War Hammer PvE Builds for New World

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General Information

Welcome to our PvE builds page for War Hammer. Here, we provide builds for use in PvE encounters.


War Hammer PvE Builds

In PvE the War Hammer is known for its unmatched crowd-control and strong rends. In PvE it is most commonly seen with a GreatAxe while using light armor. It has CC, AoE, and single target damage with both weapons. It can also be used in a tanking setup for group utility.


Melee Bruiser (Light, Medium, Heavy)

This is a niche build for those looking to use the Great Axe as their primary damage weapon. It prioritizes execute windows and still has fantastic AoE potential! This is commonly overshadowed by the builds listed above when trying to get maximum single-target damage.


Great Axe


War Hammer



A tanking secondary is up to the Tank's preference of weapon. While a War Hammer can be a great option, it is best to refer to the Sword and Shield guide to understand how to be a Tank.

To learn how to use the War Hammer as a secondary, please refer to the War Hammer guide.



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