Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Dungeon Guide: Location, Boss Strategies, Trash, and Loot

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Welcome to our guide to the Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr dungeon in the Dragonflight World of Warcraft expansion. This guide will cover everything you need to know about the dungeon, including how to get to it, its layout, the trash and boss mechanics within, and its loot. This dungeon is part of the Season 2 Dragonflight dungeon selection.


Getting Into Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr is a dungeon located in the Badlands, with its entrance just above the original Uldaman dungeon. The guide will focus on an extensive dungeon overview, providing vital information to complete it across all difficulties (Normal, HeroicHeroic, and MythicMythic). We will cover all 5 boss fights, along with the most notable trash enemies in the dungeon and their abilities. If you would like to learn about the other Season 4 dungeons or the upcoming Mythic+ season instead, please see our overviews linked below. Otherwise, without further ado, let us begin!

Uldaman Layout

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Layout


Unlockable Checkpoints Throughout the Dungeon

Neglected Mole Machine Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr offers 3 unique checkpoints, each of them triggered by activating a Neglected Mole Machine. When you die and Release Spirit, just on the right as you respawn, you will see the initial Neglected Mole Machine; the further you progress into the dungeon, the more teleport options you can have. Here is how to unlock them and their location on the maps below (each marked with a red dot):

  • Upon defeating Bromach, just to the right, you will see the first checkpoint, named "Alpha".
  • The second checkpoint will be available after defeating Emberon; it is located inside the cave that you have previously "cleared" of Skittering Crawlers and Cavern Seekers, named "Beta.
  • The last checkpoint will be located at the end of The Earthworks area, just before entering toward the last pack of Ebonstone Golem. The teleport does not activate until you first pull Chrono-Lord Deios.

Profession Bonuses


Mining Bonus

There is an Mining profession bonus in this dungeon granting you Lost Tome of Tyr Icon Lost Tome of Tyr stackable buff that persists through death. There are 3 tomes, and they are located throughout the whole dungeon. Below you can find more information on how you can acquire it and where exactly it is located:

  • There are 3x Crumbling Rock Vein in the whole dungeon (see the yellow marks in the map above). One at the start of the dungeon, one just right from the first boss, and the last one to the left of the second boss.
  • First, you must have at least 25 skill in Dragon Isles Mining to "mine" the Crumbling Rock Vein (look at the rock above).
  • Only one member from your team is required to interact with Crumbling Rock Vein, after which you will be able to loot the Lost Tome of Tyr, which will grant you a 10% out-of-combat movement speed STACKABLE buff.
  • The buff will save you time throughout the whole key, as mounts cannot be used here.

The Dig and The Lost Dwarves


Notable Trash Before The Lost Dwarves

  • Beware of Stonevault Geomancers, as the Stone Spike Icon Stone Spike and Chain Lightning Icon Chain Lightning (much more important) must be interrupted.
  • Vicious Basilisk is a simple mob, yet dangerous enough not to be underestimated. Their signature-ability — the (non-interruptible) Chomp Icon Chomp — goes on the highest threat target and leaves a BleedBleed effect on them. You cannot out-range it as it will recast, so take it and use mitigation. It is important to stop the Spiked Carapace Icon Spiked Carapace cast, as it reflects damage once they have the buff. You can use any Purge Icon Purge effects on it to remove it otherwise.
  • Finally, HulkingBerserker, will occasionally cast Diseased Bite Icon Diseased Bite on the highest threat target (removable with any DiseaseDisease Dispel), which will reduce the target's movement speed by 30%. The mob will also cast Brutal Slam Icon Brutal Slam, stunning all enemies within 7 yards for 1.5 seconds and dealing damage. It is best to step out of the melee and avoid this at all costs. Last but not least, when the HulkingBerserker goes down to 40% it will cast Reckless Rage Icon Reckless Rage, which makes them take 20% more damage, but also they do 20% more damage, so be careful!

The Lost Dwarves Boss Guide

Throughout the whole encounter, you will deal with the 3 Dwarves simultaneously, each of them having unique abilities. Here is what you should do:


All Roles

  • Pay attention for Olaf's Ricocheting Shield Icon Ricocheting Shield, as it targets a random player and deals Physical damage. It will ricochet up to 5 players within 5 yards, so keep a safe distance from each other at all times!
  • Eric 'The Swift' will occasionally cast Skullcracker Icon Skullcracker, inflicting Physical damage to players within 5 yards. Be pre-spread and avoid the ground animation.
  • Defensive Bulwark Icon Defensive Bulwark is another ability you should pay attention to coming out from Olaf; it provides 75% damage reduction within the "bubble," and it is interruptible. It is important to note that during the whole duration of the Bulwark, Olaf does NOT cast any other spells or auto-attack.
  • The fight goes on like this until the Dwarfs reach low health, after which they begin Longboat Raid! Icon Longboat Raid!, casting Searing Cannonfire Icon Searing Cannonfire at a target's location. You must be stacked at this point and move slowly together to "save" space as the Searing Cannonfire Icon Searing Cannonfire will leave Burning Pitch Icon Burning Pitch behind it, which will last for 30 seconds.
  • Finally, focusing on one boss at a time might be beneficial, as Hasty Rearming Icon Hasty Rearming will increase the rating of which Searing Cannonfire Icon Searing Cannonfire is firing. The more Dwarfs there are, the more frequently this will be cast.


  • Baelog will occasionally cast Wild Cleave Icon Wild Cleave; this is a good time to use active mitigation. In addition, the ability "cleaves" any players in front of him within 10 yards, hence why it is important never to face your party to avoid casualties.
  • Throughout the whole fight, you will also need to pay attention to Baelog's (non-interruptible) Heavy Arrow Icon Heavy Arrow. It fires in a straight line, damaging the player and knocking them back upon inflicting damage. It always goes where you are facing the boss, so keep it away from your party to avoid unnecessary deaths.


  • Beware of Eric 'The Swift' casting his (non-interruptible) Dagger Throw Icon Dagger Throw at a random player, top them up quickly.
  • You will have to think about Fiery Surge Icon Fiery Surge. Each time the boss fires Searing Cannonfire Icon Searing Cannonfire, the entire party will be damaged!

Map Chamber and Bromach


Notable Trash Before Bromach

The distance from The Lost Dwarves to Bromach is quite short, hence why there are few trash enemies to deal with. Here is only one mob type that you must focus on:

  • Burly Rock-Thrower is the only new mob that will appear here. They will occasionally cast Throw Rock Icon Throw Rock, which is a non-interruptible — though you can use other disruption effects to stop it, however, — ground-animation cast that you can avoid by stepping aside.

Bromach Boss Guide


All Roles

  • A few seconds into the fight Bromach will cast Call of the Deep Icon Call of the Deep summoning Stonevault Geomancer (the same mobs you have previously fought to get to the boss) and Stonevault Ambusher. It is important to note that due to the Stonevault Geomancer being a caster, they will stay far away while casting spells on you. The best way to deal with them is to line-of-sight so they can come close to the tank or use interrupt/knockback abilities so you "lock" them out of casting and make them move closer to you.
  • Uldaman Legacy of Tyr Bromach Thundering Slam Occasionally, the boss will also cast Thundering Slam Icon Thundering Slam, which you should avoid at all costs, though the time to react is plenty.
  • Here is the tricky part, as soon as the boss casts Quaking Totem Icon Quaking Totem, you have to shift your focus and kill it instantly. While the Quaking Totem Icon Quaking Totem is active, the entire party will take Shocking Quake Icon Shocking Quake damage, so it is crucial to nuke it quickly. Upon destroying the Quaking Totem Icon Quaking Totem, it will cause Tremor Icon Tremor, stunning all Stonevault Troggs within 8 yards. While stunned, their damage taken is increased by 200% for 10 seconds.
  • Finally, pay attention when he casts Bloodlust Icon Bloodlust; you will not be able to interrupt it, but you can Enrage Icon Enrage Dispel as soon as you see it. Stunning him during the cast with the Tremor Icon Tremor will also stop the effect.


  • As soon as Call of the Deep Icon Call of the Deep has been cast, establish threat on the nearby Stonevault Ambusher and Stonevault Geomancer.
  • Make sure to stack the existing mobs under the Quaking Totem Icon Quaking Totem, as well as Bromach him, so as soon as you kill it, every NPC alive will be affected by Tremor Icon Tremor, essentially speeding up the boss fight.


  • Use healing cooldowns when the Quaking Totem Icon Quaking Totem appears; your the team will take massive damage from Shocking Quake Icon Shocking Quake the longer the totem stays alive.

Hall of The Keepers and Sentinel Talondras


Notable Trash Before Sentinel Talondras

  • Pay attention to Earthen Custodian's frontal Cleave Icon Cleave. As a tank, you must be positioned away from any melee members. In addition, their auto-attacks will also apply Rending Slash Icon Rending Slash, a BleedBleed damage-over-time effect. It is best to use mitigation at this point.
  • Refti Custodian sticks alongside Earthen Custodian but it is a lot less dangerous. You only need to pay attention to Jagged Bite Icon Jagged Bite, which is a non-interruptible cast (though it can be disrupted) that applies a BleedBleed damage-over-time effect on your tank.

Sentinel Talondras Boss Guide

Sentinel Talondras

All Roles

  • It is important to understand how Ancient Dynamo Icon Ancient Dynamo works. In the beginning of the fight, the boss will have 2 stacks of Inexorable Icon Inexorable, which gives her immunity to stun effects. This is important because later on, you must stun her with Resonating Orb Icon Resonating Orb (spawning 3 in total on the player's locations) or any other stun effects before the boss casting Titanic Empowerment Icon Titanic Empowerment.
  • Occasionally, Sentinel Talondras will cast Crushing Stomp Icon Crushing Stomp, knocking players away, interrupting their cast, and also dealing Physical damage to all of them.
  • The boss gains Unrelenting Icon Unrelenting stacks everytime it gets stunned.


  • The boss will cast Titanic Empowerment Icon Titanic Empowerment once she reaches 100 Energy. It is important to clear her 2 stacks of Inexorable Icon Inexorable with the Resonating Orb Icon Resonating Orb before she gets close to 100 Energy so later on you can stun her on the Titanic Empowerment Icon Titanic Empowerment cast.


  • When the boss casts Crushing Stomp Icon Crushing Stomp, be prepared to top up your party quickly.
  • Use healer cooldowns when the Earthen Shards Icon Earthen Shards BleedBleed effect is going out (it casts on random party members). This is a good time to suggest to your party members to use their defenses. Several spells can completely mitigate the Earthen Shards Icon Earthen Shards effect, such as with the Dwarf Stoneform Icon Stoneform racial or a Paladin's Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection; there are more, but these are two of the most common.

Hall of the Keepers and Emberon


Notable Trash Before Emberon

Upon defeating Sentinel Talondras, you will be heading toward the second to last boss in this dungeon — Emberon. You will face several new mob types, each increasing the dungeon's difficulty. Here are the most notable ones:

  • Earthen Weaver is a dangerous caster mob that has two important abilities to pay attention to a single-target spell — Stone Bolt Icon Stone Bolt, which must be interrupted, and a Hail of Stone Icon Hail of Stone channel on a random player, which is unable to be interrupted, but you can use disruption effects or combat-dropping abilities to stop it such as Feign Death Icon Feign Death, Vanish Icon Vanish, Shadowmeld Icon Shadowmeld, and Greater Invisibility Icon Greater Invisibility.
  • Beware of Runic Protector and its Fissuring Slam Icon Fissuring Slam ability, which leaves a lingering pool. Because it does damage, do your best to avoid it and never step in it. The mob will occasionally cast Earthquake Icon Earthquake, which does AoE damage. Since the damage cannot be line-of-sighted, this is the best time to use personal defensives.
  • Earthen Warder can be a tricky mob. Make sure you interrupt or Purge Icon Purge Earthen Ward Icon Earthen Ward, as they will put it on a random enemy target. The most important cast to interrupt or Decurse will be Curse of Stone Icon Curse of Stone. If you do not, any party member will be stunned for 5 seconds, making this a crucial ability. Finally, they will also cast Stone Bolt Icon Stone Bolt, which can hurt you again if it goes through but is an overall highly important non-boss-enemy to defeat first!
  • Skittering Crawler will randomly cast Pounce Icon Pounce on your party members, so it is best to pre-defensive if you are low on health. Their auto-attacks also apply a PoisonPoison effect on your tank, so if you hold a PoisonPoison Dispel, this is the perfect scenario to use it.
  • The last important mob type you should pay attention to is the Cavern Seeker; this bat will occasionally cast Sonic Burst Icon Sonic Burst, a spell that will interrupt and spell lock you if you are caught mid-cast.

Emberon Boss Boss Guide


Upon engaging Emberon he will cast Activate Keepers Icon Activate Keepers, with each of them spawning a Seeking Flame Icon Seeking Flame. You cannot attack them until the boss is "phased." It is crucial to dodge these Flames at all costs, but they do rotate slowly. In case you cannot, using an immunity to soak an orb also works, such as a Rogue's Cloak of Shadows Icon Cloak of Shadows.


All Roles

  • Periodically, Emberon will also cast Unstable Embers Icon Unstable Embers on all players, so it is crucial to be spread and never overlap each other with the surrounding circle. This is a great place to use your defenses.
  • Uldaman Legacy of Tyr Emberon Sacred Barrier and Heat Engine The boss enters an "intermission phase" once he reaches maximum energy. During this phase, he will have a Sacred Barrier Icon Sacred Barrier aura, preventing you from damaging him. Make sure not to stay in the middle where the boss is because you risk being hit by Heat Engine Icon Heat Engine! The phase will end once you defeat the 4 Keepers, but the tricky part is that every 3 seconds of the intermission, the boss will cast Fire Wave Icon Fire Wave. Assigning each Keeper to a specific party member is crucial so you can defeat them faster.
  • Last but not least, a Lava Beam will be present during the intermission phase. It will probably turn lethal if you cross it unless you have immunity, so do not risk going through. You can use Blink Icon Blink-like methods of going through it if necessary but do so at your own risk.


  • Aim the Searing Clap Icon Searing Clap frontal away from any party members.


  • Be ready to dispel the Burning Heat Icon Burning Heat.
  • Do your best to heal everyone around you during the fight intermission. Fire Wave Icon Fire Wave will go as long as the phase lasts.

The Vault of Tyr and Chrono-Lord Deios


Notable Trash Before Chrono-Lord Deios

Before engaging the last boss of the dungeon, Chrono-Lord Deios, there are a few critical trash enemies that you must face:

  • Ebonstone Golem is an important trash mob to which your healer must pay utmost attention. It has only one important ability, and that is Thunderous Clap Icon Thunderous Clap, dealing AoE damage to everyone around the area. If you are a ranged player, you can out-range it (staying at least 30 yards away is safe enough).
  • Another mob type you should pay attention to is Earthen Guardian. It is a dangerous mob because it casts Blessing of Tyr Icon Blessing of Tyr, the cast is non-interruptible, and the aura bolsters the damage of any nearby enemies that are inside the "aura," hence why your tank must "kite" the mobs away from it immediately. Finally, your tank must pay attention to Bulwark Slam Icon Bulwark Slam, a heavy-hitting single-target ability.
  • The last non-boss-enemy you should pay attention to is Infinite Timereaver. It applies the Stolen Time Icon Stolen Time MagicMagic debuff that stacks, dealing Arcane damage and reducing your Haste by 2% per stack while they gain 2% Haste. The most important note here is that the debuff stack has an aura effect, meaning they do not have to auto-attack anyone to apply it but rather just be around the party members, and everyone gets it. Be careful how many of you pull; things can go out of hand if you pull multiple. One way to prevent the debuff from triggering is if they are under the influence of a stun effect!

Chrono-Lord Deios Boss Guide

Chrono-Lord Deios

Uldaman Legacy of Tyr Chrono Lord Deios Rewind Time Chrono-Lord Deios is a straightforward boss fight with an "intermission," as periodically his energy will decay from 100 to 0 throughout 5 ticks, losing 20 per each tick, upon which Rewind Timeflow Icon Rewind Timeflow begins. Stay in all Temporal Zone Icon Temporal Zones before they disappear, as this grants you 30% Haste for the remaining duration. Upon the boss reaching 100 Energy again, Rewind Timeflow Icon Rewind Timeflow ends.


All Roles

  • Periodically Chrono-Lord Deios will cast Eternity Orb Icon Eternity Orb. Do your best to dodge the ground animation since it spawns Eternity Zone Icon Eternity Zone.
  • Beware of Wing Buffet Icon Wing Buffet, as it will not only interrupt your cast, but it will knock you back, causing you to take Physical damage; make sure there is no Eternity Zone Icon Eternity Zone behind you. You can also pre-immunity it (if your class has one) or use Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection to mitigate the damage and the knockback effect.


  • Sand Breath Icon Sand Breath must be tanked away from the group, as it is a frontal cone ability that targets only you until the cast is finished.


  • The boss will periodically cast Time Sink Icon Time Sink. This MagicMagic debuff goes on a random member of your party and, upon dispelling, will trigger Time Eruption Icon Time Eruption. It is best to wait until the target is "safe" to be dispelled.
  • Use healing cooldowns when Rewind Timeflow Icon Rewind Timeflow begins. It will last for 12 seconds.

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Loot Table


The Lost Dwarves

Type Item Stats
Leather Feet Treads of the Swift Icon Treads of the Swift Mastery/Crit
Plate Head Old Seafarer's Headpiece Icon Old Seafarer's Headpiece Haste/Crit
Trinket Homeland Raid Horn Icon Homeland Raid Horn Agi/Str
Mail Wrist Fierce Boreal Armguards Icon Fierce Boreal Armguards Haste/Mastery
Shield Stout Shield Icon Stout Shield Crit/Mastery
Cloth Waist Lost Hero's Waist Wrap Icon Lost Hero's Waist Wrap Mastery/Haste


Type Item Stats
Plate Wrist Excavated Earthen Wristslabs Icon Excavated Earthen Wristslabs Haste/Crit
Leather Waist Troggskin Waistband Icon Troggskin Waistband Crit/Vers
Mail Hands Rock Shovelers Icon Rock Shovelers Vers/Haste
Neck Bromach's Disentombed Locket Icon Bromach's Disentombed Locket Haste/Mastery
Dagger Unearthed Trogglodicer Icon Unearthed Trogglodicer Agi, Vers/Haste
Cloth Legs Miner's Sturdy Trousers Icon Miner's Sturdy Trousers Crit/Mastery

Sentinel Talondras

Type Item Stats
Polearm Sentinel's Battle Lance Icon Sentinel's Battle Lance Agi, Vers/Mastery
Ring Eternal Sentry's Ring Icon Eternal Sentry's Ring Crit/Haste
Leather Shoulder Shoulders of Animated Stone Icon Shoulders of Animated Stone Mastery/Crit
Cloth Feet Ancient Crosswrapped Sandals Icon Ancient Crosswrapped Sandals Haste/Crit
Trinket Inexorable Resonator Icon Inexorable Resonator Str


Type Item Stats
Plate Hands Keeper's Iron Grips Icon Keeper's Iron Grips Crit/Mastery
Leather Legs Annora's Punctured Leggings Icon Annora's Punctured Leggings Vers/Haste
Mail Waist Gatekeeper's Girdle Icon Gatekeeper's Girdle Crit/Vers
1H Mace Bouldersplitter Icon Bouldersplitter Agi, Vers/Mastery
Gun Vault Piercer Icon Vault Piercer Haste/Mastery
Cloth Wrist Animated Shackles Icon Animated Shackles Crit/Haste

Chrono-Lord Deios

Type Item Stats
Leather Head Vision of Foreshadowed Ends Icon Vision of Foreshadowed Ends Haste/Mastery
Mail Chest Fatebound Chainmail Icon Fatebound Chainmail Crit/Vers
Trinket Time-Breaching Talon Icon Time-Breaching Talon Int
Staff Infinite Dragonspire Icon Infinite Dragonspire Int, Haste/Crit
Cloth Legs Crazed Traveler's Legwraps Icon Crazed Traveler's Legwraps Haste/Vers
Plate Shoulder Pauldrons of Immutable Truth Icon Pauldrons of Immutable Truth Crit/Haste

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Achievements

There are 7 total achievements to obtain in Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr:

Achievement Criteria
Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Icon Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Defeat Chrono-Lord Deios in Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr.
Heroic: Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Icon Heroic: Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Defeat Chrono-Lord Deios in Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr on HeroicHeroic difficulty or higher.
Mythic: Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Icon Mythic: Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Defeat Chrono-Lord Deios in Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr on MythicMythic difficulty or Mythic Keystone difficulty.
No, You're Stunning! Icon No, You're Stunning! Defeat Sentinel Talondras after simultaneously stunning both Sentinel Talondras and all party members in Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr on MythicMythic difficulty.
Like Sands Through the Hourglass Icon Like Sands Through the Hourglass Defeat Chrono-Lord Deios after catching every Eternity Orb Icon Eternity Orb as it falls to the ground in Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr on MythicMythic difficulty.
Its a Trogg Eat Trogg World Icon It's a Trogg Eat Trogg World Defeat Bromach while 10 or more Stonevault Troggs are still alive in Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr on MythicMythic difficulty.
Keystone Hero: Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Icon Keystone Hero: Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr Complete Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr at Mythic Level 20 or higher, within the time limit.


  • 23 Apr. 2024: Guide updated for Season 4.
  • 10 Jul. 2023: No further changes required for the 10.1.5 Patch.
  • 17 Apr. 2023: Guide Updated for Season 2 of Mythic+.
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