War Hammer PvP Builds for New World

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Welcome to our PvP builds page for War Hammer. Here, we provide builds for use in PvP encounters.


War Hammer PvP Builds

In PvP the War Hammer is known for its unmatched crowd-control capabilities. It is most commonly seen in builds paired with a GreatAxe to play as a medium or light bruiser. While it is mainly known for playing in the front lines, it can be paired with some weapons to set up lethal one-shot combos. It does not matter what type of PvP content you are in: War, OPR, or Arenas, there is a very high chance there will be a War Hammer. It is a weapon that is easy to learn, but it can be hard to learn how to synergize it with a second weapon. Nonetheless, this is a strong counterpart to any melee build.


Melee Bruiser (Light, Medium, Heavy)

This is the standard melee build in New World. This is one of the most commonly played setups. It is very defensive in any armor weight, has a plethora of CC options, and has incredible damage output on single targets or in an AoE scenario. This is an easy build to learn and has plenty of slots for Wars.


Great Axe


War Hammer


Blunderbuss Hammer Assassin

This is a unique backline dive build that can easily full kill enemies, deal incredibly high damage, and is very easy to pull off as long as you can land one ability. It does lack mobility and defensiveness at times, but its crowd-control makes up for that. To play this properly it will require great positioning and movement. When used correctly you will learn how to pick single targets and take advantage of a very easy to learn one-shot combo that will be enjoyable to perform time and time again.




War Hammer


Blunderbuss Hammer Bruiser

This build will use a standard bruiser crowd-control weapon, the War Hammer, to establish point presence and setup kills for damage focused players. With that being said, having a Blunderbuss with this build will allow you to potentially pick up a quick kill. It differs from the light variant by providing a much more defensive setup that will enable you to more easily use crowd-control abilities in more beneficial locations in the middle of a clump fight. You will have less damage, but it will still be significantly more than other medium bruisers. This build is a bit more versatile and not as focused on single-target damage, it prioritizes team value more than being a solo kill machine.




War Hammer



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