facing (i.e. if Titan was facing north, move south) and prepare for Geocrush damage.

As soon as Titan lands, he will begin channeling Upheaval, as well as use Rock Throw, summoning five rocks in one of two possible configurations, shown below:


There will be some leeway (but very little), so make sure you get knocked back into the safe spot.

When these rocks land, all players under them will be killed by Bury, dealing lethal damage. Rocks will also begin casting a small circle AoE around them in the form of Burst, dealing lethal damage to all players being caught in the blast. In order to be knocked back into the rock safe spot from Upheaval, you will have to stand inside Titan's hitbox, a step to the right or left from the target circle's arrow. The movement is incredibly precise, make sure you are right on either the right or left side of the arrow.

Shortly afterwards, a second rock will land on the previously safe spot, and Titan will mark three players with a circle under their character.

Titan will then use Granite Gaol on these random players, and begin channeling two Landslides in a row. Your goal is to have all three of these players position themselves in a line, having the player furthest from titan free themselves from their Gaol via the remaining rock's Burst. The Granite Gaols will then explode each other, similar to a daisy chain, leaving the last puddle underneath Titan, as shown below. Gaol'd players will have to dodge the first Landslide, but are safe to position themselves on the second Landslide without being hit. In order to make positioning easier, bait the first Landslide through the middle of the arena.

Woken Gaols

The first Gaol should be placed right outside the remaining rock's burst, the second Gaol should be placed on the left or right of the center of the arena, and the third Gaol should be placed roughly on the midpoint between Titan and the second Gaol.

One of the hardest parts of executing this fight is quickly determining which players should go where in the short timespan you get. There are many strategies your team can adopt to make this easier, though. Strategies include simply calling "front, middle, back" on the fly, having pre-assigned priorities, having a third party tool call out positions for you, etc. Discuss with your team which strategy you would like to employ.

Titan will then follow up with a set of eight Tumults so ensure everyone is stacked together near Titan for healing. Titan will then use another Weight of the Land, so dodge accordingly. If Gaols were done correctly, Titan should gain the Woken status at this point and begin using his first Woken Landslide. Make sure to dodge out of the first hit and move back in before the second. Titan will face a cardinal once more and jump toward it dealing damage in the form of Geocrush and making the arena smaller. Pull Titan to the middle of the arena in order to more accurately see which cardinal he faces. Have your party run opposite where he jumped, exactly like how it was done earlier.


Woken Titan

After landing Titan will once again use Granite Gaol on a random healer which must be destroyed immediately. Titan will then shortly follow up with a Landslide into a set of six Tumults. Dodge and heal as necessary. After the sixth Tumult, Titan will use another Rock Buster into Mountain Buster combo, as well as summon four more rocks to drop in the center of the arena, which work identically as before. They drop one by one in a clockwise formation, so make sure to avoid the middle. While this is going on Titan will also use a triple Weight of the Land followed by another Woken Landslide. Keep in mind that throughout this mechanic the middle is not safe and you will have to dodge along the edges.

It is recommended to do a Mario Kart-esque strategy for this mechanic. Have everyone stack for the first Weight of the Land and move right outside it while still stacked to bait the second Weight of the Land. The group will then make a mad dash around the arena stopping right before the Landslide marker, and then moving into it. You will lose a lot of uptime, but as Titan's DPS check is fairly lenient it should not matter.

Titan will follow up with another Rock Buster into Mountain Buster and then begin using another set of Weight of the Lands. He will then Tumult eight times. At ~2:45 after the phase begins, Titan will become untargetable and use a lethal Earthen Fury serving as the enrage.

After Woken Titan disappears a light puddle will appear where he is defeated. Make sure either a healer, caster, or melee picks up this puddle. At this point, your caster, healer, and melee should all have a Breaking Limits buff to prepare for the next phase.



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