Life Staff Weapon Guide and Builds in New World

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Bringing powerful healing Abilities and buffs, the Life Staff user supports their allies with their magical might. As the only healing weapon in the game, the Life Staff user is often sought-after in all types of content.


Life Staff Patch 1.1 Changes

With Patch 1.1 of New World having been released on the 19th of November, we have prepared patch notes with commentary for the Life Staff weapon. Please follow the link below for more information.


Life Staff Overview

Supporting their allies, the Life Staff user helps to keep everyone alive with powerful heals and debuff removal. As the sole healing-focused weapon in New World, the Life Staff is in hot demand for group content. While there are no fixed classes in New World, the traditional MMO role of healer is filled only by the Life Staff. This does not mean that it is not a good solo weapon; in fact the Life Staff does decent damage and can even fire off magical attacks for no mana cost after taking its first Mastery Point.


Life Staff Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Potent healing for self and allies
  • +mana-free Basic Attacks after 1 Mastery Point
  • +Multiple debuff removal options
  • +Easier to find a group for Expeditions
X Weaknesses
  • -The only weapon to scale with Focus
  • -Less damage that other weapons
  • -Only one damaging Ability
  • -Generates a lot of aggro in both PvE and PvP

Life Staff Attributes

The Life Staff scales with Focus which provides multiple mana and healing break-points. While no other weapon scales with Focus, you can use an Amber Amber gem to convert other weapon's damage partially to Nature damage and that converted damage will scale with Focus.

It is somewhat important to get some Constitution, especially if you plan to PvP, because you will eventually take damage and we recommend looking out for gear that provides a mix of Focus and Constitution. Faction armor can provide a balance of Focus and Constitution, but you will have to convert it using a Seal. You can buy the Syndicate Cleric Seal Syndicate Cleric Seal from your corresponding Faction vendor at the top part of the shop. Take this Seal and the piece of faction gear that you want to Attribute swap to its corresponding crafting bench and there should be a new recipe for you to complete.


In PvE, your role is to help keep your group healthy while also staying alive. Tanks in New World do not have spammable taunts to grab aggro on foes, so frequently the healer will draw aggro from healing someone in the group. If this happens make sure to run around in such a way that the tank can pull aggro off you.

For abilities, we recommend taking Sacred Ground Sacred Ground, Splash of Light Splash of Light, and Light's Embrace Light's Embrace. Sacred Ground is a powerful ground targeted heal that increases mana and Stamina regeneration from Holy Ground Holy Ground, while also increasing all healing with Blessed Blessed. Splash of Light heals all group members for a small amount, but also removes debuffs. Early on, there are not many foes that apply nasty debuffs; however, later on a good debuff removal can be the difference between life and death. Lastly, Light's Embrace is a targeted heal that heals one player for a large amount.

We recommend taking the following Mastery Points:


In PvP, your role is to help keep your group healthy while also staying alive. We recommend using Sacred Ground Sacred Ground, Beacon Beacon, and Light's Embrace Light's Embrace for abilities. Light's Embrace has been known to perform poorly in Wars, due to lag, so you can switch that out for Orb of Protection Orb of Protection in those situations. Sacred Ground is extremely strong in group PvP, because it allows you to create an area with guaranteed healing for your allies to stand within. This is particularly strong in Wars, when you can put it on an objective point.

We recommend taking the following Mastery Points:


Life Staff Abilities

The Life Staff, like all other weapons, has six abilities; however, you can only use three abilities at any give time on your action bars. While you can spend Mastery Points on more than 3, it is a waste of points since respeccing is rather cheap to do.


Divine Embrace

Divine Embrace Divine Embrace — Heal target for 150% weapon damage. This targeted heal will heal a single player for a moderate amount on cast. This Ability does have a bit of a cast time and has a larger mana cost and cooldown compared to the other targeted heal, Light's Embrace Light's Embrace. We would only recommend using this Ability if you feel the need to have two targeted heals.


Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground Sacred Ground — Create an area on the ground that lasts for 15 seconds and heals 20% weapon damage every second. This Ability is tremendous because not only does it heal for a large amount over time, but it also can increase Stamina and mana regeneration, Holy Ground Holy Ground, and increases all incoming healing with Blessed Blessed. Since this heals over time, you are less likely to waste any healing and it is easily your strongest group heal.


Splash of Light

Splash of Light Splash of Light — You and all group members within 100m are healed for 50% weapon damage. This is great because you do not need to aim it and you can heal group members that are somewhat far away. You do not even need to be in line of sight of those you heal.


Orb of Protection

Orb of Protection Orb of Protection — Shoot out a light projectile that grants 10% Fortify for 20 seconds, heals an ally for 10% of weapon damage, and deals 146% weapon damage when it hits an enemy. This projectile can be somewhat difficult to land if you do not have good timing and aim, but it can be used offensively as well.


Light's Embrace

Light's Embrace Light's Embrace — Targeted heal for 100% weapon damage, +30% more for each buff on that target. This targeted heal is extremely strong, especially once players begin to be able to buff themselves increasing the heal dramatically. Even buffs like Sacred Protection Sacred Protection and Spirits United Spirits United appear to increase this healing amount.



Beacon Beacon — Shoot out a light projectile that deals 146% weapon damage to enemies, attaches to its target and heals all nearby allies for 20% weapon damage each second for 10 seconds. This is a nice heal-over-time that moves around with whomever you have attached it too. Great for slapping on a boss or monster pack and also good for sticking to an objective point in PvP.


Life Staff Mastery Overview

Like all other weapons, the Life Staff has two Mastery trees. You can spend Mastery Points in either tree but must have a Mastery from the preceding row to select deeper Masteries. Likewise, if a Mastery has a vertical line connecting it to a Mastery above it then you must first select the higher Mastery in order to unlock the lower ones. These linked-together Masteries typically support abilities which are denoted by a square-shaped icon.

While you can unlock all six abilities at once, you will only be able to place three abilities on your action bar at a time. It is unwise to invest in more than three abilities because it is easy to respec. The Ultimate Mastery point will unlock once you spend 10 Mastery Points in its tree. You are unable to add additional Mastery Points, respec your Points, change your action bar, or unequip your weapon while any Ability is on cooldown.


Healing Tree

The Healing Tree focuses mostly on healing allies who are below half health. Absolved Absolved is also a notable Mastery point that we recommend always taking first on any Life Staff build, because it will make your Light and Heavy attacks not cost any mana; without this passive, each Light Attack will cost 2 mana and each Heavy Attack will cost 5 mana.

Sacred Protection Sacred Protection will increase all incoming healing and Intensify Intensify will increase your healing after Heavy Attacking. Purify Purify is great for removing debuffs across the group because Mending Touch Mending Touch can be somewhat hard to land. Its Ultimate Mastery Divine Blessing Divine Blessing drastically increases any healing you do to low health allies.


Protector Tree

This Tree is all about buffs on you and your allies. Spirits United Spirits United provides a generic mana regeneration buff for yourself and your group. Protector's Strength Protector's Strength makes you heal for more while you have a buff, and Protector's Touch Protector's Touch makes your Light and Heavy Attacks grant a 15% Fortify buff for 3 seconds when hitting an enemy. Its Ultimate Mastery, Magnify Magnify, supports the Light's Embrace Light's Embrace Ability.


Life Staff Perks

Every Weapon Ability in New World has a corresponding perk that can be found on armor and weapons. Most perks scale in power with the Gear Score of the item they are on. You can only benefit from one instance of a Weapon Ability perk at a time. These can be rare to find on gear and are mostly just a bonus.

  • Refreshing Divine Embrace Refreshing Divine Embrace — Using Divine Embrace on a target below 50% health reduces the cooldown by a percentage. This Perk is nice if you are using Divine Embrace, there is no reason to not take it if you can.
  • Fortifying Sacred Ground Fortifying Sacred Ground — Allies healed by Sacred Ground gain Fortify, increasing damage absorption by percentage for 5 seconds. This is a wonderful perk that you should always try to have somewhere on your gear as Sacred Ground is one of the best Abilities you can have and Fortify makes those who have it much harder to kill.
  • Energizing Splash Of Light Energizing Splash Of Light — Allies hit with Splash of Light gain some Stamina. While a small amount of Stamina might not seem like a big deal, to a tank this can be the difference between being able to block the next attack or not. This is a great perk to take.
  • Mending Protection Mending Protection — Increase healing power by percentage for 5 seconds if Orb of Protection heals an ally with no active buffs. This Perk is somewhat bad due to the fact that nearly everyone is going to have some sort of buff on them during combat. Whether its a buff from you or their own combat buffs, it is rare that someone does not have some sort of buff, making this Perk effectively useless.
  • Accelerating Light's Embrace Accelerating Light's Embrace — Allies below full health gain Haste when hit with Light's Embrace, increasing movement speed by percentage for 3 Seconds. This is a great perk in PvE and PvP allowing your allies to move just a bit faster.
  • Revitalizing Beacon Revitalizing Beacon — Using Beacon increases healing power on self by percentage for 12 seconds. Increasing healing power is a great Perk and makes Beacon even more desirable of an Ability to use. If you are using Beacon then you want this Perk on your gear.


Leveling as Life Staff is a bit different than other weapons due to its support nature. It is definitely possible to focus on the Life Staff as soon as you can get one, but it is best in a group.

To start off, though, your first Mastery should always be Absolved Absolved to make your attacks mana-free. Next, we pick up and max out Sacred Ground Sacred Ground because it is just such a potent heal. You can throw in on the ground as you tank foes and heal up while you knock them down.

After that, take Splash of Light Splash of Light and then head over to the Protector Tree to get Bend Light Bend Light, Protector's Touch Protector's Touch, and Light's Embrace Light's Embrace.

Sacred Protection Sacred Protection is a good next pick because it effectively multiplies your healing by 5%. Follow that up with Revitalize Revitalize to help shorten your cooldowns and Blissful Touch Blissful Touch to make those attacks heal allies. Maxing out Splash of Light Splash of Light next with Shared Recovery Shared Recovery and Purify Purify helps clear annoying debuffs and recover some mana on use.

Divine Blessing Divine Blessing is a big increase to any heal that hits a low health allies. After that, finish up with Inspire Inspire, Spirits United Spirits United, Protector's Strength Protector's Strength, Desperate Speed Desperate Speed, and finally Intensify Intensify.


Life Staff Combinations

  • Rapier — Where the Life Staff lacks any movement or crowd control, the Rapier can fill in. One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a healer in both PvE and PvP is getting body blocked into a corner by foes; well, the Rapier's Fleche Fleche allows you to zip through foes and escape. If you are stuck without Fleche off cooldown, then Riposte Riposte can buy you some breathing room and even reduces Rapier cooldowns on successful hit. One downside of this combo is that it does not provide any area crowd control or damage.
  • Ice Gauntlet — This Frost weapon pairs nicely with the Life Staff by providing a few crowd control options. Ice Storm Ice Storm forces enemies to either move away from you or deal with the nonstop damage of the storm. Ice Shower Ice Shower roots enemies and slows them dramatically for a short time, allowing you to run away. You can even use Heavy Freeze Heavy Freeze to lock foes inside your crowd control for longer. If all else fails, Entombed Entombed allows you to chill out, recover some mana and cooldowns, and plan your next move. One downside of this combo is that the Ice Gauntlet does not provide any movement skills.
  • War Hammer — Similar to the Ice Gauntlet, the War Hammer provides several crowd control options for the Life Staff user. Shockwave Shockwave stuns all foes around you, Clear Out Clear Out can knock them away, and Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball can knock them down. This combo is all about preventing your foes from doing anything while you continuously heal up. One downside of this combo is the lack of movement skills.
  • Spear — The Spear can also provide several crowd control options and can even apply a powerful debuff in Rend if you are inclined to help apply some debuffs in PvE. Like the War Hammer, the Spear does not provide any movement skill so you will have to be careful with your positioning.
  • Sword — This build combination earned some fame as a Paladin-like build where you can tank and heal at the same time. Although being in a Light Equipment load does provide benefits to healing, you can still heal in Heavy Armor. This combination is all about throwing down persistent heals like Beacon Beacon and Sacred Ground Sacred Ground, and then tanking with the Sword. Downsides of this combination include no movement skill and not really having much damage because you trade it for maximum durability.

Can you Place Down Heals Like Sacred Ground and Then Weapon Swap?

Yes, healing fields like Sacred Ground Sacred Ground will persist through weapon swap.


Where Do You Get the Life Staff?

You can get your first Life Staff either from killing enemies or chests. If you do not find one, then you can craft it for yourself at the Forge. To craft one of your own you will need Life Mote Life Motes, which can be Harvested from Lifebloom, which can be found in all the starting Territories. For more information about crafting check out our Crafting guide.



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