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Saviors of Uldum Card Reveal: Hidden Oasis

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A new Druid Spell has been revealed on Firebat's Youtube channel - and it looks to have a lot of untapped potential.


Firebat has shared his exclusive Saviors of Uldum card reveal on Youtube: Hidden Oasis!


The card has huge synergy with the new Druid quest, Untapped Potential, and makes it look potentially very strong - the card can be played on turn 6 with both of its Choose One effects combined every time if you're willing to be patient.

Untapped Potential

That's all of today's scheduled card reveals - the next one is slated for Sunday at 6.00 AM BST, although it's always possible that we get some surprise reveals in the interim. See you then!

Check out our Saviors of Uldum hub for the latest info on the new expansion, including new Quests and every card revealed so far.

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37 minutes ago, Grounding said:

I can't wait to heal 12 for only 6 Mana!

What do you mean, clearly this card just says "summon a 6/6 ancient with taunt"

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The 12 hp heal is hugely overcosted ... Greater Healing Potion ... the only use of the card is the 6/6 with taunt or use after quest completed... and will be played only by who use the quest ... druid has a much better healing choice in Crystal Power

1 mana = 5 hp


6 mana = 12 hp

make your choice

on the side note it is identical to a 6 mana Forbidden Healing with the difference that you don't need 6 mana to play that card but any amount is fine making one card acceptable mana filler and the other just a bad choice effect

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