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starting to enjoy the brewmaster

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getting into the monk now....starting to get some gear- well only 538, but getting there.


I tanked against Norushen 10M normal...did some logs. Trying to work out how to read them....any comments appreciated if you can be bothered to look!




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Sup :)


I can only seem to see you tanking Sha on the logs you linked.


Based off that fight: Shuffle uptime was good, empowered guard was good, tiger power uptime was good and Elusive brew was uptime was also good.


Cooldown usage was low but that's probably because its a farm boss and you don't really need the cooldowns so meh.


Looks good :)

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Thanks for the comments....first proper boss that I've done where I really felt in control. 


I'm about 90% that this will be my main for WoD.....although I will miss my DK.

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