Midrange "Dude" Paladin

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Don't think so.  But a quick TL;DR guide is something like, mulligan hard for your 1 > 2 > 3 curve (specifically Shielded MinibotHaunted Creeper, and Muster for Battle), if you are on the coin, and have a reasonably decent hand, keeping Quartermaster is often fine since muster > coined quarter master often wins you the game, wouldn't want to do it against a fast deck, but mid range or control decks, definitely (if you have a REALLY good hand you can keep Justicar Trueheart vs priest and warriors that you KNOW are control, trueheart often will win the game with the amount of value she generates in the control match ups, but only keep it if you have like a muster + a 1 or 2 drop).  Against aggro, focus on making the strongest possible play on the board each turn, against control, try to hit the button every turn you can reasonably do so, you have no real comeback mechanism in the deck (unless you count equality + juggler which is iffy at the best of times) and no way to really generate a significant amount of damage from an empty board, so falling behind on the board is death, never let that happen. Now take this with a slight grain of salt, I have not played this particular type of mid range paladin before, but I used to play a decent amount of old school mid range paladin back in the day.

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