Dynasty Shipyard Expedition Guide for New World

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Welcome to our quick guide to the Dynasty Shipyard Expedition in New World. This guide will give you proper direction to complete this Expedition quickly and smoothly.


Location, Entrance, and General Information

This Expedition is located South West of the Ebonscale Territory. While its in-game recommended level is 55, we suggest going in as early as level 53, because that is when you can start to receive repeatable quests for the Expedition.

The entrance to the expedition is located inside this arch at the end of the dock.


Enemy Type

Dynasty Shipyard contains solely Corrupt foes who are weak to Thrust, Nature, and Arcane damage, while being strong against Strike and Ice damage.


Repeatable Quests

At level 53 you can receive the Justice For The Dynasty (Expedition) Justice For The Dynasty (Expedition) quest, which is repeatable. Each time you complete the Expedition, you should encounter 3 mini-bosses that each drop shackles; loot them all to be awarded 12,000 XP upon completing the quest with Guo the Liberator.

This repeatable is great, because the pick-up and hand-in for this quest is directly outside the door for the Expedition. You can also start to receive Expedition faction missions from Restless Shore once you reach level 53.



The layout for Dynasty Shipyard is extremely straightforward, with no major twists or turns to get lost in. If you are unsure about what the next objective on the Expedition is, then check your map and it should guide you to the next part.



This Expedition has 3 bosses: Commander Chen, Isabella, and Zhou Taiying. In expeditions, you can only be picked up from being downed one time before you are forced to respawn, and most boss rooms seal off the entrance once the boss is engaged. This effectively gives you two lives in a boss fight, assuming that your teammates can pick you up when you get knocked down.


Commander Chen

This boss fight is with three enemies at the same time. Commander Chen is a large, Two-Handed Sword user and is flanked by two casters: Maiden Daiyu and Maiden Lanfen. This fight does not have a locking door and so those who die twice can run back from the nearest respawn point.



  • Dragon Beam — Maiden Daiyu will glow and release a short range blast around herself and a forward facing laser that both hit extremely hard.
  • Dragon Breath — A dragon will spin around Maiden Lanfen and then release a short range breath in front of her that hits extremely hard.
  • Dragon Blade — Commander Chen will spin around several times and then slam the ground with his sword.


This trio boss fight is rather straightforward. The tank can aggro Commander Chen, while the DPS burn down Maiden Daiyu and the healer kites Maiden Lanfen.

Since Lanfen's ability only hits in a short range, it is rather easy for the healer to keep away from it; just make sure that you stay in range of the tank for healing. After Maiden Daiyu dies, the DPS can burn down Lanfen and then Commander Chen.

Melee DPS need to be careful to back up when Maiden Daiyu is using her ability to avoid taking massive damage.



Isabella boss fight has two major phases. First you will fight against Isabella, and then eventually she will leave and unleash her two pets on you.



  • Corrupt Slash — Isabella will take a large sidestep away from her aggro target and then launch a red wave attack at them.
  • Corrupted Blast — Isabella will take a step back and release several damaging orbs in front of her in an arc pattern.
  • Corrupt Pistol — Isabella will take a step backwards and fire a pistol shot directly in front of her.
  • Corrupted Cleave — Isabella will shout "Beg on your knees for death!" and then unleash an extremely strong slash that can hit all targets around her.
  • Summon Abominations — Isabella will shout "Worship me and despair!" and summon two non-elite Corrupted Abominations.
  • Fire Artillery — Isabella will teleport across the room and shout "You will give into corruption, or you will be destroyed!" and then several cannon shots will go into the air targeting the ground where players were in that moment. Later in the fight, she will also shout "Hell hath no fury like me!" and more shots will fire. These shots deal a moderate amount of damage and leave behind burning ground for a limited time.
  • Summon Crewmen — Isabella will summon gunmen onto the ship that is next to the boss arena. Ranged damage dealers can hit these foes.
  • Release Pets — Once Isabella reaches 55% health, she will release her two large corrupted tigers, Oro and Joven, and leave the fight.
    • Oro Breath — Oro will frequently breath a deadly cone in front of him dealing a large amount of damage.
    • Joven Pounce — Joven will jump backwards and flash and then pounce forward doing damage.


The Isabella portion of the fight is mostly about not getting killed by her Corrupted Cleave, and keeping the number of adds on the boat to a minimum.

The tank should attempt to position Isabella in such a way that she is only facing the tank, to avoid hitting the DPS or healer with her Corrupt Blast and Corrupt Pistol abilities. Melee DPS and the tank should move away from her as soon as she says "Beg...", because this ability can easily kill low-health players and does a lot of damage to the tank. When Isabella takes a large sidestep to perform her Corrupt Slash, players should be ready to block or dodge roll away or through the slash to avoid taking damage.

Whenever adds appear either on the boat or next to her, the DPS should focus on them. The gunmen on the boat do not individually do much damage, but will eventually start hitting your healer for a combined large amount. During this time also watch out for her Fire Artillery ability and be prepared to move a bit. The artillery shots rise up in the air from the opposite side of the arena from the entrance so keep an eye out over there.

Once she leaves the fight at 55% health, the tank should pick up Oro and the DPS should burn down Joven while avoiding the pounces. Both Joven and Oro will flash white with Grit before using their abilities to help players avoid or block them. After you kill the pets, the encounter is completed.


Zhou Taiying

Zhou Taiying is the final boss of the expedition, and is a caster-type foe that has powerful Dragon-styled abilities.



  • Dragon Beam — Zhou will glow and release a short range blast around herself, and release a forward-facing dragon that will travel the length of the room. Both the short range blast and the dragon hit extremely hard.
  • Dragon Breath — Pink particles will drift up from the ground in front of Zhou, and then dragon will spin around Zhou and then release a short range breath in front of her that hits extremely hard.
  • Dragon Circle — Zhou will raise her hands and yell something that sounds like "Big big boom" and pink particles will begin to spin around her. After a delay, a giant dragon will spin around her knocking players back and dealing a large amount of damage.
  • Punishing Wave — Zhou will face an enemy at range and release a pink wave along the ground towards them. This is only used against targets who are her primary aggro target.
  • Corrupted Wave — Pink particles will raise out of the ground in expanding circles around Zhou, and then several damaging rings will rapidly fan out from her. It is possible to be hit by multiple rings from one ability use.
  • Rise Up — At 66% health, Zhou will rise up into the air and summon multiple foes. She will also continue to launch ranged attacks at players while you deal with her allies.
    • Pearl Pedestal — During her Rise Up phase, Zhou will occasionally summon pedestals which will cast weakened versions of her Dragon abilities. In the final phase, she will summon four pedestals near players which will each duplicate her Dragon abilities whenever she uses one.


Phase One of the fight is rather simple: the tank should aggro the boss and face her to the left or right. Melee DPS should engage from behind and make sure that they are ready to move away when she uses Dragon Circle. When she uses Dragon Beam it is imperative that the tank and melee DPS step away from her to avoid the short range blast.

The player targeted by Dragon Beam should stand still until the ability launches so that it is easy for themselves and others to avoid the damaging dragon.

Once she reaches 66% health she will become immune to damage, head back to her spawn point, rise up into the air, and summon foes to fight you. These will be familiar enemies that you have faced in the dungeon and are not too difficult to put down.

The one new foe is Pearl Pedestal, a small immobile statue with a pearl on top which will cast weaker versions of her Dragon abilities. These pedestals have a shockingly large amount of health and should be priority targets. Once most of the adds are killed she will come down and start the final phase.

In the final phase, Zhou will periodically spawn Pearl Pedestals near players until four Pedestals are active. If a Pedestal is killed it will respawn, so no need to kill these. The entire group should start near her spawn point and once four pedestals are down everyone needs to move towards the door. You do this to give yourself plenty of space away from the pedestals so that only the Dragon Beam ability should be an issue. Continue to fight Zhou as you did in Phase One and make sure to avoid the long range Dragon Beams and she will eventually die.


Loot Drops


Mutated Drops

Some items can only drop on certain difficulty levels of the Mutated version within some expeditions.


Level 1+


Level 8+


Level 9+



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