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League of Explorers Third Wing Live

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The third League of Explorer wing is now live and so are our guides.


The Ruined City, the third wing of the League of Explorers adventure, is now live in both the US and Europe. This wing features 3 new boss encounters, 3 class challenges and a total of 11 new cards.

Story-wise, it is time to meet the fourth member of the gang (or more properly, the League of Explorers), the cute and well-mannered Sir Finley Mrrgglton. With his help, the mysterious Staff of Origination is almost within your grasp! Or maybe not...? What is certain is that Murlocs are this week's protagonists.
Icy Veins has got your back once more for this week. Our guides will help you tackle the three new bosses in both Normal and Heroic difficulty. Just click the links below to view:Defeating the 3 new bosses in Normal mode, as well as completing the Hunter, Shaman and Priest class challenges, will award you with the following cards:

Huge_Toad(27219).png?version=7f4991f6184  Gorillabot_A-3(27237).png?version=4009d5











Good luck to everyone and remember: Anyfin Can Happen!

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