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Wind Lord Mel'jarak CC help

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Hey all,

We had our first guild kill on Garalon last night, which was great. Then we had our first night of progression on the windy lord.

I think we were doing ok, except that on several occasions the CCs on the adds we're breaking.

We are using the strat from here... CCs on 2 menders, 1 blader and 1 trapper keeper.

I know that direct dmg or an extra CC breaks it....but we weren't sure what was going on.

Any help would be appreciated. World o Logs parse here:

I'm still getting to grips with logs and I have Zag's sticky on my reading list, so apols in advance if this is a dumb question or if its totally obvious.

Cheers, Nic

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If you didnt know, when you kill 1 grp of the adds then all the cc breaks and you can only cc less targets from that moment, if you have 2 melee then i would suggest just cc 1 mender, 1 blade and 1 amber trapper and assign 1 melee on each mender to interupt. if you have a priest it helps also to mass dispell all of them.

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We were killing the 2 menders first and then re-doing the least we did on our best pull (number 3).

But on some pulls the CC just seemed to break for no reason- all the adds alive, usually with 50%-70% health.

We ended up pulling them really far away from the CC'd adds, but still had issues. I thought that I could check via WoL to see if it was dmg or an extra CC going out. I think as there is a shared health pool for the adds its impossible to see, but not certain on this!

Thanks for the response too.

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Well, we nailed this guy last night. It seemed in the end that a hunter pet was breaking CC with a BM cleave effect. Also some inaccurate CC'ing at times by those with the spears. Once we sorted these, it was cake

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