Complete Guide to Signature and Covenant Class Abilities in Shadowlands (9.2)

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Covenants grant you access to 2 abilities in Shadowlands.

  • A generic ability, available to all members of a Covenant, also known as Covenant Signature ability;
  • A Covenant class ability that is unique for each class.

The following guide provides an overview of all Covenant Signature Abilities with links to Covenant class abilities.


Dragonflight Pre-Patch Update

Covenant Abilities will override talents if you have both versions of the same spell / double-stacked Covenant Abilities. Covenant Abilities will be disabled outside Shadowlands content when Dragonflight launches.


Patch 9.2. Covenant Ability Changes

Patch 9.2 comes with minor updates to Covenant Abilities. We cover them on separate pages along with other class changes.


Where Can I Try Out All Covenant Abilities?

You can test out all abilities while questing in the new Shadowlands zones before ultimately deciding which Covenant you would like to pursue at level 60.

Even at maximum level, you can still talk to the various Covenant representatives located in the Enclave of Oribos to try out the abilities before choosing a Covenant.


Covenant Signature Abilities

Signature abilities are shared between all members of the same Covenant.


Recap of All Covenant Signature Abilities

Covenant Signature Ability
Kyrian Summon Steward Icon Summon Steward
Night Fae Soulshape Icon Soulshape
Necrolord Fleshcraft Icon Fleshcraft
Venthyr Door of Shadows Icon Door of Shadows

Kyrian Covenant Signature Ability

The Kyrian signature ability is called Summon Steward Icon Summon Steward, and you unlock it in Bastion after progressing through the zone's quest line while leveling, and you gain permanent access to it after choosing the Kyrian Covenant at maximum level.

Summon Steward Icon Summon Steward: Call your steward to bring you a Phial of Serenity Icon Phial of Serenity that can be consumed to restore 20% Health and remove all Curse, Disease, Poison, and Bleed effects. Your Steward additionally offers access to a selection of useful amenities for 4 minutes. (Instant, 5-minute cooldown)

You can sell items to your steward, ask him to change your talents (you will get the Time to Reflect Icon Time to Reflect buff for one minute), have him play you a song or compliment one of your friends. The steward will also give you Phial of Serenity Icon Phial of Serenity on every summon. The item will restores 20% Health and removal Curse, Disease, Poison, and Bleed effects from you. It has three charges.

You can learn more about the Kyrian Covenant in our dedicated Kyrian Covenant guide.


Night Fae Covenant Signature Ability

The Night Fae signature ability is called Soulshape Icon Soulshape, and it is unlocked in Ardenweald after progressing through the zone's quest line, and you can gain permanent access to it after choosing the Night Fae Covenant at maximum level.

Soulshape Icon Soulshape: Turn into a Vulpin, instantly teleporting 15 yards forward and increasing your movement speed by 50%, putting Flicker Icon Flicker on a 4-second cooldown. You may reactivate Soulshape every few seconds to teleport again. Lasts 12 seconds, or indefinitely while in a rest area. (Instant, 1.5-minute cooldown).

Alternatively, the ability can transform you into a Wyvern, a Hippogryph, a Wolfhawk, a Feathered Drake, a Crane, a Teroclaw, a Unicorn, and a Runestag.

If you want to be able to Flicker Icon Flicker in the direction you are moving, instead of the direction you are looking, talk to Lady Muuunn in Ardenweald at 38, 25.

Flicker Icon Flicker can mitigate fall damage and works just like Blink Icon Blink if you cast it shortly before hitting the ground.

You can learn more about the Night Fae Covenant in our dedicated Night Fae Covenant Guide.


Necrolord Covenant Signature Ability

The Necrolord signature ability is called Fleshcraft Icon Fleshcraft, and it is unlocked in Maldraxxus after progressing through the zone's quest line, and you can permanently access it at maximum level after choosing the Necrolord Covenant.

Fleshcraft Icon Fleshcraft: Form a shield of flesh and bone over 3 seconds that absorbs damage equal to 40% of your maximum health for 2 minutes. While channeling, your damage taken is reduced by 20%. Passive effect: Moving near an enemy's corpse consumes their essence to reduce Fleshcraft's cooldown by 1 second. (3-second cast, 10-yard range, 2-minute cooldown)

You can learn more about the Necrolord Covenant in our dedicated Necrolord Covenant Guide linked below.


Venthyr Covenant Signature Ability

The Venthyr signature ability is called Door of Shadows Icon Door of Shadows, and it is unlocked in Revendreth after progressing through the zone's quest line, and you can permanently unlock it if you decide to go for the Venthyr Covenant at maximum level.

Door of Shadows Icon Door of Shadows: Wend through the shadows, appearing at the targeted location (1.5 second cast, 35-yard range, 60-second cooldown)

You can learn more about the Venthyr Covenant in our dedicated Venthyr Covenant Guide.


Covenant Class Abilities

In addition to signature abilities, each Covenant also grants your character class-specific Covenant abilities that are different for each class and you can find more details about them on the individual pages linked below.



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