Voidlord Reveal: Kobolds & Catacombs

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We finally have a Warlock card reveal!

The card was uncovered by Chinese streamer Dog Thief on


Image by Hearthpwn

Played on its own at 9-mana, Voidlord is not a very good option with these stats. However, it synergises extremely well with Krul the Unshackled and Bloodreaver Gul'dan, so we will probably see it in Highlander Warlock. As Aleco mentioned in his Knights of the Frozen Throne sunset article, one of the underestimated powers of Bloodreaver Gul'dan is bringing back these annoying little Voidwalkers. And yes, the tokens from Voidlord are also Voidwalkers, according to Mike Donais.

There are two more reveals for today and apparently we are getting a couple more Warlock card reveals on Monday (source). As week 1 of the card reveals comes to an end, don't forget to check out the schedule for the upcoming week. As always, you can find everything you need to know about Kobolds & Catacombs in our expansion hub.

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A wall of 18 health is extremely hard to actually get through.  It might see play in non highlander warlocks simply because that is a lot of taunt and quite a few meta decks don't run silence, and the runs that do tend to not care as much about this thing.  I am hopeful for this card, it is really cool, although it might not have the impact that you would want for a 9 mana card, but curving this into blood reaver guldan is pretty neat.

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Again an epic with high cost and bad stats welcome to the party my friend -.-

I am not happy, I was hoping to get a new useful demon then we get this. I don't want to say it's total trash but not that great either. Obviously made for control Warlock and only for that. And you might get a lot of bad results with it. Imagine you played 2 regular Void Walkers and 2 or 3 other demons plus that thing. It died and you got 3 more void walkers. Since the Gul'dan summoning is random you might not even get this guy back even if you might end up with a board of this and void walkers. Then you opponent kills the Voidlord first, the deathrattle gives you only one void walker due to a full board. And hiding behind a wall that has no attack power will not last long.

Even if I'm wrong then this guy will just bring up a very boring warlock to play against. I'm not happy about that either.

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This card is really powerful and has strong synergy with Krul and Guldan.

It'a  a taunt with 18 health pratically impossible to get past in few turns if you use something like twisting nether to kill it he spawns another 9 hp of taunts so you need another board clear for them and they get ALL resurrected by Guldan making your board invincible to any deck that isn't face burn.

This is a card you really want play at turn 9+ since it's extremely hard to remove efficiently namely polymorph/hex other than that nothing can prevent it to soak 18 damage and it will be resurrected unless poly some turn later.

If you don't have silence to get past it so unless you are a priest means double spellbreaker in your deck you won't get past this easy.

I'll craft this to put in my Krul Warlock as soon as I can.

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I could see this being decent, but I can't help but be concerned that priest will only dominate more with the addition of more good silence targets

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