Fire Staff PvP Builds for New World

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Welcome to our PvP builds page for Fire Staff. Here, we provide builds for use in PvP encounters.


Fire Staff PvP Builds

In PvP the Fire Staff can be an impactful damage dealing weapon that follows a relatively standard build path. It lacks build diversity, but that should not be seen as a reason for the weapon to be considered weak. When put in the hands of a good mage player, this weapon will allow fantastic team support through its ability to provide burst damage and pick up kills on priority targets. It has plenty of ability options for individual play, and can complement a 5-player team very well.


Fire Mage - PvP (Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet)

This is New World's take on the typical RPG mage build. It will priamrily use the Fire Staff at range to provide potent burst damage, and potentially some mobility, through a variety of build options. The Ice Gauntlet will complement this through its strong abilities. While it will be mainly used for its execute potential with Ice Spikes Ice Spikes, it will also deal great AoE damage, open windows of opportunity for crowd-control to lock down targets, and give the player some survivability options.


Fire Staff


Ice Gauntlet



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