Flail PvP Builds for New World

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General Information

Welcome to our PvP builds page for Flail. Here, we provide builds for use in PvP encounters.



In PvP content the Flail will act as an incredibly potent support option. Its primary function is its crowd-control while being played in a medium loadout. Due to its passives you will have three abilities that all provide AOE crowd-control potential, and several ways to weaken enemeis. It will also be one of the best weapons for heartrune generation. To play with this weapon most effectively, it should be combined with another crowd-control heavy option, such as a void gauntlet or a sword and shield.


Universal Crowd Control

The most viable META option for the flail is to use it in a crowd-control heavy role for wars. It will not be the highest damage dealing weapon, but it will allow for incredible assist potential by allowing you to have survival options mixed with devestating lockdown.

ALWAYS pair this weapon in PvP with a void gauntlet or a sword and shield.



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