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Sha'tari Defense Reputation Guide

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For gaining rep, I've learned a few things that may be useful to those going through the slog: 

1. This is a very long rep grind. I highly recommend getting your Council of Exarchs or Steamwheedle Excavation at Exalted first, so you can benefit from the 20% rep bonus the tier 3 Trading Post offers. As of mid December, only one WoD exalted rep is needed. Though the achievement still states three, it will be earned once the first is reached. 

2. If your ilevel is around 640-ish, I think the best place is the Path of Glory, which is the southern branch of Bladefury Hold in northern Talador. The entrance is filled with fairly rapidly spawning lvl 100 non-elite orcs. But the real juicy bits are on the northeast side of the path. As you move up, you will run into a block formation of orc warriors. They are elite and should be avoided. But flanking them are scattered a few sharpshooters. They are soloable, are not TOO much more difficult than the non-elites, and award 19-20 rep each. Be careful if you get close: they will start to melee and will perform a kickback. This may result in being kicked directly into the block formation, resulting in instant death. (I learned this the hard way). 


     Some tips for each mob: 


     Grom'Thar Sharpshooter (Elite): The quickest source of rep. Target those on the flank of the  path, and try not to aggro anyone else. They have a sustained rapid-fire attacked that can be interrupted with physical stuns. Their standard shots are not so dangerous. 
    Grom'Thar Siegebreaker (Elite): In my experience, the most dangerous of these mobs. They constitute the formations, and a couple stand by themselves. They charge, and a couple crit hits have knocked 50% of my health down right quick. If you aggro one in the formation, all eight usually charge instantly.   

     Grom'Thar Deadeye: Rapid firing range dps. They have a sustained rapid-fire attacked that can be interrupted with physical stuns. Their standard shots are not so dangerous. 

     Grom'Thar Punisher: Dual-wielding melee dps. I find these the most dangerous of the non-elite mobs, and kill them first.  Once aggroed, they will use a charge ability to move in instantly. 

     Grom'Thar Bulwark: The least deadly of these mobs. Their primary ability is "Bulwark," which reflects 100% spell damage. When they are in Bulwark mode, they are completely harmless. 


3. If your ilevel is below 635-ish, stay in Shattrath. The mobs there are easier to kill than the orcs near the Path to Glory up north. Most of the regular mobs will offer 6 rep points after you have the 20% buff. In Shattrath, ALWAYS kill rares if you can. They offer 60 points, and greatly increase the speed of earning rep. 


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