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Battlegrounds Strategy

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Guest typo

In the last paragraph, I think a "Divine Shield" is missing after "Taunt" to make the strategy outlined in the sentence make more sense.

For example, if you know your opponent has a 29/29 Taunt minion, you may choose to make your first minion a weak 2/2 Lightfang Enforcer, followed by a 30/30 Nightmare Amalgam to efficiently take out your opponent's Taunt minion.


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Guest Kane

Minions will always be instantly combined when you purchase your 3rd copy, regardless of whether they are in your hand or in play. Additionally, the new minion will retain any buffs placed on the first 2 minions.

This is not correct. Most of the time this is what one observes, but e.g.:
2 unbuffed amalgams on board, one amalgam in the store and you have dancin daryl as a hero, you can get buffs on the 3rd (unpurchased) amalgam. Your text says it becomes a 6/8, truth is: the buffs from "hat trick" are retained as well.

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