Void Gauntlet PvE Builds for New World

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Welcome to our PvE builds page for Void Gauntlet. Here, we provide builds for use in PvE encounters.



In PvE the Void Gauntlet is primarily the option most commonly used for healers as a secondary weapon for increased healing output. If you desired to be a pure Void Gauntlet DPS, you can take advantage of Void Blade Void Blade for a moderate damage output build. The Void Gauntlet can be a fantastic option for healers looking to step into the DPS role in a pinch, or simply use Void Blade Void Blade with their healing setup to contribute additional damage. If you wish, you can also use several of the PvP Void Gauntlet builds in a PvE setting if that is your desired style of play.


Void Blade DPS - PvE (Void Gauntlet Void Blade and Life Staff)

Void Blade Void Blade makes for some interesting PvE DPS builds with fantastic utility, or as a secondary when healing in order to help make a run go faster. When choosing to be a pure DPS it is important to continually reset and use cooldowns to maintain damage increases through your passives. In all, using Void Blade Void Blade will give you significant self-sustain and apply many damage over time effects along with a constant rend. This is best paired with a Life Staff, but any Intelligence weapon can technically be used.


Void Gauntlet


Life Staff


Group Targeted Healing - PvE (Life Staff and Void Gauntlet)

This is the standard healing option in both PvE and PvP, so it is very flexible across different types of content. It gives great buffs to help provide utility to allies, like fortify, but also maintains a balance of healing over time and burst options. It is great for the most difficult types of end game PvE since it can quickly react to high amounts of incoming damage. Its strength is its targeted healing output and focus it has on individual allies. This build is difficult to use if you are not comfortable with targeted healing or are not comfortable with reactive healing and cooldown management.


Life Staff


Void Gauntlet


AoE Healing Over Time - PvE (Life Staff and Void Gauntlet)

This build allows for simple and beginner friendly healing styles. While it is not commonly used in the most difficult types of content, it gives players the opportunity to take advantage of the Void Gauntlet and results in more overall damage. This build is great for speed running content that is not difficult and is a strong option for healers who struggle with targeting and reactive healing. Since this is a proactive option, it does struggle with bursts of high damage when your allies do not dodge, and it is difficult to use when groups are spread out.


Life Staff


Void Gauntlet



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