Void Gauntlet PvP Builds for New World

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Welcome to our PvP builds page for Void Gauntlet. Here, we provide builds for use in PvP encounters.



In PvP the Void Gauntlet is one of the most impactful and important weapons, especially for War. Playing as a support mage on the frontlines is crucial to providing crowd control (CC) and helping your team to secure kills. It has great damage output, incredibly utility, and is a fantastic option that can flex into healing and many mage builds. If you are looking for a secondary weapon to complement just about any build, the Void Gauntlet is most likely the best choice. It is also great for burst damage builds, such as ones using Ice Spikes Ice Spikes, to debuff targets, empower damage, and provide consistent damage.


Medium Support Mage - PvP (Void Gauntlet and Ice Gauntlet)

In all types of PvP, especially Wars, crowd control is the absolute most effective way to secure kills. Making sure that any army has dedicated players supplying crowd control will be crucial to secure a victory. This build uses the incredible CC output of both the Void Gauntlet and the Ice Gauntlet while playing in a Medium Armor loadout so that you can play as a frontline mage. This build is very defensive and is not focused on damage. To properly play this build you will have to have a vast understanding of cooldown management, proper cooldown reduction, and positioning. This is a very desired build that has tons of room to be slotted into Wars.


Void Gauntlet


Ice Gauntlet


Burst Damage Mage - PvP (Ice Gauntlet and Void Gauntlet)

In all types of PvP burst damage is incredibly powerful when focusing players who have been affected by a crowd control (CC) effect. While typical Ice Gauntlet and Void Gauntlet builds will follow a support style that is more defensive, there is still room in War rosters and other types of PvP for light armor mages who run with Ice Spikes Ice Spikes. This is a build that focuses on taking advantage of aiming your Spike in a way that allows for it to hit a target three times for incredibly high burst damage. It offers a large kit of CC with fantastic damage output and kill potential.


Ice Gauntlet


Void Gauntlet


AoE Healing - PvP (Life Staff and Void Gauntlet)

This build allows for some of the highest healing numbers in the game. You will focus on lower amounts of defensiveness of increased healing output. This is a beginner friendly build that is not as needed in end game PvP, but still required in smaller amounts. This will take advantage of AoE and healing over time (HoT) abilities to spread large amounts of healing across an entire army. Its stregnths rest upon its total healing output and utility it brings. But it is a very vulnerable build that relies upon a player's knowledge of positioning, which can be very punishing at times.


Life Staff


Void Gauntlet



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