Void Gauntlet Abilities and Skill Trees for New World

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Welcome to our Abilities and Skill Trees page for Void Gauntlet. Here, we give you an overview of every ability that Void Gauntlet has. For each of them, we explain what it does, how to best use it, how it works in combination with the weapon's other abilities, and whether or not it is worth picking. Then, we go through all the nodes in each skill tree, discussing their viability in the current meta.


Void Gauntlet Gameplay

While this page focuses on assessing the viability of abilities and skill tree nodes, it also gives a bit of advice on how to use them. The gameplay section of our Void Gauntlet guide has additional information regarding the usage of abilities and each of our Void Gauntlet PvP Builds and Void Gauntlet PvE Builds has a detailed gameplay section that explains how to play the build.


Petrifying Scream

  • Petrifying Scream Petrifying Scream — 25 mana, 24s CD: Unleash a Void-infused scream, dealing 100% weapon damage, staggering and inflicting Root to enemies 5 meters.
  • Bone-chilling Voice Bone-chilling Voice — 25 mana, Root duration increased by 1 second on targets below 50% health.
  • Fortifying Echoes Fortifying Echoes — Gain fortify for each enemy hit, increasing damage absoprtion by 10% for 10s per hit. (Stacks up to 3 times).

Summary: This is debatably your most important source of utility. It allows you to root large groups of targets, add an anti-heal component, deal damage, and give yourself a significant defensive buff. Most of a Void Gauntlet players role revolves around proper scream usage and being able to lock down targets to secure kills.

Crafting Material: Orichalcum Void Gauntlet Charm Orichalcum Void Gauntlet Charm - Putrefying Scream Putrefying Scream: On successful hit, Petrifying Scream inflicts Disease, reducing the target's healing by 29% (40% on weapon) for 8 seconds.


Void Blade

  • Void Blade Void Blade — 20 mana, 24s CD: Summon a blade of Void energy that converts your basic attacks to melee. Tap Basic Attack to perform a quick slash that deals 100% weapon damage or hold to perform a thrust attack that deals 150% weapon damage. Both attacks inflict Disintegrate on successful hits. This ability has a 15-second duration.
  • Fortified Blade Fortified Blade — Gain fortify on start, increasing damage absorption by 20% for 5 seconds.
  • Vicious Void Vicious Void — +10% critical damage on Void Blade attacks.
  • Leeching Blade Leeching Blade — Successful thrust attacks heal self for 5% weapon damage per Disintegrate stack on target.

Summary: This ability is great in PvE and not commonly used in PvP except for a few niche self healing builds outside of war. It is a fantastic dps option for healers looking to quickly pivot into a dps set on the fly due to its ability to scale with Focus for damage. While it does not do burst damage it is a great consistent damage option with a lot of baked in survivability passives.

Crafting Material: Steel Void Gauntlet Charm Steel Void Gauntlet Charm - Voracious Blade Voracious Blade: While below 50% health, successful Void Blade hits heal self for 31% (51% on weapon) of the damage done.



  • Oblivion Oblivion — 30 mana, 20s CD: Summon a 5m radius circle at your feet for 6 seconds that deals 30% weapon damage per second to enemies and grants empower to self and friendlies, increasing damage by 15%.
  • Withering Oblivion Withering Oblivion — Your attacks inflict weaken to targets inside the radius, reducing their damage by 5% for 5 seconds per hit. Stacks up to three times.
  • Invigorating Oblivion Invigorating Oblivion — +15 stamina per second for self and friendlies while inside the radius.

Summary: One of the most essential abilities in any Void Gauntlet build. It has the potential to completely remove enemy buffs through its perk. It has significant damage contribution to yourself and your allies through its empower effect, and its damage over time is significant on AoE clumps. The stamina return that it offers makes it fantastic for diving the frontline and as an escape for squishy players.

Crafting Material: Starmetal Void Gauntlet Charm Starmetal Void Gauntlet Charm - Nullifying Oblivion Nullifying Oblivion: On activation, Oblivion removes limited duration buffs from enemies within its radius. Oblivion recharges 9.8% (14% on weapon) faster.


Baleful Tether

  • Baleful Tether Baleful Tether — 25 mana, 25s CD: Fire a projectile that tethers you to an emey for 10 seconds, weaking it and empowering you by 4% per second. (20% maximum.)
  • Tethered Refresh Tethered Refresh — Successful hits against the tethered target reduce other Void Gauntlet cooldowns by 5%.
  • Tethered Focus Tethered Focus — +100% mana regeneration while the tether is active.
  • Soul Eater Soul Eater — Heal for 80% weapon damage if the tethered target dies.

Summary: This ability has minimal effectiveness in most types of combat. The tether is easily broken due to its 15m range and it is removed if you ever swap weapons. Since most Void Gauntlet builds include a significant amount of weapon swapping, the buffs it provides are lackluster. Additionally, the ability can be somewhat difficult to land on targets. In some cases, this ability can be used, but it is not the most competitive option.

Crafting Material: Reinforced Starmetal Void Gauntlet Charm Reinforced Starmetal Void Gauntlet Charm - Slowing Tether Slowing Tether: On successful hit, Baleful Tether inflicts SLow, reducing the target's move speed by 31% (41% on weapon) for 3 seconds


Orb of Decay

  • Orb of Decay Orb of Decay — 20 mana, 15s CD: Fire an unblockable orb that passes through enemies, deals 90% weapon damage and inflicts Disintegrate, dealing 5% weapon damage per second and reducing damage absorption by 5% for 8s (Stacks up to 3 times.) At max range, it transforms into a healing orb and returns, healing friendlies for 20% weapon damage per second for 5 seconds.
  • Draining Orb Draining Orb — 25 mana, 6s CD: Gain 5% mana per enemy hit by the orb.
  • Slowing Orb Slowing Orb — The orb slows enemies already afflicted by any debuff, reducing their movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds.
  • Detonating Orb Detonating Orb — Press the ability input again to detonate the orb with a 4 meter explosion radius. Depending on the orb's phase, the explosion will either damage enemies for 70% weapon damage and apply a stack of Disintegrate or heal friendlies for 70% weapon damage.

Summary: This is the most important ability in any Void Gauntlet build whether it is damage or healing focused. It allows for the most significant amount of cooldown reduction because it can double hit and hit multiple targets. So, if this ability critically hits on a clump of enemies it will almost fully reset abilities. It is important to use your other two abilities first when used in that manner because Orb of Decay Orb of Decay will reduce the other two cooldowns and itself. As a healer, this contributes to a signficant amount of extra healing over time and burst when using Detonating Orb Detonating Orb.

Crafting Material: Reinforced Steel Void Gauntlet Charm Reinforced Steel Void Gauntlet Charm - Diminishing Orb Diminishing Orb: On hit, Orb of Decay reduces the duration of the target's non-consumable buffs by 52% (70% on weapon).


Essence Rupture

  • Essence Rupture Essence Rupture — 25 mana, 20s CD: Fires a projectile that inflicts Essence Rupture for 10s, healing anyone that hits the target for 20% of the damage done.
  • Invigorating Rupture Invigorating Rupture — Allies additionally receive 15 stamina when hitting the afflicted target.
  • Overflowing Essence Overflowing Essence — Friendlies within 4 meters of the afflicted target are healed for 80% of your weapon damage when Essence Rupture ends.

Summary: Outside of PvE healing, this ability is not commonly needed or used. It is difficult to land on a target and is rather ineffective compared to other ability options. When you are able to continuously hit one target and take advantage of the healing it is a top tier pick. So for that reason it is a must when you are a PvE healer.

Crafting Material: Reinforced Orichalcum Void Gauntlet Charm Reinforced Orichalcum Void Gauntlet Charm - Refreshing Rupture Refreshing Rupture: When you hit a target with Essence Rupture, Essence Rupture recharges 31% (49% on weapon) faster.


Skill Trees


Annihilation Tree

  • Forsaken Pact Forsaken Pact — This perk is commonly over valued. While it does provide a significant bonus to damage when your mana is below 50%, it just does not have effective up time since you are rarely below 50% mana for long period of time.
  • Keen Confidence Keen Confidence — Essential skill in any build. This increased critical chance will result in more damage and cooldow reduction. It has very high up time.
  • Keen Humility Keen Humility — Another great passive option. This is important for Detonating Orb Detonating Orb. Since the increase critical hit chance comes when all abilities are off cooldown, when you use Orb of Decay as your last ability it will go on cooldown as well. That means that both hits from your Orb will have increased critical chance when you choose to detonate.
  • Refreshing Precision Refreshing Precision — This is the most important passive in the entire Void Gauntlet tree. It allows all abilities to receive cooldown reduction whenever you critically hit. You need this in any build.
  • Empowering Proximity Empowering Proximity — Any Void Gauntlet build that focuses on damage should have this selected. It is a free stacking damage increase that will have significant uptime since most Void Gauntlets cycle through abilities and are in the front lines.
  • Efficient Harvest Efficient Harvest — A minimally useful passive that has very low up time or effectiveness. The mana return when using Harvest Essence is signficant enough where this would only apply to 1-2 ticks of mana if you were to be at literal 0 mana. The amount of health drain in general is low too, so this is a somewhat wasted passive option.
  • Leeching Agony Leeching Agony — Since you have a large amount of critical hit chance, being able to heal off of critical hits provides you with a lot of survivability. As such, this is a great option to take in any build.
  • Refreshing Frailty Refreshing Frailty — At first glance this perk does not seem to be worthwhile. But, because it applies to any debuff stacks from different debuffs it just gives abilities additional cooldown reduction potential.
  • Voidcaller Voidcaller — This ultimate is fantastic for any build, healing or damage focused. It activates a Void circle around you that will heal allies and damage enemies. Once again, since most Void Gauntlet will be playing in melee range and close quarters, it results in a large amount of AoE damage potential and self sustain. It will most likely only get activated when hitting multiple players with your Orb of Decay Orb of Decay.

Decay Tree

  • Deadly Range Deadly Range — While this results in an overall damage increase for ranged heavy attacks. It is not a very effective passive since most of the time you will be just casting abilities or light attacking with your Void Gauntlet. This should almost never be taken as Orb of Decay Orb of Decay will always be the first point selected in the Decay tree.
  • Fervent Thirst Fervent Thirst — Since mana is rather irrelevant this passive is another one that is not needed. The mana return is insignificant and overall the passive is low value.
  • Radiant Efficiency Radiant Efficiency — This is a great supplemental passive to flex into in most builds. The mana reduction helps with setting up Void Gauntlet combos without having to worry about using Harvest Essence.
  • Cleansing Harvest — Free debuff removal that should always be taken.
  • Leeching Bolts Leeching Bolts — Heavy attacks will have increased damage on lower health targets. Since you will not be frequently heavy attacking, this perk does not have significant value and is overshadowed by other options.
  • Extended Suffering Extended Suffering — This perk has minimal value. The debuff duration extension when heavy attacking is not significant enough to warrant picking up this passive. There are plenty of other ones that have significantly more value. In all, this should not be taken since the debuffs it applies to will be frequently refreshed regardless.
  • Mending Evasion Mending Evasion — This perk is commonly overlooked. If you are a healer this has incredible self healing potential in PvP and PvE. If you choose to use a Void Gauntlet and have a significant amount of Focus, every 20 seconds you have access to a burst heal. When combining this with Healthy Toast Healthy Toast you can almost fill your entire health bar. As a damage focused Void Gauntlet it will not heal nearly as much and should typically not be taken.
  • Glimpse of the Void Glimpse of the Void — This ultimate would be top tier if it were possible to distribute your points in a way that allowed for you to still obtain many of the passives and two abilities located on the Annihilation side. It can be great if you choose to take Essence Rupture Essence Rupture as a healer, but in most builds you will not be able to take it. Without selecting a few useless passives. In almost all cases it is just best to take Voidcaller Voidcaller since you will have a large amount of innate cooldown reduction.


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  • 29 Mar. 2023: Removed Refreshing Harvest and added Cleansing Harvest.
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