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Where to start in Hearthstone?

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This is a complex question and there isn't a single correct answer because it highly differs for each person due to their goals in the game or experience with similar games, such as Magic the Gathering.

All players start with tutorial and then with a bit of solo play. Past that, it is up to the player what they want to do.

A very common path is to use one hero to defeat all Practice heroes in Expert mode, then to complete the first wing of Knights of the Frozen Throne. If you happen to land on a high-value Death Knight hero, such as Malfurion the Pestilent or Frost Lich Jaina, you should add them to a deck, and you should be using that deck on ladder until you save up enough dust to craft a more powerful one, which could as well be the one with the DK hero in it. After that, immediately switch to Ranked in order to work on Ranked Chest rewards (more about this here). Once you hit what seems to be your peak, complete as many Solo Adventures as you can as long as they provide you with rewards. Further Knights of the Frozen Throne missions bring great value and should be completed first. Use the cards you receive there or disenchant them and craft more powerful ones you'll use in the deck and try to push a bit farther on ladder with your newly gained cards.

Now you should have hit wall in both Ranked play and completed relevant Solo play. By now you should have unlocked Tavern Brawl. If it is not currently live (opening times), you will need to wait. When it goes live, complete it as soon as you can, as the reward can give you a decent boost, especially if you are lucky.

You should also have some gold at your disposal. You can read how to spend the gold here. You can also find there when you should switch from Constructed play to Arena.

From now on, it's mostly doing your quests in Ranked, or if the the quest requires a deck that is not viable for competitive environment, complete it in Casual play instead.

Over time when you reach a decent collection, you will need to decide whether you are going to play Standard or Wild (this should help). 

So, in short:

  1. Defeat all Expert Practice heroes.
  2. Complete the first floor of Knights of the Frozen Throne.
  3. Play ladder until you hit a wall.
  4. Complete the rest of Knights of the Frozen Throne missions.
  5. Go back to ladder and stay there until Arena becomes more profitable for you.
  6. Play Tavern Brawl each week.

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