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Vicious War Fox Mount Available in Patch 7.3.5

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YAYYYYYYY!!!! About bl**dy time! I've been asking GM's about this every patch since 7.3 without luck. Seems they finally got the message. Been saving a saddle for exactly this.


Can't wait. Bring on 7.3.5 please!

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      The new season 3 affix has been added to the PTR and datamined already, and it has a very interesting/weird name.
      The affix is named "Encrypted", and it's actually possible that is its real name and not just a placeholder, considering the theme of Zereth Mortis and the First Ones "programming" the afterlives. Initially spotted by BlaringMailer, we poked MrGM to check it out for us as well and he obliged:

      It's sounding similar to the current Tormented affix, but a little more interesting, mixing in an element of the 8.0 Infested affix, since it looks like it will be either hidden in specific trash packs or randomized among them, so there might be some interesting playmaking to be had with trash clears and routes!
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      It seems there's either a bit of a glitch in the new Legion timewalking Mage Tower, or Blizzard are being very generous with the cosmetics this time around, as players are reporting receiving their armor looks without actually beating their respective boss encounter!
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      That wasn't the only player reporting this, as new threads are popping up frequently now with others surprised to have received the sets without completing the encounters (with all players that specifically said which boss they were on mentioning Xylem:

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      Sylvanas is getting now one but two new models in Eternity's End. In this post, we preview her new model unveiled in this week's Patch 9.2 Build 41360.
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      Achievement ID = 15402 Name: Cyphers of the First Ones Description: Complete each of the Cyphers listed below. Metrial Understanding Aelic Understanding Dealic Understanding Trebalim Understanding Reward: Zereth Mortis Flying
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