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how to improve?

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hey, first time poster and long time reader. so i im closing in on reaching what i might feel might be the dps cap im able to pushing.

so therefor i come looking for better players than me seeking some tips on how to improve beyond my current level of gameplay. while i know im not doing really good at the evil eye boss, i kinda know how to improve at that boss.

also anywhere i can learn how to read the logs propperly and learn by that?

thanks for your time and i hope for a possitive resoponse


*edit forgot to add my armory, my trinkets might change around alot as im might be spamming mythic + dungs

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After taking a semi close inspection on your logs you  appear to be delaying both your soul reapers and your apocs by a considerable amount anywhere from 6-10 seconds on each one which leads too a loss in both 1 apoc and soul reaper which equat to a lot of damage. You also semi a good amount of the fight runic capped like 40ish seconds out of the entire fight. Other than that it's pretty alright.

Secondly i think there is a question on your trinkets as too of do you have better ones, both of your trinkets are rather lack luster.

Suggestions, ideally either set up your soul reapers/apocs more closely so you can using them off cd or possible make weak auras for them so you can monitor them better. Um Possibly better trinkets any Crit strength once about 840 would be better than both of those.

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yeah i know the issue about being runic capped, as for the problem with trinkets, yes i know they are shit. i am simming all the trinkets i get. but im unsure as to how good the simming currently is as im crushing the simms on bosses. might be because of the fight lenght and i need to try shorter fights on the sim. is the necrosis 90 talent worth taking if you can juggle it inn?

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If can be if played properly with conjunction of unholy frenzy, though unholy frenzy is only viable under extreme circumstances I would not suggest it. 

Again disreguard sims for trinkets any crit strength trinket at 840 or higher is better than what you are currently using.

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Necrosis sims higher than anything else that tier but its very hard to accurately use. I think once the artifact weapon is fully upgraded or specifically you have the double doom talent and runic tattoos its much more manageable, simply do a crude death coil scourge strike macro, otherwise is rather challenging to use. however, i think (think) come nighthold and later content when more people will have legendaries I think you'll see it become more popular. however, with subpar usage its a dps loss to take and without legendaries and even with some, its really hard to use correctly.

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    • By Xantrias
      Hello everyone
      My guild and I raided EN last sunday and cleared normal mode easy enough and because we still had time, we started a heroic run aswell. For HC, I started a log that includes the boss kills Nythendra, Il'gynoth and Dragons of Nightmare.
      I am able to extract quite a bit of information for healers and DDs, but it seems that I don't really know what to look for, when trying to determine MY performance as a Blood DK (Yovana). I'm sure the information is there, but when it comes to Tanks in general, I'm struggling a little bit.
      In general, I think I'm doing ok because I don't get complaints from the healers and I don't really die, but if someone could point out obvious mistakes or inefficiencies, that would be very helpful.
      What catches my eye is the rather high amount of overheal of DS with 40%. I know that this is not really good, but then again, if I'm not taking any substantial amount of dmg, I'm not gonna sit on my runes and instead deal dmg with DS. So that explains the overheal a bit.
      Note that we had to top off our group with random players (1 random healer and several random DDs).
      Thank you all for any help in this matter and have a nice day
    • By Nyancoil
      Hello all,
      This is my first post in this area of the forum and I was wondering if someone can help me.
      I've recently started logging my encounters - starting with my guilds ToV HC run.
      While I'm always usually in the top 2-5 people on the DPS meter during raids, the log I took for the ToV HC run show me to be in the lower percentiles for that fight for my gear level (879 equipped, 880 bagged). I'd appreciate it if someone could enlighten me and let me know if there is something wrong in my rotation? Anything is appreciated, I'd like to maximise what I can if there's more I can eek out of my spec!
      Log: (it's a live log so it'll be constantly updating while this run is going)
      Log: (for some other information - here is my Kara clear for the week (with NB))
      Armory link:
      If any more information is required please let me know!
      Thanks guys!
    • By CameronHuson
      Hey guys,  first time posting up some healing logs.
      I got into Legion a few weeks ago, and just did a normal emerald nightmare run, had some great dps in the group, but was hoping some of the resto druids here could give me a bit of feedback on my healing?
      Hopefully this links  to all of the bosses, Xavius was my best one. 
      Thanks guys
    • By Frontright
      Hi All
      Thank you upfront for the support. It has helped me a lot reading other people's post too. I need some help with my WW DPS please. 
      I have also been on the Walking the Wind website and used that as a supplement. Rotation: FSP Kick in, TP > TOD > SEF > RSK > EE + FoF > SotWL > WDP > TP > RSK (not sure after this but probably TP > BK > TP > FoF to capitalize on the second FoF while SEF is still up from Drinking Horn).
      I've started to focus on making sure that I have chi available soon as FoF or RSK or SotWL comes off CD. In the past I wasn't watching and would be starved for Chi at the last second and have to TP which is a DPS loss. But I'm still not sure why I am underperforming so much. Also please let me know what I am doing right and should keep doing. 
      Any help will be appreciated. Thank you and have a great Christmas!
    • By Nyoron
      Greetings Mages of IcyVeins,

      i am seeking your help to compare a guildmate of mine to my own performance.
      He is doing significantly more DMG than me and i can't see why that is.
      Would someone be so Kind as to compare Erdin with Juvîa please?
      My Char is Juvîa, Erdin is my Guildmate.
      Nythendra Myth:
      Ursoc Myth:
      Let's compare the fights:
      Nythendra   Erdin Juvîa Pyro 77 63 Fireball 60 42 Flame Blast 34 31 PF 14 14 RoP 9 8 Combustion 4 3
      Ursoc   Erdin Juvîa Pyro 66 61 Fireball 66 37 Flame Blast 30 33 PF 12 12 RoP 8 7 Combustion 4 3  
      - I got less FB casts because of my Legendary Belt (i use Scorch <25% Boss HP)
      - I am "missing" one Combustion because of Cinderstorm instead of Kindling (-> Legendary Belt again)
      What i noticed:
      - His Pyros crit more often (Nythendra in this case) -> better Heating Up Conversion
      - he casts Pyro more often - not sure how (because of HU-Conversion?)
      - i could be using Ice Flows more often
      - i am missing one RoP each fight in this example log
      - His DMG on Ursoc partially comes from Dragon's Breath + Ruby on the Add
      I recently discovered the following tool. Not sure how accurate it is however:
      My Conclusion:
      There are smal differences in the basic Rotation which should result in rather small DMG gap.
      My Confusion: (see what i did there? :D)
      The DMG gap is huge..?
      I would love to hear your opinion. Maybe i am missing something significant?
      If you need more logs or anything else, feel free to let me know.
      Thank all of you in advance!! :)
      (Please be kind, english is not my primary language)