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Restoration Druids in the Shadowlands: Class and Spec Highlights

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Update: the Restoration pre-patch guide is ready and you can check it out here:
Restoration Druid Shadowlands Guide

Shadowlands is less than 2 months away so it's time we took a look at the highlights for the classes and specs of WoW, to make it easier for players to choose which class to pick or return to, and just get a good general overview of the changes coming. We've already covered the specific changes themselves, but now it's time we turned to our experts for this, with each overview penned by our guide writers for the relevant specs. We're starting with Restoration Druids and to also note, other than the Covenants and legendaries, all the rest is relevant for the pre-patch as well, which is coming even sooner.

Our resident Resto expert Torty takes a look at the Covenant choice, new baseline spells, talents, spell changes and legendary highlights, focusing on PvE, so let's get to it!

Exciting Changes for Restoration Druids in Shadowlands

One of the best new features in Shadowlands is Covenants, but Restoration Druid unfortunately has no real choice in the current state of beta. However, we do get a handful of new abilities: most of them returning from previous expansions, with some of them only having been available for other Druid specs, or were locked behind PvP talents.


Covenant Choice: Night Fae

Druid Ability - Convoke the Spirits Convoke the Spirits - 2min CD

Call upon the Night Fae for an eruption of energy, channeling a rapid flurry of 12 Druid spells and abilities over 4 sec.

The Druid ability granted by the Night Fae is Convoke the Spirits. This 4 Second channeled ability can be cast while moving and will rapidly cast 12 random Druid spells, mainly focused on the form you are currently in. It will cast 8 or 9 spells from your current form: healing spells in caster form, damage spells in Moonkin form, and melee abilities in Cat form. The other 3-4 will be used from a selection of spells from other forms. This makes Convoke the Spirits an extremely flexible ability to use. Need that healing burst for a big AoE? 1-2 Wild Growth Wild Growths, a couple of Swiftmend Swiftmends and a few Rejuvenation Rejuvenations make it an insanely strong healing cooldown, even if you do not use anything else with it. Want to absolutely destroy a boss in a dungeon? Convoke with Heart of the Wild Heart of the Wild can make any DPS player jealous with the burst it does. Convoke even has a small chance to cast Flourish Flourish, Full Moon Full Moon or Feral Frenzy Feral Frenzy as a bonus. Swiftmend Swiftmends cast by it do not consume HoTs, but they do proc Soul of the Forest Soul of the Forest.

In general, it is a very fun ability to use. Seeing raid frames fill up with your HoTs or enemy health rapidly deplete from machine gun ability spam is extremely satisfying. 

The power of Convoke is such that it makes any other Covenant not competitive, at least in PvE content. While other Covenant abilities put limitations on the amount of targets they hit, have longer cooldowns, drawbacks or even straight up poor numbers, Convoke has virtually no downsides. It does damage, small group healing, big group healing, has relatively low CD. While the generic ability is admittedly the weakest out of all, the power of Convoke more than covers for it and then some. 

Generic Ability - Soulshape Soulshape - 1.5min CD

Turn into a Vulpin, teleporting 15 yds forward and increasing your movement speed by 50%. You may reactivate Soulshape every few sec to teleport again.
Lasts 12 sec, or indefinitely while in a rest area.

The generic ability from the Night Fae is Soulshape. Unfortunately, it duplicates a lot of things that Druid already has in its toolkit. Increased movement speed is basically the same as Cat form and the blink distance is short enough that you could use Wild Charge Wild Charge with less hassle. You might find this useful to jump over mechanics that would be otherwise impassable, but that is about it. 


New Baseline Spells

  • Cyclone IconCyclone. This ability used to be baseline before it got locked behind the PvP talent system. You can make mobs immune to everything, including healing and receiving Bolstering keystone affix stacks. It might not be as useful in PvE as it is in PvP, but it has its uses. 
  • Nature's Swiftness IconNature's Swiftness. An old favourite returns. This time it is restricted in use to only 3 spells: Regrowth IconRegrowth, Rebirth IconRebirth, or Entangling Roots IconEntangling Roots. Still, it provides us with an incredibly powerful instant healing tool on a short 1 minute cooldown. 
  • Stampeding Roar IconStampeding Roar. At different points of the game's history it was available to Restoration Druids or locked only to Guardian and Feral Druids. A fantastic tool in Mythic+ and Raiding. There is even a Finesse Conduit that increases the radius of the speed increase and prolongs the duration.

Changed Spell Functionality

  • Innervate IconInnervate. If cast on somebody else, you gain the effect at 50% effectiveness. While Innervating other healers is not particularly exciting, especially at the cost of your own power, this might come in very strong in a progression environment. 
  • Regrowth IconRegrowth. 40% increased chance for a critical effect if the target is already affected by Regrowth IconRegrowth. A very nice change for both Mythic+ healing and tank healing in raids. 
  • Swiftmend IconSwiftmend. Now consumes Regrowth IconRegrowth, Wild Growth Wild Growth or Rejuvenation Rejuvenation. Cooldown changed from 25 seconds to 15 seconds. Prosperity IconProsperity (talent) removed. This change makes  Swiftmend IconSwiftmend less of a rotational ability and more spot healing and/or combo ability. Soul of the Forest IconSoul of the Forest will be available for use more often, making it stronger.


Talent Changes

  • Nourish IconNourish. Replaces Prosperity IconProsperity in the first tier. Heals a friendly target for a moderate amount. Receives triple bonus from Mastery. Probably not a good button, at least with the stats we have in the first season. On top of that, we have 2 different legendaries that significantly buff tank healing. 
  • Typhoon IconTyphoon is now locked behind Balance Affinity IconBalance Affinity. Feral Affinity Feral Affinity gets Maim IconMaim and Guardian Affinity IconGuardian Affinity gets Incapacitating Roar IconIncapacitating Roar. On top of that, Balance Affinity IconBalance Affinity gets the Eclipse system from Moonkin druids instead of empowerments we had in Battle for Azeroth. 
  • Heart of the Wild IconHeart of the Wild. Replaces Typhoon IconTyphoon in the fourth tier. Another old favourite. Significantly increases your damage using Balance and Feral Affinities and provides extra Stamina for Bear form if you are using Guardian Affinity IconGuardian Affinity. Overall, a very strong ability that offers good shapeshifting opportunities. Coupled with Convoke the Spirits Convoke the Spirits, this talent is an absolute power house. Who doesn't want to outdamage actual DPS specs on pull? 
  • Overgrowth IconOvergrowth. Replaces Stonebark IconStonebark in the sixth tier. A very expensive healing spell that applies Rejuvenation Rejuvenation, Lifebloom IconLifebloom, Wild Growth Wild Growth and Regrowth IconRegrowth to the target. Unfortunately, it does not provide a Regrowth IconRegrowth instant healing effect, which makes it a lot weaker than it looks at first glance. The mana cost and restrictive cooldown (1 minute) make it unusable in raids, but it very well might see use in the Mythic+ environment.

Legendary Effects

While there are way more Legendary effects than we list here, we tried to focus on the more interesting ones that you might use in Shadowlands. 

  • The Dark Titan's Lesson IconThe Dark Titan's Lesson. You may Lifebloom IconLifebloom two targets at once, but all of Lifebloom IconLifebloom's healing is reduced by 10%. This Legendary effect has obvious strong synergy with Photosynthesis IconPhotosynthesis. Yes, you can get both single target and self effects at once. This is a very exciting power to possess in Mythic+. Furthermore, two Lifebloom IconLifeblooms proc Clearcasting IconClearcasting twice as often. Unfortunately, this legendary is pretty mediocre in raids.
  • Verdant Infusion Circle of Life and Death. Your damage over time effects deal their damage in 25% less time, and your healing over time effects in 15% less time. This is another power that you will only use in Mythic+. Your DoTs will start doing their damage faster, making your DPS global cooldowns more efficient. The same is true for HoTs, but to a lesser extent. Mostly, this is going to be used for extra damage, although healing increase is not trivial either. 
  • Verdant Infusion Memory of the Mother Tree. Wild Growth has a 50% chance to cause your next Rejuvenation or Regrowth to apply to 3 additional allies within 20 yards of the target. This is an excellent legendary for raiding. It allows you to ramp for damage events better, it makes your Wild Growth more Mana efficient, and gives overall good throughput. 



Restoration Druid has not received many rotational changes in Shadowlands from BFA or Legion, so if you haven't played Restoration recently or are getting back into it make sure to check out our current Restoration Druid Shadowlands guide. The baseline is mostly the same, you will only have to adapt to a Covenant ability instead of Essences and add a few keybinds for the new utility buttons we are going to receive. 

The changes overall make the class more fun. We get new buttons to help the group, use our forms more and even get an extra raid cooldown with an ability to use it for burst DPS. These are extremely powerful tools to have both in raiding and in dungeons.


Other Spec Highlights:

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Exciting Changes for Restoration Druids in Shadowlands

One of the best new features in Shadowlands is Covenants

Restoration Druid unfortunately has no real choice in the current state

That sounds like something Blizzard would say, except the last line...

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37 minutes ago, Teufel said:

Do not mean to nitpick, but that's a Shaman on that picture ?

Which one? All of the ones said druid in their description etc. I admit I can't really tell druid and shaman healing spells apart, but yea did check that they all said druid.

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7 hours ago, Starym said:

Which one? All of the ones said druid in their description etc. I admit I can't really tell druid and shaman healing spells apart, but yea did check that they all said druid.

The main one. That's Shaman ICC25 Heroic set that tauren is wearing.

Edited by Teufel

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On 9/6/2020 at 2:05 AM, Teufel said:

The main one. That's Shaman ICC25 Heroic set that tauren is wearing.

It's an art for Wrath card in Hearthstone, which is a Druid one. 

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Just now, Torty said:

It's an art for Wrath card in Hearthstone, which is a Druid one. 

It is a Shaman armor he's wearing, and its design preceeds the card, so I'd refrain from using it still.

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As a Resto Druid main, I'm quite excited for those news. I'm a bit sad that Nourish's return is not as good as it was in WotLK, but the other minor tweaks and synergy possibilities look very nice.

Also, I think this was Blizzard's missed opportunity to bring back Tree of Life as a shapeshift ability, rather than a cooldown. If the excuse is that "Players want to see their transmogs", this can be remedied by simply slapping a cosmetic Glyph much like Glyph of the Stars.

Edited by Valhalen

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      Here's a summary of all class changes that went live in the first 9.1 build.
      Patch 9.1 mostly revolves around PvP talent updates. Many talents have been removed and replaced with new ones. Each class will also receive new Legendary Powers. We expect a new build to hit the 9.1 PTR tomorrow.
      Death Knight
      Anima Powers
      Plaguebringer - Marrowrend, Obliterate, and Festering Strike cause your disease damage to occur 150% more quickly for 5 sec. New Legendary Powers
      Rampant Transference - The strength gained from Death's Due is increased by 1% and persists for 2 sec longer. While standing within your Death's Due your Runic Power generation is increased by 20%. Final Sentence - When Shackle the Unworthy spreads, instantly gain a Rune and your damage is increased by 2%, stacking up to 10% for 10 sec. Insatiable Hunger - When Swarming Mist ends it deals 0 Shadow damage to 5 nearby enemies, healing you for 25% of the damage dealt. The damage is increased by 2% for every 1 Runic Power spent while Swarming Mist was active. Abomination's Frenzy - Abomination Limb's duration is increased by 4 sec and the frequency it grants Bone Shield (Blood), Rime (Frost), Runic Corruption (Unholy) is increased by 2 sec. Additionally enemies pulled by Abomination Limb take 10% increased damage from you for 12 sec. PvP Talents
      Heartstop Aura renamed to Shroud of Winter - Decreases the cooldown recovery rate of your abilities by 30% to all enemies within 8 yards. Enemies within 8 yards of you become shrouded in winter, reducinng the range of their spells and abilities by 30%. Druid
      Stellar Drift (Level 45 Talent) reworked. Increases Starfall's duration by 2 sec, its damage by 15%, and allows you to cast while moving while it is active. Starfall deals 25% additional damage and allows you to cast while moving while it is active, but now has a 15 sec cooldown. Solstice (Level 50 Talent) - During the first 6 sec of every Eclipse, Shooting Stars fall 300% 200% more often. New Moon (Level 50 Talent) recharge time changed from 25 to 20 seconds. Anima Powers
      Soulborne Clasp - When a target dies, your damage over time effects on them jump to another target within 15 yards. Legendary Powers
      Balance of All Things - Entering Eclipse increases your critical strike chance with Arcane or Nature spells by 40% 24%, decreasing by 8% 3% every 1 sec. Wrathful Swarm (NEW) - Adaptive Swarm has a 30% chance to split into two Swarms each time it jumps. Sinful Hysteria (NEW) - Each time Ravenous Frenzy is applied its duration is increased by 0.2 seconds. Mage
      Flamestrike - Calls down a pillar of fire, burning all enemies within the area for [ 60.84% 54.76% of Spell Power ] Fire damage and reducing their movement speed by 20% for 8 sec. Flame Patch (Level 45 Talent) - Flamestrike leaves behind a patch of flames which burns enemies within it for [ 48% 43.2% of Spell Power ] Fire damage over 8 sec. Kindling (Level 50 Talent) - Your Fireball, Pyroblast, Fire Blast, and Phoenix Flames critical strikes reduce the remaining cooldown on Combustion by 1.5 1.0 sec. Legendary Powers
      Harmonic Echo (NEW) -Damage dealt to enemies affected by Radiant Spark's vulnerability echo to 4 nearby enemies for 25% of the damage dealt. Death's Fathom (NEW) - Your Fireball, Frostbolt, and Arcane Blast have a chance to grant Deathborne for 8 sec. While in the form of a skeletal mage the spell damage granted is increased by 1% for each enemy hit by Fireball, Frostbolt and Arcane Blast. Sinful Delight (NEW) - Consuming Clearcast (Arcane) / a Fire Blast charge (Fire) / Brain Freeze (Frost) reduces Mirrors of Torment cooldown by 3 sec. If Mirrors of Torment is dispelled the cooldown is reduced by 45 sec. PvP Talents
      World in Flames - Reduces the cast time of Flamestrike by 1.5 sec, and increases its damage by 20%.  Flamestrike reduces the cast time of Flamestrike by 50% and increases its damage by 30% for 3 sec. Controlled Burn - Ignite deals its full damage 100% faster, but no longer spreads to nearby enemies unless Combustion is active. Ignite deals 100% more damage while Combustion is not active. Burst of Cold - Your Frost Nova instantly resets the cooldown of your Cone of Cold and increases its damage by 400% 600% for 6 sec. Kleptomania - Spellsteal now has a 30 sec cooldown, but steals all spells from the target. Spellsteal steals all spells from the target, now has a 30 sec cooldown and costs 300% more mana. Deep Shatter - Your Frostbolt deals 150% 75% additional damage to Frozen targets. Arcanosphere (NEW) - Builds a sphere of Arcane energy, gaining power over 4 sec. Upon release, the sphere passes through any barriers, knocking enemies back and dealing up to [ 480% of Spell Power ] Arcane damage. (60 yd range, 4 sec cast, 45 sec cooldown) Ring of Fire (NEW) - Summons a Ring of Fire for 8 sec at the target location. Enemies entering the ring burn for 24% of their total health over 6 sec. (30 yd range, Costs 2.5% of Base Mana, 2 sec cast, 30 sec cooldown) Ice Wall (NEW) - Conjures an Ice Wall 30 yards long that obstructs line of sight. The wall has 40% of your maximum health and lasts up to 15 sec. (30 yd range, 1.5 sec cast, 1.5 min cooldown) Here is how Ice Wall looks in the game. Image courtesy of Frijid.

      PvP Talents
      Refreshing Breeze redesigned: During Soothing Mist's channel, Expel Harm's healing is increased by 15%, and dispels 1 Magic, Disease, or Poison effect from the target. Stacks each time Soothing Mist heals the target. Peaceweaver (NEW) - Revival's cooldown is reduced by 50%, and provides immunity to magical damage and harmful effects for 2 sec. Counteract Magic (NEW) - Removing hostile magic effects from a target increases the healing they receive from you by 10% for 10 sec, stacking up to 3 times. Thunder Focus Tea (NNF) (NEW) - Thunder Focus Tea can now additionally cause Crackling Jade Lightning's knockback immediately, or cause Essence Font to increase your movement speed by 70% and provide immunity to movement impairing effects. Surging Mist has been removed. Eminence reworked: Transcendence: Transfer can now be cast if you are stunned. Cooldown reduced by 15 sec if you are not. Demateralize (NEW) - Demateralize into mist while stunned, reducing damage taken by 40%, reforming over 3 sec. Priest
      Spirit Shell (Level 50 Talent) cooldown increased to 1.5 min from 1 min. Holy
      Symbol of Hope has been reworked. Bolster the morale of all healers in your party or raid within 40 yards, restoring 2% of their missing mana immediately and every 1 sec for 5 sec. Bolster the morale of raid members within 40 yds. They each recover 60 sec of cooldown of a major defensive ability, and regain 12% of their missing mana, over 5 sec. Soulbind Conduits
      Dissonant Echoes - Void Bolt deals 35% 20% more damage. PvP Talents
      Lasting Plague renamed to Improved Mass Dispel and reworked. Increases the duration of your Devouring Plague by 6 sec. Mass Dispel's cooldown is reduced to 15 sec and its mana cost is reduced by 30%. Rogue
      Legendary Powers
      Mark of the Master Assassin duration decreased by 40% in PvP. Soulbind Conduits
      Cloaked in Shadows - Entering Stealth cloaks you in shadows, absorbing 10.0% of your maximum health in damage, reduced by 1% each second outside of Stealth. Entering Stealth cloaks you in shadows, absorbing 15.0% of your maximum health in damage for 4 second. PvP Talents
      Neurotoxin has been removed. Hemotoxin (NEW) -  Shiv also reduces the target's healing received by 40% for 9 sec. Shaman
      PvP Talents
      Living Tide (NEW) - Healing Tide Totem's health is increased by 150% and heals for 50% more each time it pulses. Warlock
      Dark Pact (Level 30 Talent) - Sacrifices 20% of your current health to shield you for 250% of the sacrificed health plus an additional [ 120% 380% of Spell Power ] for 20 sec. Usable while suffering from control impairing effects. Affliction
      Agony - Inflicts increasing agony on the target, causing up to [ 60.5% 72.4% of Spell Power + 5 ] Shadow damage over 18 sec. Damage starts low and increases over the duration. Refreshing Agony maintains its current damage level. Shadow Embrace - Drain Soul and Haunt apply Shadow Embrace, increasing your damage dealt to the target by 3% for 12 16 sec. Stacks up to 3 times. May be active on one target at a time. Malefic Rapture damage reduced by 18%. Destruction
      Chaos Bolt - Unleashes a devastating blast of chaos, dealing a critical strike for [ 292% 320% of Spell Power ] Chaos damage. Damage is further increased by your critical strike chance. Legendary Powers
      Sacrolash's Dark Strike - Corruption damage is increased by 15%, and any target affected by your Corruption also has their movement speed slowed by 50%. Corruption damage is increased by 25%, and each time it deals damage any of your Curses active on the target are extended by 2 sec. Wrath of Consumption - Targets that die with your Agony or Corruption applied to them grant you Wrath of Consumption, increasing all periodic damage dealt by 6% for 30 sec, stacking up to 5 times. Corruption and Agony each grants an application of Wrath of Consumption when a target dies, increasing all periodic damage dealt by 6% for 30 sec, stacking up to 5 times. Soulbind Conduits
      Focused Malignancy - Malefic Rapture deals 15% 7% increased damage to targets suffering from Unstable Affliction. PvP Talents
      Soulshatter has been removed. Singe Magic has been removed. Focused Chaos has been removed. Call Fel Lord - Summon a fel lord to guard the location for 15 sec. Any enemy that comes within 6 yards will suffer up to 5% of their maximum health in damage, and players struck will be stunned for 1 sec. 1.5 min cooldown. Summon a fel lord to guard the location for 15 sec. Any enemy that comes within 6 yards will suffer [ 200% of Spell Power ] Physical damage, and players struck will be stunned for 1 sec. 2 min cooldown. Bonds of Fel (NEW) - Encircle enemies with Bonds of Fel, snaring them by 50% for 6 sec. If any target leaves the 8 yd radius, deals [ 460% of Spell Power ] Fire damage, split amongst all nearby enemies. (30 yd range, 1.5 sec cast, 30 sec cooldown) Fel Obelisk (NEW) - Summon a Fel Obelisk with 5% of your maximum health. Empowers you and your minions within 40 yds, increasing attack speed by 20% and reducing the cast time of spells by 20% for 20 sec. (20 yd range, Instant, 45 sec cooldown) Shadow Rift (NEW) - Conjure a Shadow Rift with an 10 yd radius at the target location lasting 2 sec. Any enemies within the zone when it expires are teleported to your Demonic Circle. (30 yd range, Instant, 60 sec cooldown) Warrior
      New Legendary Powers
      Glory - Conqueror's Banner affects 1 additional ally and every 20 (Arms + Fury) / 10 (Protection) Rage you spend while its active increases the duration of your banner by 0.5 sec. Sinful Surge - Condemn extends the duration of Arms: Colossus Smash by 1.5 sec. Fury: Recklessness by 3 sec. Protection: Last Stand by 4 sec. Nature's Fury - Ancient Aftershock's duration is increased by 3 sec and enemies hit take [ 13.83% of APo * 3 ] nature damage over 6 sec, stacking 6 times.
    • By Starym
      An interesting thread popped up on r/WoW the other day, with a user trying to calculate the actual size of Deathwing. So far, so normal. What isn't quite normal is the fact that the poster got a large amount of posts correcting them, with some negative ones as well, as their scale apparently wasn't accurate, to the point where some redditors actually messaged mods to take the post down. In the end the user deleted the post and their reddit account, presumably due to the replies.
      Part of the reason some got so (hilariously) outraged is because the user had calculated Deathwing to be around the size of the Empire State building, when normally standing up. But, as there actually was an official source on this, some fans got upset:
      Now the actual dragon has had MANY sizes in game, so the above is pretty relative, as many characters change sizes in WoW. The original reddit post doesn't exist anymore so I can't link to it, but it turns out it wasn't really inaccurate at all, depending on how you look at it, regardless of the official tweet above.
      In comes a second attempt, as  Tauralt took on the task of figuring out the proper scale of the entirety of the old Earth Warder's body, basing it on the official wingspan and doing some reference work and pixel counting.
      In the original picture (which this is an edit of) the first, lower Deathwing model went straight to the top of the building. And here's the math to back Tauralt up:
      So there you have it, Deathwing is 1 Godzilla-height. And about 2,000 banana-lengths.
      But we're not quite done, as Tauralt also went one step further and actually (sort of) exonored the original poster, by calculating the in-game dragon's size based on the Spine of Deathwing encounter:
      But this also wasn't enough for Tauralt, as someone made a very specific reference to another recent size issue and well, we also got this:

      So, math, reasoning, drama over a dragon's size and some toxic comments. Sounds like WoW in a nutshell to me!
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