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Very Rare Drops from Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope Raid

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An overview of Unique Drops from Amirdrassil, the new 10.2 raid.

As you probably know, the final raid tier of Dragonflight opens this week on live servers, so we're dedicating Amirdrassil the attention it deserves. The first post deals with Uniques or "Very Rare" drops you can get there.

What are Very Rare Drops?

Very Rare drops are items with a low chance of dropping from a boss' loot table. These items will always have a higher item level from that boss' loot table.

How Many Very Rare Items Does Amirdrassil Have?

The 10.2 raid adds 5 Very Rare items. Item levels are noted in brackets as follows (LFR/Normal/Heroic/Mythic).

Very Rare Drops from Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope Raid

Volcoross - Ouroboreal Necklet Ouroboreal Necklet (Neck) (Item Level 450/463/476/489)

Effect: Dealing Fire damage grants you a shield absorbing 50,933 Nature damage. Dealing Nature damage grants you a shield absorbing 50,933 Fire damage. This effect may only occur every 1 min.

Nymue, Weaver of the Cycle - Dreambinder, Loom of the Great Cycle Dreambinder, Loom of the Great Cycle (Two-Hand Staff (Item Level 450/463/476/489)

EffectWeb of Dreams Web of Dreams - Weave a web of dreams beneath your target after 2 sec, dealing 72,276 Nature damage split between all enemies within 8 yds. Your target is immobilized for 4 sec while additional enemies are slowed by 80%. Damage increased per enemy struck, up to 5. (Instant, 45 yd range, 2 min cooldown)

Fyrakk, the Blazing 

The final boss drops 3 trinkets labeled as Very Rare.

  • Augury of the Primal Flame Augury of the Primal Flame (Item Level 457/470/483/496)
    • EffectAugury of the Primal Flame Augury of the Primal Flame - Your spells and abilities have a low chance to grant Annihilating Flame for 20 sec, causing your critical strikes to deal 50% additional damage as Fire split between nearby enemies. The Flame may deal 137,307 total damage before fading, further increased by the effects of Critical Strike, Versatility, and striking multiple enemies. Damage increased per enemy struck, up to 5.
  • Blossom of Amirdrassil Blossom of Amirdrassil (Item Level 457/470/483/496)
    • Effect: Blossom of Amirdrassil Blossom of Amirdrassil - Healing an ally below 80% health grants them Blossom of Amirdrassil, healing for 15,654 over 6 sec. This effect may occur once per minute.  If the target is above 95% health when this effect expires, the Blossom spreads to 3 injured allies to heal for 7,826 over 6 sec. If the target is not fully healed, the Blossom blooms to absorb 140,891 damage instead.
  • Fyrakk's Tainted Rageheart Fyrakk's Tainted Ragehearte (Item Level 457/470/483/496)
    • On-EffectTainted Rageheart Tainted Rageheart Deal 1,122 Shadowflame damage to you and nearby enemies every 3 sec while in combat.
    • On-Use EffectShadowflame Rage Shadowflame Rage - Give in to the Rageheart for 10 sec, absorbing 259,359 damage but suffering 44,117 Shadowflame damage and lashing out at a nearby enemy every 2 sec to deal 43,235 Shadowflame damage split between nearby enemies. Damage increased per enemy struck, up to 5. (Instant, 10 yd range, 1.5 min cooldown)

Very Rare Profession Recipes

Patch 10.2 adds Very Rare Profession recipes that can be found dropping inside the raid.

Item Profession Dropped By
Dreamtender's Charm Dreamtender's Charm Jewelcrafting Gnarlroot
Formula: Enchant Weapon - Dreaming Devotion Formula: Enchant Weapon - Dreaming Devotion Enchanting Larodar, Keeper of the Flame
Flourishing Dream Helm Flourishing Dream Helm Blacksmithing Tindral Sageswift
Overflowing Satchel of Pilfered Recipes Overflowing Satchel of Pilfered Recipes Random Profession Recipe Igira the Cruel
Verdant Conduit Verdant Conduit Leatherworking Council of Dreams

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