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Dragonflight Pre-Patch Phase 2 Launch Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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With Dragonflight pre-patch Phase 2 launching on live servers today, we prepared a guide with all the new content that becomes available. Check it out!

Required XP Per Level Changes

Even with Winds of Wisdom Winds of Wisdom gone, you can quickly level your characters. Blizzard has significantly reduced the XP required per level in Phase 2 of the pre-patch.

Currently, on live servers, you need 4,742,270 XP to reach Level 60. However, after the nerf, you will only require 2,086,405 XP, which means 57% less XP will be needed to hit the maximum level starting November 15. The most significant nerf (70-73%) was made in the 49-60 level range. Leveling is still fast, even without the +50% XP buff.

Level XP Required on Live Servers XP Required in Dragonflight Pre-Patch Phase 2
1 250 250
2 590 590
3 1065 1065
4 1675 1675
5 2420 2420
6 3305 3305
7 4325 4325
8 5485 5485
9 6775 6775
10 8205 8205
11 7450 9765
12 8540 11030
13 9700 12360
14 10935 13755
15 12235 15220
16 13610 16750
17 15055 18345
18 16570 20005
19 18160 21730
20 19815 23525
21 21545 25385
22 23345 27310
23 25215 29305
24 27155 31365
25 29165 33490
26 31250 35680
27 33405 37935
28 35630 40260
29 37925 42650
30 40290 45105
31 43690 45590
32 47225 46005
33 50895 46360
34 54690 46655
35 58625 46880
36 62685 47045
37 66880 47145
38 71210 47185
39 75670 47160
40 80260 47070
41 84985 46915
42 89840 46700
43 94830 46420
44 99950 46075
45 105200 45670
46 110585 45200
47 116105 44670
48 121755 44070
49 127535 43410
50 192875 42690
51 208990 47565
52 225450 52600
53 242525 57785
54 259925 63135
55 277955 68635
56 296295 74295
57 315285 80110
58 334755 86085
59 354510 92215

Dragonflight Pre-Patch Event 

Primal Storms are starting today.

  • Periodically, three Azeroth zones will be under attack by Primalist forces -- Badlands, Northern Barrens, and Un'Goro Crater.
  • Your job is to repel the invading elementals for loot and a currency that can be turned in for item level 252 catch-up gear.
  • The pre-patch event quest can be started by characters level 10 and above. You will receive a bronze drake mount to help you finish the quest in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
  • An invasion consists of two stages.
    • Stage 1: Defeat creatures in active primal storm locations until the Elemental Protection bar reaches 0. The invasion boss is invulnerable at this stage.
    • Stage 2: Defeat the invasion boss.
  • You can earn a pet, a  toy, a Feat of Strength achievement, a 20-slot reagent bag, and an Heirloom Trinket from the event.


Playable Dracthyr Evokers

Early access to Dracthyr Evokers starts today for those who pre-ordered the Dragonflight expansion.

  • Dracthyr Evoker starts at Level 58 in the Forbidden Reach.
  • Upon completing the intro questline, Dracthyr Evokers will be at Level 60 (the current max level).
  • We have a gearing guide available for Evokers and returning players available here.

For more details about Dracthyr Evokers, check out our comprehensive guide posted earlier today.


Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Dungeon

Players can queue up for Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Dungeon at Level 60 during the pre-patch event for Item level 278 loot. Do not forget to pick up the associated quest from Khadgar for item level 278 weapons.


Chromie Time Changes

You can now select any expansion to reach Level 60 in Chromie Time, including Shadowlands.


For more details, check out the official pre-patch phase 2 update notes.

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    • By Starym
      There's been many a hyperspawn in Pandaria, granting players with different amount of Bronze per hour. Everyone's been swarming every new potential spot while Blizzard scrambles to shut them all down as fast as possible. The original hyperspawn sin, the frog farm, even elicited a round of nerfs to a whole lot of people, but it also brought in a specific piece of compensation, which made a certain other farm pretty great.
      With all the post-frog changes, it turns out that leveling alts could be the next best Bronze farm, as Blizzard keep shutting every other one down. The biggest change came in the form of three new quests at levels 50, 60 and 70, granting 3,000, 7,000 and 30,000 of the currency. Added to the approximately 30-ish thousand Bronze players gather up through leveling, that comes out to 70,000 Bronze per alt.
      But the Bronze quests weren't the only things buffed since the frog apocalypse, as XP gains and level scaling has also been adjusted.
      Hotfixes (Source)
      Enemy power scaling, particularly in group content, has been adjusted to be less aggressive. This is particularly applicable in the player level 40 - 70 range, before players have been able to power up their cloak, upgrade their gems, and increase their item level. The first-time bonus for queueing each LFR wing will grant a Thread of Experience in addition to the existing Lesser Bronze Cache. Developers’ notes: This should improve LFR as a viable choice for leveling main characters and alts, without players feeling like they need to grind the same LFR wing repeatedly. We have added bonus experience to each boss in normal dungeons and scenarios so they are a viable alternative to questing. Bonus experience has also been adding to the last boss of Heroic Scenarios. Heroic dungeon bosses will continue to drop bonus experience. For everyone that did not take advantage of the frog farming, we’re providing three additional quests with large Bronze rewards for reaching levels 50, 60, and 70. These quests will become available from Momentus the item upgrader at the Jade Forest Infinite Bazaar. These milestone quests will grant characters an additional 3,000, 7,000, and 30,000 Bronze, respectively. What this now means is that via regular dungeon spamming (Normal and Heroic), as well as the first-time Look for Raid XP bonuses for each raid, you can get to level 70 pretty quickly, with some players getting it done in around 5 hours! Now sure, these fast leveling times include the cloak XP bonus, but that's relatively easy to get on at least one character, and you probably already have it if you've been playing. The Infinite Growth II, III and IV quests pop up at the Jade Forest Bazaar and are marked on your map with the new purple quest marker, so you can't miss them.
      There's nothing particularly special here, it really is just spamming dungeons and running the LFR for the first clear bonuses when the queue pops. You can also do regular quests or the daily quests, as the give a pretty solid chunk of XP, and you can do those while you wait for the LFR queue as well.
      So if you're taking 5 hours to level an alt, with a presumed 30K Bronze while leveling and the 40K from quests, that comes in at around 14K an hour. Granted that's nowhere near the 60K an hour from the original frogs, but it's not that extremely far away from the new hyperspawns. Plus it's not infinite boring and you get a bunch of level 70 chars as a bonus!  There probably are a few more hyperspawn farms available that are significantly better, but since those keep popping up and being knocked down by Blizzard, this seems a lot more stable, especially long-term.

      Considering leveling alts fast was the primary reason to even play Remix for a lot of players, this is a real win-win. As many players commented, it seems the best way to farm Bronze is... to play MoP Remix as intended!
    • By Stan
      Rogues received some new talents in this week's War Within Alpha build!
      Deal Fate- Sinister Strike generates generate an 1 additional combo point when it strikes they strike an additional time. Sanguine Stratagem (New)- Gain 1 additional max combo point. Your finishing moves that consume more than 5 combo points have increased effects, and your finishing moves deal 5% increased damage. Follow the Blood (New)- Fan of Knives, Shuriken Storm, Crimson Tempest, and Black Powder deal 20% additional damage while 3 or more enemies are afflicted with Rupture. Bait and Switch (New)- Evasion reduces magical damage taken by 20%. Cloak of Shadows reduces physical damage taken by 20%. Symbolic Victory (New)- Symbols of Death additionally increases the damage of your next Eviscerate or Black Powder by 10%. Shroud of Night (New)- Shroud of Concealment duration increased by 5 sec.
    • By Stan
      Proving Grounds in MoP Remix are easy to complete and reward you with 3 prestigious titles!
      You're probably asking why the hell would someone want to complete Proving Grounds in MoP Remix. Well, for one, there are 3 achievements (1 per role) that award titles and they are account-wide, so if you did not complete them on live servers yet, you can do that in MoP Remix and it will be much simpler.
      Let's break down the achievements and titles:
      Proving Yourself: Endless Tank (Wave 30) - Rewards "the Proven Defender" title. Proving Yourself: Endless Healer (Wave 30) - Rewards "the Proven Healer" title. Proving Yourself: Endless Damage (Wave 30) - Rewards "the Proven Assailant" title.  
      To enter the Proving Grounds, speak with Trial Master Rotun inside the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit in MoP Remix.
    • By Stan
      Discover the steps to get the Theramore Tabard and the Mini-Mana Bomb toy in the MoP Remix event!
      Players have discovered that the Theramore Tabard and Mini Mana Bomb toy are available in the MoP Remix event. However, these items cannot be purchased from vendors.
      To obtain them, you need a Level 35 character and must complete the "Theramore's Fall" scenario. After completing the scenario, the toy or tabard will be mailed to you, depending on your faction.
      Unfortunately, there's currently a bug where characters who reach Level 36 during the scenario won't receive the rewards.
      To avoid reaching Level 36 inside the scenario, simply unequip your cloak to remove the XP buff. This will make you weaker, but it ensures you earn the rewards.
      Hopefully, Blizzard will soon release a hotfix to address this issue.
    • By Stan
      Here is a summary of the latest Monk changes from the the War Within Alpha.
      Pool of Mists- Your Renewing Mist spell now has 3 charges and reduces the remaining cooldown of Rising Sun Kick by 1.0 sec. Your Rising Sun Kick spell now reduces the remaining cooldown of Renewing Mist by 1.0 sec. Mantra of Purity- When cast on yourself, your single-target healing spells heal for 10% more and grant a restore an additional [ 50% 150% of Spell Power ] heal health over 6 sec. Storm, Earth, and Fire- Split into 3 elemental spirits for 15 sec, each spirit dealing 42% 40% of normal damage and healing. You directly control the Storm spirit, while Earth and Fire spirits mimic your attacks on nearby enemies. While active, casting Storm, Earth, and Fire again will cause the spirits to fixate on your target. Flurry of Xuen- Your spells and abilities have a chance to activate Flurry of Xuen, unleashing a barrage of deadly swipes to deal [ 300% 200% of Attack Power ] Physical damage in a 10 yd cone, damage reduced beyond 5 targets. Invoking Xuen, the White Tiger activates Flurry of Xuen. Spiritual Focus- Normal: Every 2 Chi you spend reduces the cooldown of Storm, Earth, and Fire by 1 1.0 sec. Serenity : Every 2 Chi you spend reduces the cooldown of Serenity by 0.3 sec. Vivacious Vivification- Every 10 sec, your next Vivify becomes instant and its healing is increased by 20%. Xuen's Guidance- Teachings of the Monastery has a 15% chance to refund a charge when consumed. The damage of Tiger Palm is increased by 30%. 15%. Yu'lon's Whisper- Activating Thunder Focus causes you to exhale the breath of Yu'lon, healing up to 5 allies within 15 yards for [ 147.5% of Spell Power ] over 2 sec. While channeling Mana Tea you exhale the breath of Yu'lon, healing up to 5 allies within 15 yards for [ 3.5% of Spell Power ] every 9.5 sec. Refreshing Jade Wind- Summon a whirling tornado around you, causing [ 277.7% of Spell Power ] healing over 15 6 sec to up to 6 allies within 10 yards. Heart of the Jade Serpent- Consuming causes your next Storm, Earth, and Fire to call upon Yu'lon to decrease the cooldown time of by 75% for 8 sec. Refreshing Jade Wind (New)- Thunder Focus Tea summons a whirling tornado around you, causing [ 1,322.4% of Spell Power ] healing over 6 sec to up to 6 allies within 10 yards. Chi Harmony (New)- Renewing Mist increases its target's healing received from you by 50% for the first 8 sec of its duration, but cannot jump to a new target during this time.
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