Fire Staff PvE Builds for New World

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Welcome to our PvE builds page for Fire Staff. Here, we provide builds for use in PvE encounters.


Fire Staff PvE Builds

In PvE the Fire Staff does not get used very often due to the rotating elemental resistance of enemies within Mutated Expeditions. That along with its lackluster PvE damage output, compared to other weapons, make it commonly seen as a secondary weapon option in a very limited capacity. As such, it can pair well with the Ice Gauntlet for one build, but even then it could be worthwhile to take a different weapon. With that being said, there are some situations where magic damage can be very effective depending on the type of enemy and Mutator cycle.


Flamethrower Mage - PvE (Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet)

If you wish to fill the fantasy of your typical RPG mage class, this can do that in a PvE scenario. While it may not always be the most optimal, it is a very beginner friendly build that can be used by players who are learning or just want to lay back and relax. It will primarily look to maintain Flamethrower Flamethrower at all times for very consistent damage output. While this can be paired with other weapon options, the Ice Gauntlet has abilities that allow a player to cast them and continue dealing damage afterwards even when switching back to the Fire Staff. It has sustained output and great AoE potential along with a very defensive loadout.


Fire Staff


Ice Gauntlet



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