Tavern Brawl: Ragnaros' Fire Festival

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The Midsummer Fire Festival is upon us and Mini-Rag is waiting for you at the Tavern Brawl!

Ragnaros' Fire Festival is the 108th Tavern Brawl and it is a brand new one. You will have to pick a hero and make a deck on your own, with which you will have to beat your opponent.

At the start of the game, a minion called Mini-Rag will appear in the side of the player who will go second. It's a 2/3 immune to all damage minion, that fires 1-damage missiles to the player on the opposite side. The amount of missiles is equal to his total attack. Each time Mini-Rag kills a minion his attack value goes up. Lastly, Mini-Rag will switch board sides at the end of each turn.


Obviously, token decks are good for keeping Mini-Rag fed. Bear in mind that you can Devolve him if he becomes dangerous; he will reappear in the next turn as a 2/3. You can also bounce him with cards like Shadowstep and Youthful Brewmaster.

That's not all, though. Instead of just rushing to beat your opponent and get that precious card pack, you can co-operate in order to feed Rag as many minions as possible. There is even a counter at the end of the game, informing you of how many minions were killed.


Once Mini-Rag kills a specific amount of minions in total, your Wow emote will shoot fireworks. Specifically, you get 1 firework for 8 minions killed, 2 fireworks for 30 minions killed and 3 fireworks for 60 minions killed. You can use the upgraded Wow emote during the entire duration of the Midsummer Fire Festival.

It was announced on Twitter that the Midsummer Fire Festival will last two weeks. Remember that you will earn double gold while completing quests during the duration of the festival.

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I posted about using shaman in this brawl yesterday (sorry for jumping the gun and not waiting for this article to be written). I discovered that the shaman's Healing Totem will save your board by healing after Mini-Rag does his damage, but before your minions actually die. You're minions will reach 0 health, but before they officially bite the dust, Healing Totem resets their health to 1.

Another poster stated that this did not work for him/her. The Healing Totem healed the minions BEFORE Mini-Rag shot fire at them, essentially doing nothing to spare their lives. I wanted to see this for myself...

After a couple more matches, I have had it happen to me BOTH ways. In the first test match, Healing Totem activated before Mini-Rag's ability, so my board still died. In the second test match, Healing Totem was back to being a lifesaver again, activating after Mini-Rag. I have yet to determine why this is, but I was up against a Warlock in each of the matches in which it worked. (The other matches in which it did not work were against priest, paladin, and druid.) I don't see why the opposing class would matter, but I suppose it could have something to do with it...?

So basically, my shaman totem strategy still works...half the time? Haha

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added the "opposing class" observation
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58 minutes ago, Griogre said:

Maybe it has to do with who starts with Mini Rag?  IE who goes first or second.

Could be. I didn't think to keep track of that. I stopped recording my matches a little while ago, but maybe I should start again to aid in solving mysteries like this one. Would be nice if I could go back and watch them.

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Could also be the Dominant player rule, which causes actions not to be resolved in the order of play, but rather for the dominant player first, then followed by the other player. Not sure if it applies here though. Maybe someone who knows the advanced rulebook better could shed some light.

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4 hours ago, Zadina said:

Once Mini-Rag kills a specific amount of minions in total, your Wow emote will shoot fireworks. You can use the upgraded Wow emote during the entire duration of the Midsummer Fire Festival.

So I only benefit from this reward if I play WoW or what does this mean? Because in Hearthstone I can see no effect from reaching the bonus goals.

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16 minutes ago, Moos said:

So I only benefit from this reward if I play WoW or what does this mean? Because in Hearthstone I can see no effect from reaching the bonus goals.

Wow emote is the upper right one if I recall correctly. For example, Valeera's Wow emote is "Incredible."

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1 hour ago, positiv2 said:

Wow emote is the upper right one if I recall correctly. For example, Valeera's Wow emote is "Incredible." it really is Wow=wow and not WoW=World of Warcraft. That got me confused, thanks for clearing that up. :)

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1 hour ago, Moos said:

So I only benefit from this reward if I play WoW or what does this mean? Because in Hearthstone I can see no effect from reaching the bonus goals.

Lol. It took me a while to figure out what you were talking about. I see how you were interpreting that now. Funny. >.<

I reached 60 Rag kills and all it does is shoot some fireworks off behind your 'Wow' emote text bubble. The effect isn't anything fancy.

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