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Noblegarden Arrives in Hearthstone!

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You'll be able to get two Golden egg-themed cards for free, while a special Tavern Brawl will also be available.

Even though Noblegarden has long passed in World of Warcraft (and in real life), it's never too late for it to arrive in Hearthstone! This explains why this month's Ranked Season card back is garden themed too.

From May 9 until May 13, log in the game and get a Golden Eggnapper and Devilsaur Egg for free. In the Tavern, you will find the "Everybunny Get in Here" Brawl. A hint of this Tavern Brawl's rules can be found in the official blog post below.

Blizzard LogoDaxxarri

Grab a basket and prepare your finest brushes, because Noblegarden is coming next week! Noblegarden is a festival where we gather to celebrate the joys of life and friendship by in-egg-splicably dyeing eggs in bright colors and hanging out with rabbits. It’s gonna be egg-cellent!

The tavern will be decked out in its Noblegarden best, Hearthstone heroes will greet each other with festive emotes, and we'll have a celebratory Tavern Brawl too! Allow us to egg-splain.

Hatch a Login Reward

If you log in while we’re celebrating Noblegarden, you’ll receive a golden Eggnapper and a golden Devilsaur Egg, on us!

Everybunny Get in Here

In this egg-citing Tavern Brawl you’ll gather with other Hearthstone players to celebrate the season by dyeing eggs. One egg will spawn for you each turn, and you’ll get to use a deck of colorful dyes and special Noblegarden cards (plus 10 random Class cards) to decorate it. Each dye applies a different buff, and at the start of your next turn your eggs will hatch into something cute. Or a bunny, if you didn’t use any dye (which is still pretty adorable).


Use your loveable hatchlings to egg-sterminate your opponent with cuteness!

We’ll be celebrating Noblegarden from May 10 through May 13 while the Everybunny Get in Here Tavern Brawl lasts, so don’t miss it!

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Also this weeks brawl, ofc you will get more than in the normal brawls even with 0 wins but what is this, it's like ladder without mmr and ranks.

Good job Team5 That's how you make new players leave :D

Anyway does anyone have a good deck advice? Or just go and play the best ladder deck you can afford?

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On 02/05/2018 at 11:48 PM, Caldyrvan said:

Anyway does anyone have a good deck advice? Or just go and play the best ladder deck you can afford?

Well... that seems logical.

Depends on your goal really. Even/Odd/Murloc Paladin should safely get you a respectable average, although even with great play you’re unlikely to get far beyond the hsreplay 58% global win rate with those decks so they may not be the best options for going for 12 wins.

Skill-intensive control decks tend to present the best option to significantly improve on the average results by playing them better than average. Warlock is the obvious choice but Druid has great control tools right now, and Priest and Warrior have viable control lists too. Just pray for no quest rogues hehe.

I’ve been playing wild the last week or so, so i just lazily plugged in the hsreplay spiteful druid list as I haven’t tried that yet and I can’t be bothered with playing any more Paladin or Warlock decks. Won the first four against a couple of random bad decks and a couple of paladins, then got wrecked by three warlocks.

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