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This Week's Tavern Brawl: Blessing Of The Raven

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To celebrate the new Hearthstone year, this week's brawl will bless your minions with a random keyword ability.


To usher in the Year of The Raven, this week's Tavern Brawl is themed around the new Hearthstone year. Each minion played (whether from hand or summoned from an effect such as Free From Amber) gets a Blessing of the Raven, which is one of the following keywords:




The Tavern Brawl is highly swingy and luck-dependent, as minions are capable of getting extremely useful or entirely useless abilities. Your Stonetusk Boar might end up with Poisonous, or your 0/5 Taunt could end up with Stealth and be nothing more than board filler:


taunt stealth.png


If you haven't guessed from my tone, it took me more than a few tries to finally luck my way into a win in this week's Brawl. It's also a bit puzzling that the brawl which is supposed to hype up the new expansion rewards a Basic pack and not a Witchwood pack. Regardless, I'm a huge fan of free Hearthstone cards and gladly accepted my beats for some extra dust!

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is some random BS for sure.

the only deck i've seen with any synergy was a shaman that just beat me that seemed to have an elemental theme.

otherwise, complete random luck for a win.

we're a bunch of lemmings

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lol, that's funny


and, will someone please tell me why Feral Gibberer

is not a beast??? It's got fur, it's got teeth...it's bloody FERAL.

I think it's only not a beast because Blizz hates hunters in Hearthstone.


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I think because is a monster more than a beast (animal). It doesn't resemble a real animal like a horse, a pig, a bear, etc. 

It's more like a furred monster unless you can tell me something like this is an animal I don't know about

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