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Me and my raid group are still progressing through Mythic EN, though we have Nyth, Elerethe, and Ursoc all easily on farm. I'm consistently parsing very low for my ilvl, and consistently losing out in dps to a lower ilvl shaman of the same spec. Despite usually having better buff uptimes than him and better cd usage he parses much better than me. Usually the main difference i find is he gets off way more stormstrikes than me. Recently I've started mashing that button almost nonstop in fights, sometimes sacrificing a few seconds of buff time to get off more stormstrikes, but the results seem to be about the same as before. 

Below you'll find logs that have both of us in them, as well as mine and his armory links. I'm Bigboyee and the other shaman is Cyrashapa. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

The Ursoc fight in particular on this one:

Ursoc and Odyn were the only clean fights we had here:

My armory:

His armory:

Edited by Bigboyee
The first log link had mentioned the Elerethe fight instead of ursoc by mistake

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Scratching on my head on why you're linking a parse where you died 2 minutes in. Doesn't seem very helpful to your DPS.

The other shaman has more points in his weapon than yours, which also makes a difference.

I'm not sure why you have the Sundering talent, it doesn't show on the logs so I'm assuming you weren't actually using it then.

On Odyn, Cyrashapa had 356 casts of abilities (backing out Doom Vortex since that is passive), you had 303. That's more than I could account for with the difference in Haste on your gear. I suspect efficient movement and target selection are a problem there. In general, make sure you are filling as many empty GCD's as you can - Boulderfist, Crash Lightning, or Flametongue should be available. If not, you can also refresh Frostbrand a hair earlier than you have to.

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I was tired last night when i posted, meant to say Ursoc instead of Elerethe (edited now). 

According to the summary tab of the log he only has 1 trait over me, which was a pretty weak minor trait, unless I'm reading that wrong?

That was for some pvp I was doing, on the summary tab of the logs you can see i was running with proper talents in the fights.

Wow, really. I'll see what I can find on that. I'll watch replays for that fight and see how he moves compared to me. 

Thanks a bunch Tarazet, and if you find anything else in the Ursoc fight in the first link now, that would also be greatly appreciated. Especially since that fight isn't really about efficient movement or target selection. 

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Looked at Ursoc and found pretty much the same thing going on, which is interesting. You have better uptimes than him on your buffs, and your gear is better as well. Neither of you are wasting a lot of Maelstrom. Doom Vortex doesn't make enough of a difference to close the gap. The only thing I can really point to is, the other Shaman is being more aggressive with Stormstrike and letting Flametongue fall off if he has a lot of Stormbringers in a row. His Maelstrom generation overall was some 10% higher.. because every time an attack procs Windfury, it refunds 5 Maelstrom, so it adds up to a higher gain throughout the fight which in turn allowed him to use even more Stormstrikes.

I also don't know if you are refreshing buffs early with pandemic. Normally it's a good thing, but you never know when that next Stormbringer is coming, and our auto-attack damage is nothing to write home about. So I'll let it fall off and apply it on the first available GCD if I have the chance to use Stormstrike instead.

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