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The guide and Profiles to import are updated for Legion (Vuhdo v.3.83).

Patch 7.1.5 update:

1. A new sorting order was added for healers like me who always drives a RL nuts sorting the groups as Tanks>Melee>Ranged>Healers. Now we have it build-in, enjoy! (in-deep explanation in 'Panels' part)

2. A new Spell Trace tracking was added. Now you can see who exactly received healing from Chain Heal, HW: Sanctify, PW: Radiance, Trail of Light, etc. (in-deep explanation in 'General' part)


Patch 7.1 update: 

Retrieval of unit facing and position in instances was disabled by Blizzard. That breaks AOE Advice, Clusters and out-of-range direction arrow - do not try to use them.

Default custom debuffs will now always be added by spell ID - please consider a complete reset of your custom debuff settings.  This can be done under 'VuhDo Options > Tools > Reset > Buffs/HoTs > Custom Debuffs' but beware you will loose all previous custom debuff settings!


Table of Contents:


VuhDo is raid frame replacement that is specifically built for high level raid healing. All your healing spells or any other actions can be asserted to mouse clicks or mouseovers on those bars (Click-Heal).

VuhDo is great for displaying all the raid information you need as a healer - Health Bars, Mana Bars, Debuffs, Range, Incoming Heals, Aggro, HoTs, Absorb Shields, Status Effects, Player Tags (afk, disconnected, dead).

In addition:

  • You can heal, dispel, target, assist or focus raid members with just one click.
  • You can bind any usable item, command or macro to mouse clicks.
  • You can assign up to 40 mouse click combinations to cast on raid members.
  • You can assign any keys to cast when mouse over.
  • You can automatically fire your trinkets and instant casts whenever cooldown is over.
  • You can automatically resurrect players out of combat.
  • You can easily keep track of all your and raid buffs / debuffs.
  • You can rebuff automatically choosing the most suitable spell and target.
  • You can smart buff your raid automatically selecting missing buffs.

Okay, let’s talk about configuration now.

Here's a 'starting' cluster you get when first installing the addon:




If you are configuring the addon for the first time, the easiest and fastest way to start would be to go to the ‘TOOLS’--> ‘Panel Wizard’ and to tick there the panels you want to have in your VuhDo:

  1. Click on addon icon near the minimap.
  2. Click on ‘Tools’ tab
  3. Click on 'Panel Wizard'.

It would be nice to have ‘Groups’ and ‘Main Tanks’ panels from the beginning.

You can add the 'NPCs' panel if you have to heal NPCs during encounters. It wasn't needed in Legion so far, but Blizzard always add this kind of fight at least once in almost every expansion.



Let's now try to add an additional panel ‘Target’ that doesn't appear in the Wizard.



  1. Click on ‘Move!’ tab
  2. Click on ‘+’ in ‘Add New Panel.’
  3. Click on ‘+’ on the new transparent panel that appears.
  4. Click on ‘Choose’ in the modified panel. 
  5. Now you’ll get two downdrop menus: ‘Type’ and ‘Value.’
  6. You can choose the ‘Type’ of panel you want - in our case it’s ‘Special’ for Targets (players and NPCs).
  7. In the ‘Value’ downdrop menu choose the ‘Target’

Many nice things to play with -  you can add a menu for Pets, Vehicles, Focus, different raid roles, etc..!



You can build Raid frames manually if you don’t want to use the Panel Wizard: just choose in the ‘Type’ of panel the ‘Group’ type. Click the ‘+’ button on the first panel that you created to add an additional 5 man groups to it. Voila, Panel 1 becomes your 10-40 man raid frames (every ‘+’ will add a 5 man group to the frame). Click the same ‘+’ button once more to add another group, etc. You have to use the same Panel for the Raid Groups so they will move together as one object.


Now check “20”, hold the button “Test” and you will see a virtual raid. It is a very useful feature for checking the results of your frames tuning.





  1. Go to the ‘General’ tab.
  2. Tick ‘Main Tanks’ and ‘5 man MTs’, so VuhDo will automatically move Tanks to the ‘Tank’ panel.

*You don’t have to do this or add the ‘Main Tanks’ panel if you don’t want to see the tanks in a separate panel from the raid

Pay attention to the 'Lock Panels': it allows you to prevent VuhDo frames accidental movement in different situations.


INDICATORS (more options for tracking):  

You can play with a loads of possibilities here. I personally use 4 of them:

- Inner frame for the Paladin Beacon 

- Threat Marks to track the current aggro target (very useful if you want to know when the tanks are swapping)

- Threat Bar for the build-in bouquet 'Tank Cooldowns extd' (allows you to know when tanks are using their personals and thus to plan your external CDs)

- Mana Bar: there's a great option here - Mana (Healers only). I find it useful to know the state of healers mana during a raid fight. And the good thing is that with this option you wouldn't see dps mana users but only the healers.

Clicking on ‘More...’ button near every tracker allows you to change size and color of the icon, 'Edit' button will open the corresponding build-in bouquet.




Spell trace tracks which units are hit when a particular spell is cast. Very useful for tracking healing from 'smart' like Prayer of Healing, PW: Radiance, Chain Heal, Trail of Light, etc. You can use a build-in Spell Trace bouquet or create your personal one. If you choose to add other spells to track, add them by name (e.g. Healing Rain, Wellspring, Efflorescence), not by Spell ID, otherwise it wouldn't work.

Enable the ability here:


and choose where to show tracked spells in HoT icons tab:




Here you can bind you spells, commands or macros to any button of your mouse and keyboard.


  1. Go to Spells→ Mouse→ Modifier Key → None. You will have some default spells there already - just change them to what you need.
  2. Open up your spellbook and drag your primary healing spells to the ‘Mouse Key’ Left and Right Buttons and to the ‘Mouse Wheel’ Up and Down sections. Note that the Mouse Wheel section will only work when it’s mouseovering your VuhDo frames. If you scroll outside of the frames, you will zoom in and out of the screen.
  3. You can assign more spells / commands / macros to Modifier Key → Shift, Modifier Key → Ctrl and so on.
  4. All your mouseover macros will work perfectly with VuhDo frames



  1. In the ‘Panels’ tab, you can change the groups Alignment to Horizontal. In my opinion it’s easier to move the mouse in the left-right directions rather than up and down.
  2. Choose ‘Grouped’ and ‘Hide Empty’ in Ordering, if you prefer to always see the 'real' groups in the raid.
  3. Leave ‘Sort by...’ with ‘Unit ID’ if your choice is to see raid as actual groups.
  4. There is another option for sorting: Tank => MDPS => RDPS => Healer. It's great if you like to always know which part of the raid takes damage. If you choose this option, you have to change the ordering to Loose. It technically works for Grouped ordering too: the difference is that when you are 'Grouped', the sort method is applied for each group, not across all groups.


Do not forget to press ‘Apply All’ to apply your changes to all the groups (and not just to the current one)


  1. In the ‘Panels’ tab, click on the ‘Sizing’ option on the right hand side.
  2. For Bar Height, choose something like 37-40 to make the bars taller. Spacing and gaps as you like.




  1. On the ‘Panels’ tab, select the ‘Bars’ option on the right hand side.
  2. Decrease the Mana bar height to 3 - you really don’t need it any bigger than this.

You can play around with the rest of the options here.




  1. On the ‘Panels’ tab, click on the ‘Headers’ option on the right hand side.
  2. Tick ‘Show’ on Headers if you want to see panels names (Group 1, Group 2, target, etc.).
  3. Untick ‘Class Color’ on Header Text if it was ticked by default.


  1. On the ‘Panels’ tab, click on the ‘Text’ option on the right hand side.
  2. Tick ‘Class Col.’ on Bar Text so you will see player’s nickname in his class color.
  3. Hitpoints → Show → Percent.
  4. Show Text → Name & Flags (untick ‘class’ and ‘pet owner’ if it was ticked by default.

You can play around with the rest of the options (text size, color, position) here.


  1. In the ‘Panels’ tab, click on the ‘HoT Icons’ option on the right hand side.
  2. In the ‘Own HoTs’ section, choose one of 2 masters that shows where your HoTs will appear and use the buttons below to view your HoTs as ‘Icons’ and ‘Text.’
  3. In the ‘HoT Order’ section, you can assign any of your or other players HoTs, Absorbs, Shields, Procs, personal and Raid CDs to any of the 7 spots shown in the ‘Own HoTs’ diagram.

Theoretically you can write a custom bouquet that will change a HoT to show depending on your talent choice.

As you can see, for Lifebloom and Cenarion Ward I chose to track both 'Own' and 'Others'. It's because we have 2 resto druids in raid and I don't want our tank HoTs to overlap. You though can untick the 'Others' if it's not an issue in your raid group or you are building a 5-man profile.


Another nice option here is to change the HoT icons size.

Click on the button “More” from the right side of HoTs positioning masters and adjust.




Bouquets are custom groups of Buffs / Debuffs / HoTs / CDs that could be created by a player himself.

Let’s create a custom bouquet for example for tracking of Tank personal CDs in your raid where the tanks are Warrior and Paladin.


  1. Go to General→ Bouquets. Type a name for a new Bouquet and press ‘New’
  2. Press ‘Add’ button it the Bouquet Details part
  3. Type a spell name in the ‘...or enter Buff / Debuff / HoT name’ line
  4. In ‘Select default icon’ dropdown menu always chose ‘None / Default’, otherwise you wouldn't see the appropriate icon.
  5. Add all the spells you would like to track in your ‘My tanks’ bouquet.
  6. There will be situations when you’ll have multiple CDs or HoTs that were popped simultaneously to track. Because all the spell icons from one bouquet are shown in the same place, you should use the Priority Arrows to assign the importance of every one of them (e.g. the highest priority will be shown first).


Another possibility to work with bouquets is just to edit the defaults.

For example, we can chose a default ‘Raid Cooldowns’ bouquet and remove, add or change priority of CDs based on our raid composition.


After creating or editing a bouquet you can use it in the HoT icons assignments.




As you've may have noticed, VuhDo has a separate Buff frame as part of the package. Personally, I don’t believe there is any need for VuhDo to show your buffs. I use WeakAuras to trace my mandatory buffs (on myself and others) and you should have something similar. So, I advise that you go to the ‘Buffs’ tab → General → Uncheck ‘Enable.’ If you want to play with it later - feel free to do so.



Extremely useful in raids. You can see most of the debuffs by default in your healing frames, but sometimes the addon is not updated yet for a new raid zone or the authors wouldn’t add some debuff that you want to trace. In this section you can add or remove any debuff / buff / proc that is applicable to a player.


  1. Go to Debuffs→ Custom
  2. Type buff / debuff  Spell ID in the line (you can find Spell ID on Wowhead in the address line. For example: “http://www.wowhead.com/spell=642/divine-shield”- Spell ID for the Divine Shield is 642). Now it will appear in the (de)Buff list.
  3. Tick the appropriate positions if you want to see stacks or timers for the debuff. Tick 'Bar Color' if you want to see a specific debuff in some different from the default color and pick the color from palette.
  4. Click ‘Save’

Do not click ‘Apply all’ or you’ll rewrite the defaults of all the debuffs.

If you want to remove some buff / debuff / proc from the list, choose it from the dropdown menu and click ‘Delete’.

There is an option for a complete reset of your custom debuff settings.  This can be done under 'VuhDo Options > Tools > Reset > Buffs/HoTs > Custom Debuffs' but beware you will loose all the debuff settings you customized.



If you ever wanted to save your VuhDo configuration for more than one character / spec / raid size / encounter type or to share what you have with other VuhDo users, this is the place for you.

Saving profiles for different specs / characters:

Go to VuhDo Options->Tools Tab->Profiles.


On the left side in 'Profiles' part you will see a line '...or enter profile name'. It will be empty if this is your first configuration or with some name already typed in if you are adding a profile. Change it to a name that will make you remember what exactly you are saving here. I normally use a character name with encounter type or a character name with a group size, but if you are going to store profiles for different specs, it may be a good idea to mention a spec too.

I stopped on profile naming in such a details because the default name is a bit weird - it's just made of a chain of nicknames for every toon you ever saved this profile for, so after having 2-4 toons in the chain it almost impossible to understand what exactly is stored there.


Type a new name for your profile and press 'Save' Button. Do not confuse 'Save' with 'Apply' or you will cancel all the changes you made.

After saving a profile, you can choose in the central part of the Tab the activation type: by group size and / or by spec. You will be able to choose it only after profile is saved, so don't be surprised if you are not able to check anything there.

If you want to make this profile a default for all the new characters on the account, check 'Default Profile' button.

Loading and deleting a profile:

If you don't want VuhDo to activate profiles for you automatically or you want to load some specific profile for a new toon, go to the 'Select a profile' dropdown menu, choose whatever you need from there and hit 'Apply'.

To delete a profile, choose it from the same dropdown menu and hit 'Delete'.

Use 'Export' and 'Import' buttons if you want to share your VuhDo profiles with the community or import a profile you liked.   


Two useful buttons: 'Quiet mode' allows you to get rid of Confirmation Dialog spam, 'Lock' prevents an accidental overwriting of a profile.

Key Layouts:  

An important note: Spell assignments are not saved in Profiles. To manage your Spell and HoTs assignments you should go to Tools->Key Layouts:


Export and share profiles:

You can export selected features, share or receive profiles from other VuhDo users that are online in game (friends/guildies/people you are in group with).

To be able to receive a profile you have to go to 'Tools->Share->Receive Data' and tick 'Enable'.

To share a profile you should click on a button 'Share' in the 'Send Profile' area. A new window will pop up: a dropdown menu with a line where you can type specific player's name and server. The dropdown menu will show your online guildies and people you are in group / raid with (disregarding of them having or not having VuhDo).



Here you can check my VuhDo profiles


I have to say that there are loads of options that I didn’t speak about here. But I tried to keep it short and basic.

I always can answer any of your questions about VuhDo or you can continue to dig it by yourselves. smile.png


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This is an awesome post.  Thank you so much for the detailed setup guide!


I had been lamenting the fact that all the good ones we had were woefully out of date.  I'm going to link to this from the main VuhDo project page on Curse.


Please PM me on Curse if you are interested in helping out with more documentation / video guides.  I'm also thinking of running a contest soon to design the new VuhDo default profile setup.  The current default clearly needs to be replaced.

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Hey Pandacho,


I was busy on Shadowlord Iskar and i would love my right click to cast eye of anzy (extraactionbutton1).
Could you tell me how i can bind it to my right click? probably with a macro but im not sure what to put in the macro to make it work with vuhdo.


And another question, Is it possible to bind spells to keyboardbuttons? I just can't get use mouseclicks for it =)

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Hey Pandacho,


I was busy on Shadowlord Iskar and i would love my right click to cast eye of anzy (extraactionbutton1).

Could you tell me how i can bind it to my right click? probably with a macro but im not sure what to put in the macro to make it work with vuhdo.


And another question, Is it possible to bind spells to keyboardbuttons? I just can't get use mouseclicks for it =)


1. Create a standard macro like: 

/click ExtraActionButton1

and write its name (for example 'Eye') into VuhDo->Spells tab->Mouse Key->Right button.

VuhDo knows to attribute WoW macros. Do not give your macros same names of existing spells - it creates an internal conflict.


2. Go Spells tab->Keys local (if you want these keyboard buttons assigned only for healing frames) or Keys global (if you want same button being assigned for same work in VuhDo and other custom frames), type Spell / macro / unit name in the <New Binding> line, mouse click on the 'Not Bound' button and press the keyboard button you want to assign.

Press 'Add' button if you want to assign more.




Now you can use your keyboard buttons mouseovering on frames, no need to click.


A bit of more explanation about the difference between 'Keys local' and 'Keys global':

- When you chose 'Keys local' for your keyboard binds, you can have two actions being bind to the same button.

For example, when I mouseover on VuhDo frames and press 'H', I cast 'Earth Shield' on the person in frames. When I press same 'H' but my mouse is outside of VuhDo frames, I cast 'Gift of the Naaru' (with /cast [@mouseover] Gift of the Naaru) on myself or any other mouse target.

- When you chose 'Keys global' for your keyboard binds, you will have a button assigned for an action inside and outside of VuhDo frames. For example: assigning 'H' for casting of 'Earth Shield' in 'Keys global' will cast the spell every time when targeting a person in healing frames, in raid frames (ElvUI for example) or just when pointing this person on screen.

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Thx exactly (and more) what i was looking for <3

Keybindings work perfectly. Guess I'll find out at the next iskar fight if the macro is working ;)

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Just wanted to throw in my own vuhdo configuration. 




If anyone is interested to make it look similar let me know and I'll post it.

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Just wanted to throw in my own vuhdo configuration. 

If anyone is interested to make it look similar let me know and I'll post it.


I am interested to look at it if you don't mind smile.png

Going to completely rebuild my UI in the next couple of weeks because it's still too much based on 10-man raiding layout. So I definitely could use some fresh PoV.

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Ah, I didn't explain myself properly. I'm actually interested in your HoT icons choice and layout and custom Bouquets that you use. And whether you are using different layouts for raiding and 5-man (CMs for example).

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I use the same layout regardless of raid size, and the only bouquet i use is is Tank cooldowns extd, which i add my own defensive buffs that I want to track (basically every healer CD with a buff or single target CD)


I use the Role Icon Bouquet becasue when I was running LFR I got tired of not knowing who the tanks were because they don't put the tanks in group 1 or 2 where they belong.


As for HoT icons:



here is a recent HFC stream of mine: 


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Cool, will watch the stream after the work!

Any particular reason for not using Special DoT for Role Icon? Just curious because I'm considering to move it to the middle too instead of AoE advice that has no use in WoD.

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I use the special dot for Swiftmendable targets.  I forgot about that one..

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screenshot of my vuhdo raidframes.


@pandacho the right click vuhdo setting the special action button isn't working for me.

I got a macro called "Action" that says "/click ExtraActionButton1" 

In the Vuhdo setting i set my right click to "Action". While it acknowledged it being a macro it didn't do anything for me on the Iskar fight.

Any idea how to fix it?

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@pandacho the right click vuhdo setting the special action button isn't working for me.

I got a macro called "Action" that says "/click ExtraActionButton1" 

In the Vuhdo setting i set my right click to "Action". While it acknowledged it being a macro it didn't do anything for me on the Iskar fight.

Any idea how to fix it?

1. Try to change the macro name to a neutral one like 'Eye' or 'Iskar', never use 'reserved' names like action, macro, spell, etc.

2. Try this:

/target [@mouseover]

/click ExtraActionButton1



I can't look into it right now because I'm at work, but will try and check in the evening.


PS: any specific reason not to use Iskar Assist? It does all the left / right click pass to / dispel things.

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1. Try to change the macro name to a neutral one like 'Eye' or 'Iskar', never use 'reserved' names like action, macro, spell, etc.

2. Try this:

/target [@mouseover]

/click ExtraActionButton1



I can't look into it right now because I'm at work, but will try and check in the evening.


PS: any specific reason not to use Iskar Assist? It does all the left / right click pass to / dispel things.


I use this macro with vuhdo and it works well.  Its a little bit finicky because you have to make sure to drag the macro into the slot every time you change it, but it works. (I have it on ctrl + middle click)


Also, I don't like Iskar assist as a healer becasue it just gives you a whole new set of raid frames which makes me move around my screen to click.  I can see debuffs just fine on my frames, no need to clutter the rest of my screen with redundant information.

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Hey Pandacho, thanks for this awesome post!  I've been meaning to give resto a whirl on my Shaman. :)


Can you share the details of your "Absorbs" and "Tank Cooldowns" bouquets?



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Can you share the details of your "Absorbs" and "Tank Cooldowns" bouquets?



For "Absorbs" I use "Counter: All Shield Absorb #k" Special Event.


For "Tanks Cooldowns" I added personal damage mitigation CDs from classes we have in the raid.

I the order of priority from high to low:

Pain Suppression, Hand of Sacrifice, Ironbark, Vigilance - highest prio

Hand of Protection, Handy of Purity - second prio

Shield Barrier, Sield Block, Enraged Regeneration, Guardian of Ancient Kings, Ardent Defender, Divine Protection, Divine shield - third prio.

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If you are a Resto Shaman and want to track separately Riptides from standard cast and 4-p T18 bonus, this is the way:

In HoT Icons --> HoT Order write down two Riptide IDs in Slot lines - don't do bouquets, just write plain numbers: for one slot: 61295 (standard Riptide), for another: 185875 (bonus Riptide)
You don't have to chose anything from dropdown menu - just type the IDs.

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Hi there, Thank you for the postings on Vuhdo! I realm transferred on my priest and I noticed two things occur - all healers are showing on the bottom of the panels horizontally and I cannot get healers to go along the top anymore and secondly tanks are no longer going in the main tank special panel.


I have created a special panel just for healers and it is not listing them that way, I have made sure to test horizontal, not horizontal, I have "you first" checked and I am still on bottom.


What's the method to have healers horizontal on top for groups? 

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What's the method to have healers horizontal on top for groups? 


You should sort groups by 'Healer=>Tank=>DD' like this:



To create a special panel for healers only you should go to Move! > Add New Panel  > Type: Special > Value: ranged-Healer 

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Ok so something is wrong, vuhdo is updated. Tanks are not showing up in their tank spot in 5-15 man groups, I have the extra panel selected for special > main tanks and they keep showing up in the panel 2 raid frames. Has this happened to anyone else?


Also my healer group keeps appearing at the bottom, not the top.

Edited by gonlaz

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Ok so something is wrong, vuhdo is updated. Tanks are not showing up in their tank spot in 5-15 man groups, I have the extra panel selected for special > main tanks and they keep showing up in the panel 2 raid frames. Has this happened to anyone else?


Also my healer group keeps appearing at the bottom, not the top.

Are you saving your VuhDo profiles after configuring? Loading the saved 'right one' is the easiest and fastest way to avoid reconfiguring after updates, disconnects or wrong changes being done.


There is another possibility - you can share your VuhDo profile or ask somebody to share with you online in game. To do so, you will have first to enable 'Receive Data' in Tools->Share



If your tanks keep showing in group frames in addition to extra panel, check that you enabled 'Main Tanks' and '5 man MTs' in General->General->Filter.

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      Unhuman est plus qu'une guilde de raiding performante, c'est aussi la plus grosse communauté Francophone sur World of Warcraft US. Depuis sa création en 2006, Unhuman cherche à offrir à ses raiders un environnement de jeu qui favorise la progression et ce avec des joueurs d'excellent calibre. Nous sommes constamment à la recherche de nouveaux joueurs que ce soit PVE ou PVP, mais aussi des masters du Pet Battles, des champions de l'Archéologie ou peu importe ce qui vous branche ingame. Vous êtes donc assuré de trouver ce que vous cherchez chez nous peu importe votre style de jeu.
      Pour toutes questions...
      - http://unhuman.ca/
      - Jovovich-Arthas, Guild Master
      - Falfuris-Arthas, Officier
      - Shockadins-Arthas, Officier
    • By Jovovich
      World of Warcraft - [Horde][US-Arthas]Unhuman - French - 5/11M - www.unhuman.ca
      Unhuman is RECRUITING!
      Forum: http://forum.unhuman.ca/forum/7-recrutement/
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      Unhuman is a performing raiding guild with multiple raid groups, it's one of the biggest, for not saying the biggest one, french community on World of Warcraft US. Unhuman has been created in December 2006 and will continue to live for a long time, Unhuman is trying to give to our raiders everything they need to be focus only on good progression!. Unhuman is always looking for new players of all kind, PvE or PvP, even with Battle pets or Archeologists or anything else you can do in the game....You will be sure to find your way with Unhuman!
      For any question...
      - http://unhuman.ca/
      - Jovovich-Arthas, Guild Master
      - Falfuris-Arthas, Officier
      - Shockadins-Arthas, Officier
    • By Starym

      The first part of this huge interview, featuring how to get better at M+, class balance and more.
      In this first of a two part interview, the champs go into class balance, how to get better at M+, their thoughts on the affixes, the dungeons and much more.
      The Mythic+ crew of Jdotb (Resto Druid), Shakib (Veng DH), Darkee (WW Monk), Mittbitt (Balance Druid) and Marvink (Aff Warlock) shattered a large number of records recently and decided to have a chat with us on the most successful thing to come out of Legion, the Mythic Keystone Dungeon system. In the first part of this mythic interview, the dungeoneers talk about how to get better at running M+, class setup and balance, affixes, the dungeons themselves and more. With a huge amount of experience under their belts there's no one better to discuss the issues surrounding WoW's latest endgame activity, so let's dive right in.

      Let's start simple: why do you do it?
      Darkee: I do it for the challenge and prestige.
      Jdotb: For the challenge and fun of it. Having a stable team makes m+ a lot more enjoyable.
      Marvink: It’s a source of end-game replayability that lets you push your limits outside of raids. Pushing actually feels like raiding in a smaller more close-knit environment, and you get to constantly try to beat even yourself with the scaling content.
      Shakib: The moment of glory at the end of a world first run.
      For people that are just starting out running higher and higher M+ runs, as well as for those that want to get into the WF race, what would be your advice to them?
      Jdotb: A few things: first, try to find a group that you can run with all the time so you can develop solid communication and start building some in-house strats. Being on the same page as your group is incredibly important. Five pretty good players being vocal, knowing what mobs will be pulled, etc. will beat five all stars that haven’t played together. Second, make a lot of equipment sets and get comfortable switching among them. One for avoidance cap, one for trash aoe, one for pure single target, etc. It helps a lot to tailor your equipment to each specific encounter. Third, watch vods and steal strats.  You can find other groups doing a lot of really innovative stuff if you pay attention.  Don’t try to reinvent the wheel every dungeon.

      Shakib: The best advice I can give to anyone trying  to become better at M+ is to play with the same people. It doesn’t have to be the same exact 5 people every single time since some people might not be able to ALWAYS play. I personally play regularly with 10-15 people. Sure, I try to stick with the same 5 as much as possible during a push week and that would be the best scenario for everyone, but it can be hard sometimes so at least having people you know or have played with before helps a lot. Having to explain the strats to a new person will slow down your progression and might even make it not enjoyable.
      What would be the top 3 tips you would give to other high M+ teams?
      Jdotb: Sometimes you will have to replace people if you want to push for world firsts. It sucks, but it’s necessary. Prioritize playing with people that are available all the time. It’s hard to overcome playing infrequently even if it’s with really good people. Always be open to new strats for your runs.  If someone asks, “Why do we…” or “Why don’t we…”, take the time to really consider if there isn’t a better way.
      Shakib: At the highest level of m+ you have to treat 90% of the mechanics as if they are going to kill or nearly kill you. Mechanics that you used to ignore now become deadly. This applies for bosses and trash. Communication is key. I do think that having people that call out CC throughout the dungeon is very important. At a very high lvl overlapping a 6 second silence with a stun can result in a wipe, especially in huge packs where 1 cast goes off and the dungeon is over.
      You mostly use the same setup for your runs, could you talk about the choices there and why your class/spec is the best for this type of play? 
      Darkee: Windwalker brings high damage and “good enough” survivability. It really shines in mass aoe pulls due to our exponential scaling with Spinning Crane Kick. This allows the other 2 dps to bring more single target focused builds. We also have exceptional burst damage for high priority short lived adds (one example being the adds that shield the third boss in Seat).
      Jdotb: Four of us (Shakib, Mitt, Marvin and Jdotb) have been running together for several months. Darkee is a recent addition. His spec (Windwalker) does the most dps of any class in m+ right now by a country mile. Windwalker defensives are ok but not great, but Windwalker dps is so good that it doesn’t matter. The common theme among the rest of us is that our classes are very good at living.
      Marvink: Our group composition just sort of fell into place. For me, affliction will always have its place in high dungeons. Their damage is very competitive but a large portion of their appeal is the insane personal self-sustain. Having one less person the healer has to worry about a lot of the time helps quite a bit. As there are many dungeons with demons this expansion, Banish is very helpful in some dungeons on Bolstering and Bursting week allowing you to pull a little larger than you would without it. And don’t forget the important Arcway buff through enslave demon.
      Shakib:  Vengeance demon hunter: While dh’s don’t bring much group utility (ex: BoP, Leech aura, Battle res…) we bring an insane utility toolkit (trash control) and the strongest overall damage during a dungeon for a tank spec. We also have very good self sustain, especially during Metamorphosis, which almost makes us invincible. The great self-sustain lets our resto druid have even more globals to dps.
      Restoration Druid: The reason that druid is one of the two top pick for a healer spec is mainly because of their survivability via bear form and Barkskin. On top of that they are able to heal pretty much any situation while dealing a pretty decent chunk of damage if they pick the talent Feral Affinity. Ironbark is a very nice external on a short cooldown. Typhoon during a sanguine week is a lifesaver. Brez is definitly a big plus.
      Affliction Warlock: This spec is currently great at everything. They have a multitude of talents to pick from which our lock swaps between depending on the dungeon. Their damage is top tier while also having insane survivability (several defensives, the self-healing from drain is powerful, lets you somewhat ignore some mechanics while healing through them). Really good utility also for many situations. Stun, gateway, the decurse from the infernal pet but most importantly they can enable huge pulls by equipping Sacrolash's Dark Strike which slows every enemy affected by Corruption by 60%. This allows us to do some big pulls where I kite and the dps take care of the pack without having to deal with mechanics (mostly used in dungeons like Neltharion’s lair, Blackrook and seat). Healthstones <3
      Balance druid: Once again, same as resto druids you are basically never worried of a balance druid dying during intense damage taken periods because of their bear form. Brez and Typhoon are also nice to have. While not having a low cooldown interrupt can be an annoyance on heavy casting fights like Medivh in Upper Kharazan, Solar Beam is extremely strong for huge caster pulls - 8 seconds of silence is HUGE.
      Windwalker monk: This is a recent pick up, while windwalkers have always been a really good dps pick for m+ they were lacking survivability to justify bringing them. With the start of the new tier windwalker monks have been destroying dps meters which made us pick Darkee as our 5th. They always have cooldowns up. Leg sweep is the best aoe stun in the game. We also really like playing with 1 melee in our comp.
      If you had to pick the single strongest and weakest class and spec for pushing high M+, what would they be?
      Darkee: I think class balance is more like a tier list rather than clear-cut winners and losers. However, if I had to choose the best/worst, Mistweaver would be the worst. There are many contenders for best but my vote goes toward affliction lock. Strong damage, very strong survivability and they bring utility in the form of healthstones/gates/summons/soulstone.
      Shakib:  Affliction warlock is definitely the strongest overall spec. Good at everything, great survival, great utility. I can’t think of a downside of bringing a warlock. I would usually bash on Shadow priests but I think enhance shaman is the weakest key pushing spec in the game, not only are they melee which makes them more vulnerable to dying in big packs but they also have probably the weakest defensive toolkit in the game. From what I’ve heard they have really good single target and 3-4 target cleave but after that pretty much any other class is better.
      Do you feel Blizzard have done a good job with class balance throughout Legion? And do you have high hopes for BfA in this regard?
      Darkee: This answer would just be salt coming from a windwalker main (Rank 1 Krosus parse getting beat by rank 830 warrior parse). However, I think balance will be much easier in BFA with the removal of tier sets.
      Marvink: M+ has basically always been ruled by how much AoE burst you can get, you can always pull more if you have the damage. There’s always been some sort of mix of classes and trinkets that just rule the scene and not much has been done to limit the effectiveness of them outside of raids, one gets changes and another one takes its place.
      Shakib: The class balance has been decent throughout the xpac, the main balance that I would like to see is defensive changes. The defensive toolkit a class has is usually the main reason they are brought into a high m+ dungeon. Blizzard has surprised me several times this expansion when it comes to dungeons. Never did I think there would be this many changes done to balance dungeons out, it’s not a perfect balance but at least we know that they care about dungeons a lot more than before. They even hotfixed some of the bugs or “exploits” that were happening pretty quickly recently. Especially having a dungeon tournament hosted by blizzard themselves so my hopes are very high for BfA and future expansions.
      Let’s start from the most obvious: rank the dungeons in order of difficulty on the highest M+ numbers.
      Mittbitt : (Most difficult) Seat of the Triumvirate - Some of the trash is always brutal regardless of affixes, and the the last two bosses can make or break your key.
      Maw of Souls - The trash is not too controllable and does significant damage to all players, and the second boss can get fairly chaotic. Also the timer is not generous at all.
      Neltharion’s Lair- Ularogg Cragshaper, and Dargrul eat up a significant amount of time overall for the key by getting an undesired transition or add. Also the trash in the dungeon is very strong, specifically the scorpions at the end.
      Darkheart Thicket- Dresaron and Shade of Xavius can be quite scary, more so Xavius requires a great deal of durability.
      Halls of Valor -Hyrja can be a big block in whether or not you can complete the key, and some of the trash can be quite difficult if not dealt with correctly.
      Black Rook Hold - The bosses can be challenging, however the trash gets hard to deal with quickly.
      Upper Karazhan - Each boss has their own element making them difficult, however Shade and Mana Devourer can get messy and require extra coordination to kill.
      Lower Karazhan - Overall I don’t feel that this dungeon is exceptionally difficult, however the Mounted Strike can chunk anyone in melee range of Attumen the Huntsman, and unless you have a comp to cheese Garrotes, Moroes can get sketchy quickly.
      Eye of Azshara - The only two scary bosses in here are Lady Hatecoil, and Wrath of Azshara. Although not too difficult the winds pushing players around is obnoxious and can get very dangerous very quickly.
      Vault of the Wardens - The trash and the mini bosses are quite dangerous, other than that avoiding extra phases on Glazer are one of the essential parts to getting more time available in the key.
      The Arcway - Getting left side at the beginning of they key makes the timer much more relaxed and makes it the easiest key, unfortunately we did not get left side on our timed 27. What makes this key particularly difficult is Ivanyr, Nal’tira, and the large amount of time that Advisor Vandros takes up.
      (Least difficult) Court of Stars - Overall the trash is not too difficult, and mainly only the second boss is frightening as the damage caps early on the last boss, and the first boss is straightforward.
      Shakib: Lower-arcway-vault-court-upper-eye of azshara-blackrook hold-cathedral-darkheart-neltharion-halls of valor-maw-seat.
      If you could change a few dungeons which would they be and how would you change them?
      Darkee: Something needs to be done about that entire archer area in Blackrook. Getting through it with me only dying twice is considered a success. I would make it so you can’t out-range shoot but drastically lower the damage it deals.
      Marvink: I’d remove the very far back Warden spawn in Seat, and add a profession to the Starlight Rose Brew in Court of Stars. I’d also make Hyrja only able to cast the ability she’s currently linked to, not if she just has stacks.
      Mittbitt : I would reduce the amount of role play in some dungeons, such as the Court of Stars boat ride and talking, Neltharion’s Lair waterfalls and maybe even the shuffling of the rocks on Ularogg Cragshaper.
      Shakib: Court of stars: The rng on the buffs is interesting and cute at low lvl keys but becomes frustrating when you need a perfect buff combination (on top of having people change professions just to maybe have it up during your 1 run) to finish a key in time. I think in m+ it should either be a set combination of buffs or just disable all of them just like we saw in the MDI.
      Seat: similar to CoS, the warden locations should be set spawns.
      Arcway: Having a 50/50 on the door that’s open at the start is another point that can greatly impact the dungeon time (maybe less if warlocks wouldn’t be able to control the OP chaosbringer pet on the left side of the dungeon). Maybe a decent fix would be a toggle left/right as you start the keystone depending on the side you think your comp can clear faster on.
      Which is your favorite and least favorite dungeon to run?
      Darkee: My favorite is Upper with Court being a close second. Least favorite is easily Blackrook.
      Marvink: My favorite dungeon by far is Court of Stars. I despise Halls of Valor (I’m look at you Hyrja).
      Mittbitt : My favorite dungeon to run is currently Vault of the Wardens. I enjoy the layout of the dungeon and how it allows me to optimize my cooldowns. My least favorite dungeon to run is Upper Karazhan, I do not enjoy the bosses, nor the tuning for the dot on Mana Devourer.
      Shakib: Favorite dungeon is hands down Lower Kharazan. There’s nothing I love more than pulling big and lower is a goldmine of huge trash packs. Turns out dh’s are also quite strong at doing exactly what I love :). (Seat is really close behind.) My least favorite dungeon has to be Neltharion’s lair. Even though it is a pretty straight forward dungeon there’s something about the environment and the mob type that just gets to me.
      What are the easiest affixes and do they vary from dungeon to dungeon?
      Shakib: I would say that the Sanguine, Volcanic, Fortified set of affixes is the easiest for 12 out of the 13 available dungeons. The one that stands out as not a “harder” dungeon but just much slower. A LOT of time gets wasted during the scavenger hallway. I would say that the easiest set of affixes for Blackrook Hold is Teeming, Quaking, Fortified, the pulls are usually really big pulls so adding a couple mobs here and there doesn’t slow you down as much as people may think in there, at least not as much as Sanguine.
      Are there some affix combos you just will not get out of bed in the morning for?
      Darkee: Teeming Explosive is a bad joke. Explosive in general is just not fun. It doesn’t help that monks deal 50% less damage to them during our main cd, and our main cd is up at the start of every big pull. I just don’t play unless I have to during Explosive.
      Jdotb: Obviously some of the affix combinations are particularly disgusting, but we’ll run keys most every day regardless. We’re fiends. At the very least, affixes like Bolstering and Tyrannical make you appreciate the Volcanics and Fortifieds.
      Marvink: Bolstering, Explosive, Tyrannical. Not my cup of tea for that amount of trash management, and marathon boss fights are never fun.
      Mittbitt : I will always get out of bed for some mythic plus regardless of the affix combos, however the affix combo that least excites me is Bolstering, Grievous, Tyrannical.
      What do you think of the current affixes as they are now? Which should be changed or even removed completely and are there any you’d like to see added in BfA?
      Jdotb: Tyrannical is the big offender at the moment. You don’t have to dive very deep into the analytics to see that all the highest keys are on Fortified weeks. The 40% hp on Tyrannical is the problem - it just makes the bosses take waaaaay too long. The damage bump is fine where it’s at, but the hp buff needs to be cut to at most 25%, maybe even 20%. Bosses are already the hardest parts of high keys because of scaling; making them do more damage AND live almost half again as long is insurmountable.
      Bolstering is probably a bit too punishing. If you screw up, you can’t really undo it without wiping. If the Bolstering buff had a duration (maybe 10-15s) or a cap (maybe 10 stacks) it would be a lot more palatable.
      Explosive starts to feel a little overwhelming on high keys because the orb health scales with the key level so instead of just requiring a global cooldown, the orbs now need people to focus them for several casts.
      Volcanic is a joke now that probably needs to be reworked. It isn’t threatening and half the time it doesn’t even require you to move.
      Quaking for the most part is ok but can be devastating on boss fights where you absolutely need your Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus shield up to live through certain mechanics. There isn’t a way to play around that currently. If Quaking always did damage to your hp pool directly instead of eating shields, I think it would improve the affix a lot.
      Mittbitt : I feel that Tyrannical needs some tuning, possibly by dropping the hp that bosses receive and beefing up trash more. However, Tyrannical boss hp and abilities get out of control much sooner, and honestly are the least enjoyable mythic plus weeks where we typically farm 20-24 keys.
      What’s your favorite, least favorite and funniest “trick” you’ve used in the past to get that tier done in time?
      Jdotb: My favorite trick would have to be keeping the cats in the front of DHT from jumping. That made the instance so much less frustrating.
      Least favorite trick is delaying on the second platform of Viz’aduum. He always targets me with the disintegrate so I have to spend a minute or two running back and forth between two spots.
      Funniest trick was probably taunting Ularogg to keep him from going underground (has since been fixed) - if you were successful, he would instantly punch you really hard and probably kill you on higher keys, so the taunt “winner” would usually be the dead guy.
      That's it for the first part of this interview, we had to cut it up into two for, well, obvious reasons! Huge thanks to the Mythic + crew for the insightful answers and you check back in a few days when we finish this up with their thoughts on addons, raiding and its impact on M+,  the Mythic Dungeon Invitational, their suggestions for the future of M+ and much more!
      Part 2.
    • By Stan

      The latest Alpha Build added Blight - a new Mythic Keystone affix. Damage and healing done is increased when injured, and reduced when healthy.
      Blight is a new interesting Keystone affix added in Battle for Azeroth Alpha Build 26032. Damage and healing done is increased when injured, so it will be up to the healers to find the sweet spot between having party members deal more damage and dead, because healing a player to full health will not be efficient if your party wants to utilize the damage increase.
      Affix Description Blight Damage and healing done increased when injured, and reduced when healthy.
      Relentless is a second affix that might be added in Battle for Azeroth. It has been around for a while, but hasn't been implemented yet. When the affix is active, trash mobs are temporarily immune to Loss of Control effect, meaning they can't be feared, mind controlled, stunned, rooted etc. for a short period of time.
      Affix Description Relentless Non-boss enemies are granted temporary immunity to Loss of Control effects.
      We'll keep you updated about new affixes as they become available.