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This week's Tavern Brawl is called "Cloneball". It is the 52nd Tavern Brawl.

In Cloneball, each player picks a class, and is given a deck with random Legendary cards cloned four times. Each player also gets a card called Offensive Play which allows the next Legendary you play, and all copies of it, to be played for 3 less mana.


Although I am generally a fan of Brawls where you don't have to use your own cards, I don't feel that this particular one is one of their best efforts. Many games seem to come down to one player having a cheap legendary such as a Millhouse Manastorm (Which, by the way, has virtually no downside in this Brawl), while the other player sits unable to do anything. It should still make for some amusing moments, but I suspect that many players will find it too frustrating for much repeat play.


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This is hands-down the most irritating and pointless Tavern Brawl they've done.  It's just like "We rolled a dice.  There is no strategy whatsoever.  You lose."  There's NO BALANCE AT ALL.

Blizzard: at the point at which I'm only playing the brawl for the pack, and for no other reason, and even with that carrot I still don't want to play, you're doing it wrong.  Wrong on roller skates.  Wrong on stilts.  Wrong in a cheap suit.  Thinking up ways of describing how wrong you've been is more fun that playing your wrong brawl.  Keep the pack.  I don't need it this badly.

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I played a handful of games and it seems I either completely destroy my opponent or they completely destroy me.  Not very many competitive games.

I did have an interesting match where I used the Offensive Play to throw out a couple of Lorewalker Chos.   It escalated pretty quickly as my opponent couldn't remove them right away and we took turns flooding each other with more Offensive Play cards and Coins.

Other than that, its been kind of meh...

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This is pure RNG and nonsense brawl, but Hogger is good in this brawl, so, I like the brawl. Anyway, the player who draws Offensive Play as first will win. It's like, the player who drops the first midrange or big legendary almost always wins.

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Apparently Millhouse Manastorm took a break from riding your opponent's Piloted Shredders and decided to walk on foot instead. 

Brawl has a cool idea behind it but doesn't work. Thanks for a free pack.

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This brawl is a load of bullshit. Just waiting until you're the one that gets lucky and collect the pack, then never touch the brawl again.

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