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Pirate Midrange Shaman Standard

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7 hours ago, Guest Nissse said:

Can I replace something for Trogg? That's the only card I don't have 

Tunnel Trogg is very important for midrange and aggro shamans as it gives you a very good platform to build on. You can replace them with Argent Squire but the deck won't be nearly as good.

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1 minute ago, shredder said:

Can you explain to me why Jade Claws is included in this deck, even though there are no other cards that summon Jade Golems?

It simply fits the deck. It creates a 1/1 (creates board presence), triggers Tunnel Trogg with its overload (and allows you to protect it against a 3/2 that could be played on opponent's T2), and since it's a weapon, it triggers Small-Time Buccaneer as well. However, the 1-of is enough to have a very good chance of triggering Small-Time Buccaneer consistently enough in most cases.

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2 hours ago, asherpen said:

The edit time seems incorrect. It should be 2017/3/1, I guess.

Yeah, Pesty set the date one year back. We are aware of the issue, but all our authors are currently busy with arena changes. Thanks for pointing it out though!

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