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Patch 7.3 Hotfixes: Oct 3

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Live servers have been updated with new hotfixes. Vindicator Jaelaana should once again be visible to players that have completed the Army of the Light emissary, cooldown of Vindicaar abilities will no longer reset when joining Skirmishes or Arenas and more.

Blizzard LogoBlizzard (Source)


  • Resolved an issue where some players could have the Army of the Light emissary complete but were unable to see Vindicator Jaelaana and turn it in.



Player versus Player

  • The cooldown of Vindicaar abilities will no longer reset when joining a Skirmish or Arena.

Previous Patch 7.3 Hotfixes

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    • By Stan
      It's time to look at my personal list of the Top 5 least impressive mounts of Shadowlands!
      I also did a post on the Top 5 mounts coming in the new expansion, so check that out if you're looking for the direct opposite.
      Disclaimer: Note that mounts are a preference thing, and it is perfectly natural if you disagree with my list. The art team is doing a terrific job, and the point of this article is to highlight mounts that are simply on the bottom list for me. Many factors came into play when I ranked the mounts. The main were recolors and reskins. 
      5. Court Sinrunner
      Alliance players will probably appreciate another horse mount that you can buy at Exalted with the Court of Harvesters in Revendreth. We've seen many horses in Battle for Azeroth, which is why Court Sinrunner deserves the fifth place.

      4. Arboreal Gulper
      The wood and foliage growing atop this toad is a natural part of its body, helping it siphon anima from the air to nourish itself.
      The Ardenweald toad mount is a reskin of the BfA toad mounts (Green Marsh Hopper, Blue Marsh Hopper, and Yellow Marsh Hopper) that you can buy for 333,333 gold in Nazmir. Although it slightly differs from the mounts in Battle for Azeroth, I don't know if players who spent so much gold on the mounts from Gottum will be happy if they see an easily available alternative, which also applies to the next contender.

      3. Vicious War Spider (Alliance) & Vicious War Spider (Horde)
      Many players that dished out 2 million gold for Bloodfang Cocoon won't be particularly happy that the new Vicious mounts are spiders and share the same model.
      When being a courageous member of the Alliance/Horde doesn't strike the right amount of fear into your opponent, add a giant spider.
      Alliance Version

      Horde Version

      2. Flying Unicorns
      Six recolors of the Pureheart Courser (100 Exalted factions mount) and Lucid Nightmare (Secret mount) have been added in the Shadowlands, so we decided to include the whole category here. At least they can fly in the Shadowlands pre-patch, right?
      Shimmermist Runner
      Mischievous spriggans and the valerunners have a natural enmity. No valerunner would deign to allow a spriggan rider because they can sense their inherent malevolence. This angers the trickster spriggans who take twisted enjoyment in playing cruel pranks on these majestic creatures.

      Swift Gloomhoof
      The ballads of Ardenweald claim that the birth of gloomrunner heralds the passing of a particularly benevolent wild god. Seeing a gloomrunner is therefore a blessing and a curse.

      Unused Recolor

      Ascended Skymane
      Only those that have proven themselves against the combined might of the Ascended will be able to ride this mount.

      Dauntless Duskrunner
      The Path of Ascension is a challenging trial, and those that display all of the facets the Kyrian hold dear will be duly rewarded.

       This sun-dappled courser gallops on lightbeams with carefree abandon.

      1. Slime Serpent
      This mysterious creature lurks beneath the slime pools of Plaguefall. No one knows where it came from.
      The clear winner is the Slime Serpent mount that comes from Plaguefall, one of the new dungeons added in the Shadowlands expansion. It's a recolor of Black Serpent of N'Zoth and Mail Muncher.

    • By Starym
      We're back with another one of Blizzard's perhaps more aggressive suspensions than even they themselves expected. Zeerou was feeling rebellious when his character got flagged for renaming due to inappropriate language, and decided to double down on the name, re-typing the same one as the new name!
      While it's logical that this is something Blizzard don't approve of and perhaps even issue temporary suspensions for, this particular reaction was... a LITTLE excessive:

      So, 50 years for a name - see you  in 2070 you defiant inappropriately named character you! We really, REALLY are curious what the name in question was, but we don't really know. What we do know is that this is just one of those weird display bugs, similar to the recent log in queues which lasted for 100,000 minutes, and the suspension itself is probably whatever is usual for these cases.
      Although it is definitely good to know not to re-type potentially offensive names when Blizzard flags them in general and that the result is a suspension - perhaps not a 50-year one though.
      Also, as a side note, the top comment in the reddit thread is a classic:
    • By Stan
      Finally, we're checking out the Warrior class changes!
      Soulbind Conduit
      Stalwart Guardian Arms: The cooldown of Die by the Sword is reduced by 40 20 sec. Fury: The cooldown of Enraged Regeneration is reduced by 40 20 sec. Protection, Initial: The cooldown of Shield Wall is reduced by 40 20 sec. Destructive Reverberations - Ancient Aftershock's cooldown is reduced by 15 sec, and its damage is increased by 15 sec 4%. Vicious Contempt - Bloodthirst deals 40% 18.0% increased damage to enemies who are below 20% 35% health. Brutal Vitality Arms, Fury, Initial: 6.0% of damage you deal adds to your active Ignore Pain.  Protection: 4.0% of damage you deal adds to your active Ignore Pain. Veteran's Repute - Brandishing the Conqueror's Banner immediately grants you 5 Glory, and while the banner is planted your Strength is increased by 12.0% 10%. Show of Force - Revenge increases the damage of your next Thunder Clap by 20% 12.0%. Indelible Victory Arms, Fury, Initial: Victory Rush heals you for 400% 200%  of the damage it dealt over 8 sec. Protection: Victory Rush heals you for 280% of the damage it dealt over 8 sec. Impending Victory: Impending Victory heals you for 400% 200% of the damage it dealt over 8 sec. Fueled by Violence added. You are healed for 15.0% of the damage dealt by Deep Wounds.
    • By Stan
      Warlock Legendary powers and Conduits have been updated on the Shadowlands Beta recently.
      Summon Demonic Tyrant - Summoning your Demonic Tyrant instantly generates 5 50 Soul Shards. Legendary Powers
      Pillars of the Dark Portal (Class-Wide) - Demonic Gateway is now instant cast, and your first use of the your gateway does not trigger its cooldown. In addition, nether energy lashes enemies you pass through, knocking them away. Balespider's Burning Core (Demonology) - Shadow Bolt increases the damage of your next Demonbolt by 25% 8%, stacking up to 4 times. Implosive Potential (Demonology) - When Implosion damages at least 3 targets, gain 5% Haste for 8 sec for each Imp exploded. Implosion grants 1% haste for 8 sec for each Imp exploded. When this damages at least 3 targets, instead gain 5% haste per Imp.\ Soulbind Conduits
      Diabolic Bloodstone - Anyone that consumes your Healthstone infuses you with 10.0% leech for 8 6 sec. Prolonged Decimation renamed to Fatal Decimation - Decimating Bolt's missiles deal 20.0% increased damage. Affliction, Demonology, Initial: Shadow Bolt has a 20.0% chance to not consume a charge of Decimating Bolt. Destruction: Incinerate has a 20.0% chance to not consume a charge of Decimating Bolt.  Drain Soul: Drain Soul has a 20.0% chance to not consume a charge of Decimating Bolt. 
    • By Stan
      Belgian cosplayer Hartigan made an awesome Bolvar costume that he showcases on a dummy.
      The head is a traditional modeling / molding / casting, The body is made with upholstery foam and latex and the armor is made with EVA foam and a TON of foamclay.
      The costume would really go well with the Bolvar Hammer by Kamui, what do you think?
      Placeholder for tweet 1317869403363573767
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